Mei Yi case victim family: a father son reunion after waiting for 15 years

 Mei Yi case victim family: a father son reunion after waiting for 15 years

On January 4, 2005, Shen Cong, Shen Junliangs son under the age of one, was robbed of his rental house in Guangzhou. He resigned as an executive of the company and embarked on the boundless search for children. In the past 15 years, he has traveled all over the streets, posted more than 1 million notices for people, and spent more than 1.5 million yuan, ranging from flourishing to frosty.

In March, the Central Plains became warm and cold.

After Guangdongs marriage, Shen Junliang took his son back to his hometown in Henan Province. He spent a few days together. His blood was thicker than water, which seemed to make up for the time gap. Shens heart was filled with happiness like being in the cloud. He wished to announce to the world: I am Shen Junliang, Shen Congs father. My son has found it!

Before the age of 28, Shen Junliang was the caretaker of fate. After graduating from high school, he came from Zhoukou, Henan Province to work in Zengcheng, Guangzhou. Because Ken is hardworking and flexible, he stands out from a group of workers and becomes the youngest executive of a large electronic toy company.

Tuesday, 4 January 2005. Shen Junliang will never forget this day. At about 10 a.m., Shen Junliangs cell phone, which had just stepped out of the conference room, suddenly rang. It was his wife Yu Xiaoli who called. Her voice was hoarse and shrill: come back quickly, Shen Cong has been robbed! Shen Junliang was blinded. His cell phone slipped and the documents were scattered everywhere.

It turned out that in the morning, Yu Xiaoli was preparing lunch in the kitchen as usual. The door suddenly opened. A man rushed in, sealed her mouth with transparent tape and tied her hands. Ten minutes later, Yu Xiaoli finally broke away from the rope in her hand, only to find Shen Cong had disappeared. Police investigation found that neighbors Zhou Rongping and his wife have a major suspicion, but at this time they have fled without trace.

The child has been robbed! The whole family cant accept the fact that grandpa and grandma cried all night and fell ill one after another. Yu Xiaoli was so stimulated that she suffered from schizophrenia and recited XiaoCongs name every day. Shen dried his tears and comforted his family over and over: you can rest assured that even if you go to the ends of the earth, I will find the child!

A few days later, Shen Junliang resigned from his post and embarked on a long road to find children. When I heard that Zhou Rongping might have gone to Zhuhai, he rushed there at the first time. The city is too big to find. Shen Junliang takes out his mobile phone and turns around. The compass in the mobile phone points to where he will go. He carried a plastic bag containing a thick stack of notices and a bottle of glue, and pasted flyers along the streets. Hungry, eat a mouthful of instant noodles at random, and doze off in the corner when you are sleepy.

A few days later, Shen Junliang, who was alone and in a trance, attracted the attention of villains. Several people took a knife and drove him to the corner of the wall. They asked him to take off his watch, ring and wallet. When the other side offered to take away the mobile phone, Shen pleaded: this is what I used to find my son. All the information is in it. But in the end, the mobile phone was robbed and the only 600 yuan was also searched. At that moment, all the grievances came to him. He squatted in the bustling street and cried.

From then on, Shen Junliang began to lose sleep. He was most afraid of going into the night. The whole city was surrounded by the dark night, and all was quiet. Only the waves in the dark kept surging up indefatigably and could not see the end. With him, there were only neons in foreign cities and cold stars in the sky.

The two sons of the family were born one after another. In order to make a living, in early 2009, Shen Junliang and his family rushed to open a furniture factory in Jinan. He helps the furniture factory to load and deliver goods, with free time and no delay in finding children. Because shenjunliangman was thinking of children, he accidentally fell off a 3-meter-high truck when unloading the goods, and a hole was made in his left forehead. His cervical vertebra was dislocated, and he could not lie for a month. But as soon as he heard the news about the lost child, he was so worried that he could not lie down any more, and went south again wearing a neck brace.

In order to find more clues, Shen Junliang advertised a reward of 100000 yuan for Shen Cong. There are so many clues, so are the swindlers. One person said that he knew Shen Congs whereabouts if he had paid 2000 yuan first. Shen Junliang trotted all the way, found an agricultural bank 3 kilometers away, remitted the money, and then drove to Chengdu. When the train arrived at the station, the other side couldnt get in touch. Shen didnt give up and just waited for a day and two nights. It is said that Shen Cong may have been sold near Xiangjiang Road in Zengcheng district. He immediately ran to Zengcheng. There are five communities on Xiangjiang Road. He posted the notice of looking for people as he walked. He searched hard for more than a year, but he got nothing.

Someone asked Shen Junliang, is it worth it to look for it recklessly? Shen Junliang also hesitated. In order to find his son, his home was hollowed out. He didnt even have a table to eat. A few planks were placed on the bricks to make a bed. After her health improved, she found a job cleaning and barely made a living. Over the years, they have kept a silent tacit understanding. He never says the pain of finding his son; she carries it no matter how hard it is at home. The protagonist of the movie lost orphan said, only when I am on the road can I feel worthy of the child. No matter where he is, I hope he knows that his father is looking for him. This is what Shen Junliang thought.

