May you work harder and harder, and then the wind rises

 May you work harder and harder, and then the wind rises

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Accompany you through your years, cure you in between the lines

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May eighteen love and eighty company.

Peoples estrangement starts from never returning the news.

Red face when coming, red eyes when walking.

We are not afraid of losing, just afraid that there will be no better alternative after losing.

I have countless golden dreams, lost in the way of life.

u2014u2014Gu Cheng

May you work harder and harder, and then the wind makes water.

I like what he Jiong said very much: once people understand it, they become very silent. Its not that they dont have the ability to get along with others, but that they dont have the interest to play tricks with others.

An awkward age, no childhood courage, no young impulse, no mature material. It has melted those unrealistic assumptions and accepted many unsustainable facts.

As for treasure, there is a saying in the journey to the West: later, we understand that people who were one step away from us, once missed, even if they turned into heroes of the world, dressed in gold and armor, and stepped on colorful auspicious clouds, they would not necessarily come back.

It seems cool to do nightclubs, tattoos, holes and drunkenness. In fact, these things are not difficult at all, as long as you are willing to do them. The cool things should be the things that are not easy to do, such as reading, fitness, making money and being positive, which are boring and hard to stick to in the eyes of ordinary people.

Yesterday, the group suddenly talked about the topic of brain hole opening. Colleague Shan Shan said that every night, she imagined that she was the hostess of various TV plays, with or without criminal investigation, with or without brain marisu. She suffered all kinds of grievances every day, and finally succeeded in counterattack, or the final result was particularly miserable and pitiful. Xiao Min said that her brain hole was very simple, always imagining a series of development after winning the lottery, and finally left On the top of life ha ha ha.

While boys often have a dream of marvel, often fantasizing about star wars, saving the world, and getting beauty back. Although its nonsense, I have to admit that sometimes this kind of imagination is really interesting and decompression.

So, lets talk today. What do you think about the story of brain opening?