Male ticket parents have a bad emotional style. Should I break up?

 Male ticket parents have a bad emotional style. Should I break up?

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I have talked with my boyfriend for seven years. Now I am studying in grade three. When I was studying in grade two, his father asked us to be engaged, and we were engaged.

But after the engagement, there was a big change in his family. His parents wanted to divorce, and they lied to my boyfriend and my family.

The reason is that my boyfriends eldest sister was born by his mother and others, and later learned that this was just the fuse.

His father has women outside, and this woman moved into the house that we decorated when we were engaged,

Because there are two houses, but one door is a two-story villa.

Before, his father promised to buy us a new house in the city. After his engagement, he said he was not in a hurry to buy it,

Because my boyfriend is a soldier, I dont know which city to go to in the future.

But if he moved to Guangzhou, his father couldnt afford the house,

So my boyfriend and I want to buy a house in our hometown. Even if we dont live in the future, we can live for his parents or sell them for appreciation.

Not only that, his fathers girlfriend gave me a set of cosmetics before meeting.

But after my boyfriend and I left, I went to school, my boyfriend went back to the army, and when we came back again, the cosmetics were gone.

His father said, I dont like this set of cosmetics, so I took it to his girlfriend

At that time, I thought that there was no set of cosmetics at home. I had both my study and my own home, so I stayed at his home,

Not only that, his father, 50, is engaged to his girlfriend.

I think its totally different from his style and ideas. Im quick to cut the mess. Hell think a lot, a lot and a lot.

But his father is now the most annoying cheating brainless man, so I cant face his family from the heart.

Alas, is my feeling at the end? I dont think there will be any good things in the future.

For so many years, Im really tired. I dont want to understand and tolerate any more. What I need more now is company and being understood.

Your feelings are yours. Its his fathers business not to be responsible for stinginess if his father goes out again.

After all, his father didnt interfere with your feelings, nothing more than the house.

Since you despise and dislike his father, why do you care if he buys you a house.

Have courage to hate and disdain, have courage to look down on his father whether to buy you.

In the face of his fathers moral character, you can cut through the mess quickly. If you cant see it, you cant see it. If you can ignore it, you can ignore it.

But no matter how wrong his father is, he can be as disgusted with his fathers behavior as you are,

But its his father after all. He cant ignore other problems. The fetters between his family members cant be measured by right and wrong many times.

After more than 20 years of emotional fetters, from another perspective, if its your father who has cheated, can you really be so calm and do everything quickly?

Besides, his parents may be in a bad mood in their love life, but that doesnt prevent them from loving your boyfriend.

And you also said that your boyfriend only knows these things about his parents now, so he was loved by his parents for so many years.

It may be hard to accept in the heart for a while. You are not him, and your parents have not behaved so badly,

So how can you feel the pain in his heart, and how can you make him so rational that he doesnt think about more things?

You hate his parents bad family style, you hate his fathers dishonesty, you think you need to be understood, tolerated and accompanied.

But when your boyfriend is extremely sad in the face of such a parent, he doesnt need to be understood, tolerated and accompanied.

So if you dont want the relationship to end, you shouldnt argue with him about it.

He cant change what his parents do. What they can do is to keep a rational attitude between you.

They encourage and comfort each other, and then look at their parents in a different way.

Such as the house and your emotional state, to work hard, to make your own decisions.

In fact, the reason why you hate your parents and give them three points of courtesy is because his father once said to buy you a house.

If you are independent enough, dare to look down on what your parents will give when you get married.

Although marriage is more than a matter of two people, you are independent of your parents who have a bad style of work,

Then you naturally have the bottom in mind, which principles should be followed by your parents will never compromise with them.

Whats left is the lingering kinship after putting aside the prejudice, and the absolutely responsible support relationship.

As long as your goals are set, all that interferes with your feelings is his parents conduct and the nurturing feelings that your boyfriend cant let go.

Your common enemy is not your feelings, but how to communicate and adjust each others mentality, and then face these problems together.

So now you have to communicate with each other about your future goals, how to live the life you want,

Then try your best to be filial. Naturally, there are not so many troubles and quarrels.

All in all, go back to the root of the problem.

If you think your boyfriend is someone you can trust and work with,

Then look down on the relationship between parents, who cant talk clearly and dont know what kind of parents you love.

I think its still your and boyfriends outlook on life and direction.

If I feel tired with my boyfriend, I will be full of disappointment,

In fact, family factors only ignite your determination to separate.