How terrible is a married mans wife? I regret not knowing

 How terrible is a married mans wife? I regret not knowing

What did his wife say to her?

Real life stories make many women sigh: how important it is to meet a right person.

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Wen / Qiu Xiaoyu

This article comes from Qiu xiaoyugong.

Who is Qiu Xiaoyu.

She had a lot of identities. When she graduated, she was a civil servant. She wrote a column for nearly 10 years. In the paper age, she received many letters from readers every day.

At the age of 30, she left the system and became an entrepreneur. Readers gave her many labels: emotional talents, career mentors, fashion bloggers, and parent-child experts.

Yes, now her comments are really interesting.

Master delicacy, the founder of the official account, is also a very interesting life master and a gourmet.

Its also a super deep grass planting machine. The good products she recommends are often sold out. With high-quality taste, many readers shout: follow her to buy, save money and worry, and make yourself beautiful.

Some people joked that if you brush your friends circle, you can see Xie Huis article. If you look at the quality big, you can see the official account of autumn fool.

So you really must not miss this girl

You can tell her your real story

She will reply to you in the article

I think these years, her transformation, only to do the right thing - heart.

There is a kind of sparkle in her body, and a kind of low-key humility that she has really seen in the world.

She lived a cool life. She swept through scholarships when she was in college. She successfully entered the civil service when she graduated. Five years later, she left the system and lived the life she wanted.

She has lived a very careless life. For more than ten years, she has been writing in a low-key and serious way. She used to be a columnist in paper media. She likes to write solid and steady, like a craftsman, writing with originality.

I sincerely hope you dont miss such a smart, independent and interesting girl. Pay attention to her and you will become better and better together.

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