From the bad husband who cheated and ate, to the good dad who picked up the baby every day, Kobe changed by his four daughters

 From the bad husband who cheated and ate, to the good dad who picked up the baby every day, Kobe changed by his four daughters

Just like last seasons warriors, its hard for the media to be impartial when the team is divided. At that time, Kobe Bryant was not a media darling, and even as ambitious as Durant, he refused to say a word in front of the camera for ten days. Lakers reporters have said that if Kobe Bryants personality is not so bastard, they have long been unified in saying that he is the first person in the league.

Kobe Bryants protection of family life was abnormal at that time, but the Los Angeles Times still dug out a lot of gossip about their husband and wife. The critical attitude towards Vanessa was obvious, because neither Kobe Bryants former sneaker Company nor the people in the locker room of the Lakers liked the arrogance of the young girl.

But in fact, in Kobes home, Kobes mother PAM, Kobe himself, and Vanessa are all control freaks, which has long been doomed that they can not coexist peacefully. Although Kobe Bryant once expressed disappointment to his father Joe Liu, Joes personality is not strong, and Kobe Bryants relationship with him for many years is not so rigid.

The Lakers three consecutive titles are also the process of Kobe Bryants gradual isolation. So he will cry after winning the championship, he will challenge Zen master in Jerry Wests No.44 Jersey, and his marriage with Vanessa is not known by outsiders, but it is not as harmonious and smooth as he imagined before marriage.

According to media reports, before and after Natalias birth, Bryant contacted divorce lawyers (strongly denied by Bryant).

Vanessa was reportedly hit hard when she called an ambulance to drive home in the early hours of the morning when she learned about her husbands arrest. As for Natalia, outsiders dont know.

ESPN sent Sherry Smith, a top female reporter, to follow up on the case, and some of her questions and reports clearly made Kobe very angry. In the end, she was blacklisted by Kobe Bryant for ten years. Kobe is famous for her targeted newspaper. In order not to affect the work of other peers (Kobe often ends the interview when he sees her), she had to give up covering the Lakers news at last.

Before Gianna, Kobe and Vanessa had one more child. But Vanessa miscarried because of two years of lawsuits and farce.

In those two years, Kobe encountered the lowest point in his life. He didnt have a good reputation among the players (he told the police about ONeals sealing money for women), and the media hated him (he demonized his personality to a great extent). When he was judging the 2005 regular season MVP, Kobe Bryant didnt even get a vote, so to speak, he was boycotted by the group.

But with a good performance on the court and a relatively relaxed public opinion environment before the social network era, Kobe Bryant won back the support of fans and sponsors, as well as Vanessa. When Vanessa was pregnant with Gianna, ONeal even extended his hand to him for the first time after the split, congratulating him.

In 2007, Kobe Bryant completely ended his legacy of resentment with the Lakers management, and gave buss the greatest trust (since then, he has not publicly targeted the management, even Jim buss). Everything is getting better.

In 2008, Kobe Bryant came to Beijing as the leader of the American mens basketball team. He said that before the Olympic Games, Natalia drew a gold medal for him. He took the picture to China and pasted it on his locker.

Before Kobe Bryant retired, some reporters always joked and asked him if he wanted to be a coach in the future. Every time he was asked if he would like to, he refused three times, saying that he was afraid of being angry. But because of Gianna, he quietly became a basketball coach and started Mamba college.

As a result, Kobe and Vanessa both responded. In fact, Bryant said, they made a fake smile version, which was still out of his request.

Kobe Bryant has said before that he is a coach who earnestly demands his childrens original intention, just to tell them what is excellent. They dont all play WNBA, but I hope to lay the foundation for them, know how to put in and give, so that they can grow up to be outstanding.

Because of Gianna, Kobe began to strongly support the college womens basketball team and WNBA (even if he knew that there would be elite media to turn over his old accounts and criticize him for not being qualified); after holding a highly valuable and successful private training camp for NBA stars, he immediately started to run another one for WNBA stars without discrimination.

