Six classics of poem, butterfly and flower

 Six classics of poem, butterfly and flower

There are few willows on the branch,

There is no grass in the end of the world!

Inside the wall, outside the swing wall.

Pedestrians outside the wall, beautiful people in the wall laugh.

Laugh gradually, but dont hear it,

Affectionate but heartless.

The flowers were red and faded, and small green apricots grew on the tree tops. Swallows are flying in the sky, and clear rivers surround the villagers. The catkins on the willow have been blown less and less, but dont worry, there are luxuriant grass everywhere.

Butterfly in love with flowers, leaning on the dangerous building, wind is thin

Song Liuyong

Look at the extreme spring sorrow, dark sky.

Without words, no one can rely on the appendix.

my clothes grow daily more loose, yet care I not,

Butterflies in love with flowers and deep courtyard

The courtyard is deep,

Yule diaoan is located in Youye, where zhangtai road cant be seen from the height of the building.

Tearful eyes asked flowers not to speak, red flying across the swing.

How deep is the courtyard? Yangliuyiyi, flying pieces of smoke, a heavy curtain I do not know how many layers. The luxurious cars and horses stop at the place where the noble childe is having fun, and the road leading to zhangtai cant be seen even when climbing the high-rise building.

Butterflies in love with flowers last night

Last night the autumn wind came.

The curtain on the moon is cold.

There are guests who are worried about sleeping.

Ill leave my house for you.

Dream broken soul pin, a pillow Acacia tears.

There is no difference in the width of the dress belt.

Last nights autumn wind seemed to come from a thousand miles away. The bright moonlight climbed up the curtain of the sleeping place, and the chill penetrated into peoples sleeves. I hold the quilt in my heart and cant sleep. Where can I stand the jade leakage.

I, a traveller, have no intention of returning to the court. I wake up in my dream and feel sad. My pillow is full of tears of Acacia. Its not about anything else. Only for the new letters, but also add a lot of haggard.

Butterflies in love with flowers

The words in the poem of wine mark on the clothes.

Little by little, its always sad.

Drunk farewell West Tower, wake up with no memory. Its like a dream in spring and a cloud in autumn. Its so easy to gather and disperse in life. Half of the window is slanting and the moon is dim. I still lack of sleepiness. The screen of color painting shows the green jade of Wushan mountain.

Butterfly in love with flowers

The moon is bright and the black is restless,

Evoke two clear eyes.

Tears fall on the pillow, red and soft.

The dew cold man is far from the chicken.

The moonlight is bright and the crows are singing. There was no more leakage. The sound of shaking the windlass outside to draw water in the well spread into the room. The voice made the womans face more sad. A pair of beautiful and bright eyes shed tears. Her tears kept flowing all night, even the red cotton in her pillow was wet.