Dont chat with these three kinds of people on wechat, its not worth deep friendship!

 Dont chat with these three kinds of people on wechat, its not worth deep friendship!

Once I saw a sentence that made me feel the same:

Some people take your good for granted.

When you cant help TA, you will be sneered at and said that you are cold and callous.

This is true in any relationship. No matter how good the relationship is, it will die of course.

Take the parenting for granted;

Take the help of friends for granted

Sun Li, an actor, once learned about xianghaiqings life in a program.

So I decided to fund the child and go all the way to college.

After going to Haiqing University, Sun Li felt that he had the ability to work, so she stopped funding.

But to Haiqing not only do not appreciate Sun Lis help for so many years, but also bite Sun Li.

Sun Lis constant demands and black-and-white comments made her completely cold hearted.

Xiang Haiqing, because of his bad conduct, ran into difficulties when he was looking for a job.

Its just that, shengmeen, doumiechou.

Every day I give you a candy. Suddenly one day I forget to give it to you, so you blame me.

But most of the time, Im not qualified to blameu2014u2014

You know, there are always icing on the cake.

The one who treats you well, they could not have done it.

It was your ingratitude that ended up hurting both sides.

Always take the good of others for granted, do not know how to appreciate, will only continue to consume your goodness.

Always face to face and back to back

When he was having lunch with his friends yesterday, he and I make complaints about it.

There is a colleague in the company who usually has a very good relationship with himself. The two have been working together for a long time, and they cooperate very well with each other in their work.

It is said that friends are lazy at work and all the heavy tasks are put on him.

Friends were also called to the office by the boss to talk.

Isnt that what we often say, people sit at home and pots come from heaven?

Besides, the one who buckles the pot for you is the one you trust the most.

The next day the other side seemed to change a face, as if nothing had happened, and friends talk and laugh.

The ability of these two faces to switch freely makes people shudder.

But his friend became nothing because of his mouth, which was made up out of nothing.

My friend said:

We always meet people like this in our lifeu2014u2014

You treat people with kindness, but the other side with evil.

Let us really see what is, and the sun can not be as direct-looking people.

Some people, you dont fight back properly, but youre pushing ahead.

Some people, the more you fight back, the more attention and pleasure they get from it, the more clamorous they are.

Always face to face, behind a set of people, inconsistent, hypocritical to the extreme.

I can talk and laugh with you today, and I will stab you in the back tomorrow.

This kind of person is not worthy of deep acquaintance.

Birds choose good trees to live in, and people choose good friends to make friends.

Always force people to be tolerant of others

You must have heard a lot in your life:

Hes begging you to get back together. Forgive him.

She didnt mean to take a step back.

And so on, there are many more.

They often stand at the top of the disdain chain and kidnap others with their own moral will to satisfy their false sense of moral superiority.

The girl was cheated to attend a program and asked to recognize her parents.

Just when everyone thought that the most touching link was coming, the girl refused to recognize her parents.

Because her parents abandoned her when she was very young.

And after so many years, I never said I would visit her.

Dont be so narrow-minded! You should think in other places.

But I wonder:

These ten years of life, abandoned by their parents, is hard to heal.

Why dont you think about it?

There is a good saying:

If you dont know peoples suffering, dont persuade them to be generous; if you dont know peoples difficulties, dont talk about peoples right and wrong.

If you dont have empathy, dont say anything lofty to show your generosity.

But not everyone will be tolerant.

If you dont walk the way others walk, go for a walk to discuss whether its right or not.

Freedom of speech is based on full understanding, not on opening your mouth as soon as you raise your head.

Finally, if you meet this kind of people in your life, heres a sentence for Mr. Guo Degang:

Click looking. May we all stay away from the wicked in the future.


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