Looking back at my first half of life, I feel that Luo Zijuns life is very sad

 Looking back at my first half of life, I feel that Luo Zijuns life is very sad

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Last night, I read Yishus the first half of my life again.

But sometimes I still feel concussion in my heart.

In the book, Tang Jing wrote a letter to Luo Zijun, in which he said that he was about to have a child, and said with emotion: life is undoubtedly an illusion, but as Xiangzi of Lao She said, it is impossible to be different. Im ready to see the children wandering around the room.

Tang Jing, who has been a single city girl for more than ten years, is determined to wash his hands and watch his children run everywhere in the second half of his life.

I used the first half of my life to get married and have children, while Tang Jing used his time to struggle and start a business, and then the second half of his life turned around to suit each other.

Its that sentence that shakes my heart.

Once upon a time, watching the TV drama my first half of life, including watching the original work, all thought that this story is about Luo Zijuns first half of life, about a divorced womans great enlightenment and self-reliance: or on her own.

Now, looking through it again, FA has misunderstood Yishu, Luo Zijun and Tang Jing.

It turns out that in the novel, the first half of the life in which two women are exchanged is to mourn the fate of all women: no matter how to choose, in the end, we have to walk a thousand beaches, involving all kinds of risks. The difference is whether we should first go sweet and then go bitter, or first go bitter and then go sweet.

I think Yishu is pessimistic and wary about marriage, so she uses Luo Zijuns tragic experience after divorce to give those married women a piece of advice: dont think that they will go ashore once they get married, and there will be no more trouble.

Marriage has never been a haven.

Yishu, always only love themselves, also only believe in themselves.

She wrote the first half of my life in a very obscure way, but after reading it several times, she could feel Yishus preference for Tang Jing and her sympathy for Luo Zijun.

There is no role of he Han in the original book, and there is no drama of a good girl falling in love with the same man.

Tang Jing in the original works, like Tang Jing in the TV series, is an independent woman who works in a big city and stands firm on her own merits - smart, decisive, intelligent and excellent in taste.

The difference is that Tang Jingmian in the novel is not so hesitant about love, but also has a sense of boundary for friendship. He is a person who has a strong control over interpersonal relationships.

Tang Jing in the novel doesnt need everyones heartache. Everything goes according to her heart. She married her boyfriend who has been in love for many years, went to a place where there are few disputes and lived in a down-to-earth way. Her husband has a successful career and is also a gentleman.

Even Luo Zijun has to admit that Tang Jings life is much better than her.

Later, Luo Zijun and Tang Jing called and asked Tang Jing, does anyone think we are too lucky?.

Tang Jings answer is: I think their condition is extremely poor. The condition here refers to ability.

Yishu, in Tang Jing poured her consistent values: women, or on their own, so that everything you get is solid enough, will be respected.

The ending that Yishu gave to Luo Zijun is still marriage, and the mans condition is very good.

But this ending, just seems happy, think about it, more is helpless and compromise.

When Luo Zijun plans to get married, he has two psychological monologues which are very sad.

One is: thirty-six year old women have no choice, marriage is still a better place.

No, its not happiness, its a sense of security. Im back to where I used to be. Everything can be regarded as never happened before. When I was a child, I wandered with adults in the market of new years Eve. When I was young, I suddenly lost touch with adults. I was confused and lost in color. But they finally claimed it and took it home. What happened in it is no longer important.

Its a terrible thing to get lost. If the venue is colorful, how can you stroll all your life. I dont care. I just have to go back to the dry land and live safely. I dont want to be demanding anymore. Happiness is too complicated.

Does Luo Zijun love the man who appears in her life and gets along with her for a short time?

No, not much love.

But Luo Zijun must catch him, because she does not believe that she can live well alone.

Her good friend Zhang Yunxin said: depravity is pleasant. Zijun, like a piece of rotten meat waiting for death, doesnt have to work hard. Zijun, are you trying to climb? Try it, Zijun. You are always lucky.

Luo Zijun also gradually recognized herself. She had a dream and found herself in the dream, squatting in the corner, mourning and crying.

When someone reached out, she put on the handle. It used to be Tang Jing, but now its the man who married her.

In fact, Yishu satirizes Luo Zijuns sweet life and bitter life: people used to depend on others for too long, so they couldnt stand up again.

The original book my first half of life stays at Luo Zijuns wedding site:

I smiled at myself, stretched out my limp waist and enjoyed the white gold wedding ring on my left and right ring fingers. I couldnt believe my good luck, so I ended my first half of my life ideally. As for the rest of my life Who would be interested as like as two peas?

This writing, trance reminds me of the ending of Zhang Ailings love in the city:

Its no wonder that other people want to follow her example. The fringe squats in the light to light mosquito repellent incense. Thinking of her fourth grandmother, she smiled.

Its true of the legendary people who are the most powerful.

What Yi Shu didnt write about the latter half of Luo Zijuns life is probably all in the latter half of Bai Liusus life.

The TV play the first half of my life is just to spread this kind of vulgarity and perfection more thoroughly.

But what I want you to understand is that the bleakness of the white tassel was created by the times, and the women at that time had no choice, but Luo Zijuns bleakness was completely avoidable. Dont you think Yishu wrote a model of Tang Jing?

Its impossible to go through a lifetime by luck. A womans nine lives depend on her ability.

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