Because Gianna, from unwilling to express the political position of Kobe Bryant has become an open feminist. He doesnt need to brag about himself on social networks - his actions have proven it all.

A few years before Biancas birth and before Kobes peak, there was a big crisis in his marriage with Vanessa.

It is said that Vanessa could not bear his repeated infidelity and filed for divorce (and it is said that some of the Lakers wives who didnt like Vanessa at that time were happy to tell Vanessa about Kobe Bryants stealing and torment her), and Kobe Bryant faced a terrible financial loss.

Roland razambi, the author of Kobes biography, laments that cheating is not only the fashion of sports, but also the fashion of Hollywood. Kobe has both. Living in such an environment, he may finally get used to it.

Maybe because of economic factors, maybe emotional factors, or both, Kobe finally spent a lot of effort to recover Vanessa (for example, playing Moonlight Sonata by himself - Kobes romance is hopeless).

Maybe Kobe changed even more after his Achilles tendon was torn. The reality of serious injury made him start to consider the possibility of retirement, and he kept recuperation, which also gave him more time to accompany his family.

His relationship with his parents has improved, and he has even reconciled with Shirley Smith. Shirley was very moved when she heard that Kobe Bryant was willing to accept her interview after ten years.

Shirley recalled that Bryant hugged her and said there were too many things in life that were more important than that.

We seem to be making up for that missing decade, she said. Its a bit surreal - for ten years, our relationship has frozen. He finally gave me a great interview, ESPN colleagues told me that its not easy to see Kobe Bryant in such a leisurely state.

When Bryant felt the most isolated, he began to tattoo. He has nothing but his wife, his daughter and his faith. The content of Psalm 27 on his arm can be described as his voice at that time:

When those who do evil, my enemies, come to eat my flesh, they stumble and fall. Though an army encamped against me, my heart was not afraid; though a sword arose against me, I would still be safe.

O God of my salvation, do not lose me, nor forsake me. My parents have forsaken me, and the Lord will take me in.

By the time Bianca was born, Bryant had already said goodbye to isolation and began to find more and more inner peace.

After his retirement, he changed completely into a baby father and was still a baby in a telephone interview with Stephen A. Smith.

One of Kobes last images, in addition to coaching Gianna, was to accompany Bianca to play at the gate of the mall near his home, and many passers-by also greeted him.

The source of Capri Kobe Bryants middle name is interesting.

Kobe Bryant hated the fact that the Lakers played away at Christmas when he was a player, and he never missed the holidays when he retired. Every year, their family will shoot gorgeous and formal family photos, and they will spend Halloween in various ways.

The reason why Bryant relies on helicopter travel is to save time and accompany them more.

After his retirement, his schedule changed. My daily routine is very fixed. I lift weights in the morning, send my children to school, fly to the south, continue training, and then deal with the work and other things that need me. Then fly home and squeeze into the carpool lane to pick up the kids.

After his death, Capri learned to stand for the first time and then walk for the first time.

When Capri got up for the first time, she jumped at her aunt and turned to her mothers camera and smiled

Kobe made mistakes in his marriage - big ones that many women cant even forgive. But in a few too short years, everyone saw his change and was moved by it.

His daughters are so excellent, and Vanessas years of hard work without a nanny is the main reason. But Kobes message to his children as an example should not be ignored.

Whats more, Kobe Bryant got real personal growth because he was a father. In 2016, Kobes mother diagnosed brain cancer. Shortly after Pams diagnosis, Bryant published a long article a letter to the young me on player, explaining for the first time why he cut off his support to his family when he was young.

Now it seems that this should be the way he reconciled with his mother (his relationship with Joe has already improved).

Maybe Kobe Bryant is not a perfect father, after all, no one in the world can be really perfect. But to keep children proud of themselves all the time is probably the greatest achievement of being parents.

Source: Netease sports manuscript Author: Kewell editor in charge: Cao Liqiao_ NS1806