Work = make money? Then your misunderstanding of wealth is too big. This is the most efficient way to make money

 Work = make money? Then your misunderstanding of wealth is too big. This is the most efficient way to make money

All my savings have been paid down, and there is not much money in the down payment. So, at present, it needs another 15, 000 a month to get back to the previous living conditions.

My daughter is in sixth grade. Now I cant afford her to go to private school.

And the children study for six years, once I change my job, I cant change it back. My qualifications are in line with the private requirements, and my ability is no problem. I have also won provincial teaching awards.

Next year, I will be awarded the deputy senior professional title in the school, so that my career will be basically stable. If you work in a school, you will earn less than 100000 yuan.

At present, I am substituting courses in institutions. It will take me one and a half years to get the monthly 15000 from substituting courses in institutions. I also need to do a full workload every weekend.

This course of the organization is sustainable and my substitutability is relatively small. I am responsible for the research and development of this course, and then the boss is promoting it. The main problem is whether to change the work or not?

Cognitive upgrading points of this episode:

1. How to let oneself not anxious?

3. Follow the trend;

4. What is the essence of wealth?

I can feel that you are very anxious, especially when you talk about the anxiety of housing loan, you can imagine that there may be more than one person at the scene, a large number of people are anxious about housing loan.

This is a very interesting phenomenon.

As I said before on the public sign, mammals have an instinct that not only humans, including sheep and cattle, but also mammals will spread basic emotions in their communities.

Anxiety is a very basic emotion. It has something to do with sadness, anger and fear.

And now you not only have anxiety, but also worry and fear about the future; you have a little anger, anger at your own incompetence; or you hate why you made such a decision in the past feelings, resulting in the current pressure is too much, a little depression and so on.

I can feel your complex emotions.

My advice to you has two parts:

The first part is to learn to get along with yourself and deal with your emotions.

First of all, dont let yourself get involved in such a chaotic feeling. Write down and describe each feeling.

For example, what you just asked is things. Now, dont focus on things.

There are solutions to all these things.

You can think of this sentence with me: all things will pass and all problems will be solved.

When we were children, we always worried that we would hand in our homework the next morning, but we didnt finish it.

Are you 37 years old today still worried about your homework tomorrow morning?

Maybe when you get married, you still worry about the marriage is not very good. Now that you are divorced, do you still worry about the marriage?

When you have a child, you worry about whether the child will grow up smoothly, whether you will not take care of her and hurt her.

You will find that all problems will end over time.

If we can fly to the future now, there is no problem now. All the problems are fast forward, there must be no problem.

The worst result is that we are all lying in the funeral parlor. There will be no more problems at that time. There will be no problems for all of us.

Because we can only live in the present, which will produce todays problems.

Then we have to go back to the present and face todays problems.

So dont focus on the past.

On the other hand, if you always think I cant give my daughter a better education, Im afraid that she wont be competitive enough in the society in the future, or I didnt fulfill the best responsibility of a mother to give her child, Im afraid that she wont be good enough in the future, then you go to the future.

When you live in the past, you will regret, because no one can make a perfect choice.

You must think that buying this suite or this relationship failed, or that I didnt do it well enough.

When you go to the future, you fall into deeper anxiety, because the future is always full of uncertainty.

No ones anxiety here comes from certainty.

If you know for sure that you will get a million yuan tomorrow morning, you wont worry tonight.

So if you live in the past, you will regret it; if you live in the future, you will be anxious; only when you live in this moment, you can be calm.

Thats the first part, the emotional part.

2. The second part, let me talk about your things.

[about job hopping

Your stress and anxiety lead you to think about whether to change your job, but its just a phenomenon.

What is the essence of this matter?

In essence, do we enter a larger choice space or a narrower choice space?

When we ask a career or career development question, we must understand one truth:

Will our choice make us choose more or less in the future?

You just described a phenomenon, you said: you can change from university to middle school, but you cant change from middle school to university.

This means that you move from a larger choice space into a smaller choice space, rather than from a smaller space into a larger space.

So the choice is somewhat questionable.

A better way to do this is to do something else that pays off when youre doing the public school job.

Because you only have a dozen hours of classes a week, this kind of work style and method is quite unsaturated, there are many ways and methods to find better development opportunities.

The workplace is not life.

There are some choices in life that are irreversible.

For example, if you have a baby, its irreversible.

But only from the perspective of career development, you need to change jobs. If you go to a better place, in theory, you should be able to jump back in minutes. Thats right. Thats better. This is called the space of choice.

3. [about housing loan

Why do you say that?

In fact, there is a theme in everyones life, which is usually an opportunity given by fate.

But why dont you think from another angle, maybe that man is the seller you hit?

If you didnt have him in your life, you wouldnt have the house, would you?

Is it possible that he was sent by heaven to send you this suite?

You didnt have the courage to buy such a house in the past, but when you meet such a person, he pushes you to that place.

This is a challenge, this is an opportunity.

You took the opportunity to own the house.

Moreover, as long as you have the experience of buying a house once, you will find that buying a house is a wonderful life experience.

