Never blame a housewife

 Never blame a housewife

There are always people who think that being a housewife is too unpromising. How can you rely on your husband to support you?

For this kind of problems, I often connect them with one sentence:

As the old saying goes, a good woman and three happy generations just emphasizes the role of women as a bridge. It is a mans greatest success to marry a wife who is good at taking care of family affairs.

Of course, women in the workplace also have value. Nowadays, womens work ability almost supports half of the workplace.

However, due to the different division of labor, or the elderly, unable to help with the children, or the young children, need careful care of the mother, for many reasons, some women choose to be full-time wives.

Just like her fight in the workplace this year, she chooses what she likes, likes what she chooses, and tries her best to make the role the best.


The arrival of the child made her a little helpless. After a period of groping, she finally experienced the fun of family and the warmth of family.

Can accompany the child, to understand the details of his growth in each stage, plus, the husband also loves the family, love the child, do not need social intercourse when early buy vegetables to go home, give the child bath, change clothes, play with the child.

After the child went to kindergarten, her husband took on the task of picking up the child and would pick up the child at night.

My family is also tidied up by my friends. Every day in the kitchen, there are delicious dishes, meat and fireworks. This is the time for family reunion.

You know, a few years ago, my friend was the head of the Department. He often went out on business and lived in the cold beds of the major hotels.

Now that she is a full-time wife, she no longer has to worry about the laundry sheets and quilt covers are not clean, and where they are dirty and need to be washed, because she has so many things in her family.

A happy marriage is actually made up of such ordinary details, as my friend said:

I understand him when he goes out to earn money, he understands me when I do housework, and we appreciate each others contribution to the family. Everything is meaningful.

Unhappy marriages are different. Happy marriages are the same. Why can other marriages get happiness?

After years of emotional counseling, I found that they have three common characteristics.

Both husband and wife understand the common responsibility.

Be a growing husband and wife, accompany each others growth.


Both husband and wife understand the common responsibility.

In marriage, both parties are the main body, and there is no one who is light or heavy, which is the pillar of the family.

Managing marriage is a two-way process. Its like a relay race. No one can fall behind.

If we want to have a happy and happy marriage for a long time, then we should have revolutionary friendship between husband and wife. We should take care of each other with courage, less calculation, more tolerance and more love.

Live together. If one of them always leaves the shopkeeper and escapes from his responsibilities and obligations, happiness will be far away from you in the long run.

Shakespeare once said: praise is the sun shining on peoples hearts.

The reason why praise is of great significance to people is that through praise, we can make each other enjoy and respect, and get affirmation and pleasure.

The husband stopped praising his wife for her beauty and said she was just a yellow faced woman.

Such a relationship between husband and wife is bound to cause mutual antipathy. Over time, they lose their passion and are completely numb.

If we can always find the advantages of the other half, and take the initiative to affirm him, the marriage will naturally be a little more loving and sweet.

Be a growing husband and wife, accompany each others growth.

Marriage is a dynamic process of change, which needs to accompany each others growth.

If the husband and wife do not grow up together and strive hard, the extra time and energy of the husband and wife will be turned into inaction and extramarital affairs, which will directly lead to marriage crisis.

In the marriage relationship, the most terrible thing is that the two people lack a common goal, which will lead to no concentric force, and the end can only be separated.

Only the marriage with expectation has hope. This kind of marriage is the most stable and cohesive.

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