Easy moment voice version: 2020 did not disappoint, aliens really came

 Easy moment voice version: 2020 did not disappoint, aliens really came

What was the boldest thing you ever did as a child? Come on, leave a message~

What is the most impressive dream you have ever had? Lets talk about the details~

Compere: dream still want to unload pressure drop, after big wave of relaxed moment you stay to listen to before bedtime, make sure sleep is good, mood is stable!

Hold all kinds of weapons, defeat wave after wave of zombies, and finally I became a zombie. I repeated this dream many times. I ended up in failure. I was angry. In my recent dream, I won the final battle with a shotgun in my hand. I never had this dream again.

Host: OK, its time for zombies to dream.

Wechat netizen fragrant honey sinks like frost wants to order a song

Hello, host, I am a listener who has been quietly supporting the relaxed moment Last year, the volunteer schools of the examination papers have been brushed down. I didnt give up. I continued to work hard and took the reexamination this year.

I didnt expect that I fell apart like last years result Well, I hope this years volunteer can enter my ideal university Here I want to order a piece of aojuans grow up with me to listen to relaxed moments for more than a year. Thank you for the company of such an interesting program.

@@VIDEO= https://mobilepics.ws.126.net/O7uBkdkc86RYSQhqWDiFYb7G0s2Kphfu%3D%3DH7R1S2D5.mp3 , https://mobilepics.ws.126.net/O7uBkdkc86RYSQhqWDiFYb7G0s2Kphfu%3D%3DH7R1S2D5.mp3 IMG= https://cms-bucket.ws.126.net/2020/0619/8a341c8bj00qc5nh20014c000g0006kc.jpg ALT = grow up with me broadcast = in size [email protected]@

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Old rules, I wish everyone can have thick hair, good sleep, stable mood, wealth and freedom, see you next time!

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