You will find that many things are pushing you, not your own choice.

In our life, there will always be a moment when we can occasionally see a corner of the world. Just like in Trumans world, we always think we are the master of fate, but there are some moments when we find that we can only follow the trend.

So, you can think of that man as the one who gives you a suite in your life.

He brought a suite that might not have been within your capabilities into your life, and thats it.

There are two situations:

The first situation: Germany does not match

If youre under too much pressure and dont handle it, you need to get rid of the house.

Be sure to understand that it creates a new level of your life.

For example, you have a way to find something you can do in your spare time, and then after this period of intensive efforts, new productivity breaks out in a short period of time, and you pay back this money. Thats the match between morality and position.

Wouldnt it be better if you adapted to the rhythm?

So far, I havent mentioned the topic of whether or how to buy a house, because this topic is too individual.

What I just said is that sometimes you come across some opportunities that can help you better challenge yourself and change yourself.

4. Finally, with this story, I would like to share with you what wealth is like.

In this story, the hostess actually confuses two things:

The first thing is to confuse making money with doing things.

Many people will equate making money or wealth with doing things because they have not received a good wealth education.

In her life, there may be only such wealth experience. Her wealth experience is to do this, and then to get money.

But if I said that today she typed her bank account on the public screen, I would call her a million yuan. Is her problem solved?

However, this will not happen in the world, because I have no such connection with her.

Ill give a million to someone I think is worth a million.

Wealth in life and doing things in life are two dimensions.

Because most peoples experience of making money from small to large comes from doing things.

Wealth is nothing to do.

Let me give you an example of what might happen to everyone. For example, if you dont need one million, you spend ten thousand yuan on Alipays balance.

Does the ten thousand yuan bring you interest tomorrow?

How much is the interest?

The 4% income is actually money, right? Where does the money come from?

You didnt do anything. You just put the money there and it will generate the next money.

I am myself. When I was in my twenties, I also had this misunderstanding about wealth. I think that only by doing things can I make money.

Im not telling you to stop doing things.

Im going to give you a lecture today. Im going to have a creative meeting?

To do is to do, but to do is not equal to wealth.

There is a relationship between them, but they do not represent an inevitable result.

One of the cognitive confusions of this lady is that she confuses making money with doing things and wealth with occupation.

Sometimes, your career may not bring you money, or even make you lose money.

Sometimes, your career can bring money.

But sometimes, you make a lot of money without doing anything.

There is a different relationship in it. Dont mix it up.

Its like marriage doesnt mean happiness.

Marriage and happiness are related, but not equal.

This is that we have cognitive resolution for a concept, for a thing.

Please pay attention to the word resolution. Resolution is your recognition of a thing.

Probably, most peoples resolution to wealth is mosaic, while the rich peoples resolution to wealth is 1080p HD.

For the hostess, her resolution determines her wealth between college teachers and middle school teachers.

You can make money by buying a lot of goods from us and selling them to others;

Maybe you come to connect me, maybe you make money.

There are many ways to make money.

Second, the essence of wealth is the connection between people. As you know, all wealth is created by people.

Wealth is not created out of nothing, wealth is not created by things, wealth is created by people.

The best way to get wealth is not to do things, but to connect people who have wealth first.

Because wealth flows among people.

For example, if everyone in this room gave me a lot of money today, and then I took the money to do a thing and made money, I will return it to you. This is a very typical connection.

But its too inefficient for me. Im just giving you an example.

However, if all the people around you are in the same wealth level, for example, if you are in the fourth or third level now, and all the people around you are in this level, you will never go to the next level.

Between different classes, just like the carp jumping into the dragons gate, each class has a different life, and the boundary between this life and life is called information.

There are usually two boundaries between classes:

The first boundary is consanguinity.

The second boundary, apart from blood, is information.

In todays society, the dividing line related to wealth is information.

I get a message a day earlier than you, and I can earn more money than you. Its so simple.

For example, if I go back to 2008 and come to you, I say to you, the emotional industry will become an industry with an output value of 2 billion yuan in ten years, and you still have time to start layout now..

This is a huge ticket. If you catch it at that time, you have money.

So the most important way to get wealth is to connect with people, people who have more wealth than you, because they have the information, thinking mode, strategic pattern and so on that you dont have.

This connection process is the process of breaking through ones own class.

Finally, use a paragraph to help you understand the whole thing.

What is class?

Class is like a different level of a clearance game, you need to constantly unlock the next key.

In addition, each level has a different strategy.

This sentence may break through many peoples cognition:

You cant change the class by fighting on your own. Its usually when you connect with people in the same class.

Whether he gives you opportunities, resources, time, space and so on, he usually leads you to a higher level.

Finally, I can tell you now that for the vast majority of ordinary people, there is only one goal in your life in terms of wealth, which is called four for five? Thats the best way.) the rest has nothing to do with you. Dont think too much about it.

The easiest way to fight in your life is to be able to maintain your wealth and gain initial financial freedom.

You can leave a message to discuss whether there is any experience in workplace choice and wealth cognition that enables you to have a deeper understanding of what I said?