At the end of 2017, Shen Junliang was busy sorting out the information. When he looked up, it was dark. He suddenly realized that this was his home in Jinan, and his wife was still working. What about the children? He rushed out of the house, not far away, two long figures pulled by the street lamp came face to face, the childs thin body was under the pressure of the schoolbag, walking unsteadily. After school, I didnt wait for my parents to pick me up. More than 3 kilometers, two children walked for more than an hour Shen Junliangs eyes are wet. He asks himself, do you want to stop and go to work first? But he cant let Shen Cong go.

Also can not put down, there are elderly parents. At the end of October 2017, his mothers stomach perforation was sent to the hospital for rescue. He rushed back from Guangzhou. After only taking care of his mother for three days, he went back again. He had to go. The next day is the day when Zhang Weiping and other people started the trial of the child abduction case. He wanted to ask Shen Congs whereabouts from the traffickers.

In the summer of 2019, he went back to his hometown in Henan Province, with the door locked. Until the sun set, the two old men came back from the outside with tired bodies. The mother held a handful of cicada shells and several plastic bottles. The old father dragged a hoe and sweat soaked his whole body. It turned out that he was digging a ditch for someone. When he left, his father handed him a few hundred yuan, you can go to find the child at ease. Your mother and I will keep the house for you. On the way out of the village, Shen Junliang dared not turn back. He clenched his teeth and said to himself, Shen Junliang, you cant stop. You walk on the road, its the hope of the whole family!

Wish the world no turning

After many years of searching for his son, Shen found out a set of procedures. When the clues are collected, he will continue to visit secretly, or even go to a nearby squat to record the age, gender, appearance, address, family situation and other information of the child, and then sort out and submit them to the police for identification and DNA comparison. In Zijin County alone, he found more than 50 suspected abducted children.

Once, someone gave Shen a clue, your son lives next door to my house. Come on. The childs information is exactly the same as Shen Congs. On the day of receiving the news, Shen Junliang rushed there. He rented a car to watch at the door of the childs house for several days under the high temperature of 40 u2103. He secretly took a side photo of the child with his mobile phone. The more he looked, the more he felt like Shen Cong. But at the last moment, the police informed him that the DNA match was not successful. Its like being thrown into the air, then falling all the way down into the boundless darkness. A thousand arrows pierce the heart, but so it is.

Hope and despair are intertwined. Shen Junliang knows better than anyone how painful this road is. In October 2008, a Jiang, the father of Yang Jiaxin, a child abducted by Zhang Weiping, committed suicide on the way to find his son. Nine years later, the police found Yang Jiaxin, but ajiang finally failed to wait for the childs father. Shen Junliang told himself that he must live in any case and wait for Shen Cong to return home. When he couldnt bear it, he called the volunteers of baby home charity organization for a while, and felt better. It was the darkest hour before dawn. Shen Junliang survived.

On the way to find a son, Shen Junliang got to know many families. Shen Junliang, who has the longest time and the most experience in finding children, has become the eldest brother reasonably. On New Years day, 2018, he and the parents of several other abducted children came to Zijin County. Several people sat in a small hotel and drank the bulk wine they bought, cheering each other. On that day, Shen Junliang drank more than a jin of white wine and was not drunk. A few days later, due to economic reasons, some parents had to leave. Shen Junliang printed the information of several children together to help them find them. In November 2019, two children abducted and sold by Mei Yi were found. That day, Shen Junliang was so excited that he stayed up all night and walked around the community for 30000 steps. He felt that Shen Cong was not far away from him.

January 18, 2020, the 24th lunar month. Shen Junliang suddenly received a phone call from Jinan police. His sons information was compared. Put down the phone, Shen Junliang trembled with excitement. He rushed to the room prepared for Shen Cong, turned around for several times, and then slapped the mattress with his hand, once and again

This Spring Festival, Shen Junliangs family had a very uneasy time. He cant wait to see his son, and hes afraid to recognize him and hurt him. On March 5, 2020, Shen Junliang, his wife and brother drove south.

Several parents who had been searching for their children rushed to Zengcheng to congratulate Shen Junliang. They are happy for Shen Junliang, but also feel confused. Before, it was Shen Junliang who led them forward. After that, we must rely on ourselves. Shenjunliang comforted them, now, the polices technology is more and more advanced. Please dont give up. The children will be able to go home.

The 16-year-old Shen Cong, who is sunny and sensible, even surprised the police, abducted him for many years and met such a sensible child for the first time. With the help of psychological experts, Shen Cong quickly accepted the fact that he was abducted. He held Shen Junliang in his arms and said, Dad, you let me know how to insist. I will try my best to live up to those who love me!

On the way back, Shen Junliang, who had been sleeping for dozens of hours, had a rest in the rest area for a while. When he woke up, he was dressed in his sons coat and looked at his son shivering with cold. Shen Junliang was very pleased. Back home, Shen Cong and his two younger brothers hugged each other tightly. The three generations get on well with each other. At the dinner table, Shen Cong takes the initiative to add food to the elders. It seems that the family has never been separated.

On March 24, Shen Cong was transferred to a local public school. Facing the new life that is about to open, he said: I must be persistent, like my father. Shen Junliang is full of confidence in the future. He plans to find a job and start from scratch. He also wants to connect the two old people and his family together.