Silent reading: Ferdinand Luo hears the boat, meeting you is the best arrangement of fate

 Silent reading: Ferdinand Luo hears the boat, meeting you is the best arrangement of fate

At the beginning of the story, fedu has been chasing Tao Ran. Of course, thats not the case. Fei Du didnt mean it, Tao Ran didnt mean it, but Luo Wenzhou was jealous and didnt want it. Funny? These two people always carry Tao Ran in their quarrels. Tao Ran is very innocent, inexplicably involved in the emotional whirlpool of feru and Luo Wenzhou. Fortunately, his x orientation is different from theirs, otherwise I am very worried: what should they do? This love, there will be a clear way to that day.


I like the scene in the sky. The truth of fedu is clear. Its also the moment when I really step into Ferdinands heart. His secretary asked, really? Feidu pretends to explain easily: there is a special criminal expert to give a hint at the back, he just reads the manuscript. Where? Its all Fei Dus sincere words. There are not many people who can understand it. As long as Luo Wenzhou can understand it, it will be very good. From that day on, Luo Wenzhou was impressed by Fei Du. Maybe love came into being at that moment. Your people, wherever you run, its yours.

Why use this group of heads? Because I dont have time to find a picture. I have to know that its hard to find the illustrations for silent reading, and I respect the original author of the illustration (hand drawing). However, some platforms cant bring watermarks from other places. So, I can only bear to give up. I dont know why. Tonight I just want to talk about Fei Du and Luo Wenzhou. Just like the man with the picture, he does what he likes. And I cant help but think of silent reading and zhoudu.


Only when Fei Du dared to open his heart to Luo Wenzhou (Wen / piaoyuantong) could this relationship begin.

They meet each other, which is the best arrangement of fate. Thank you p big, let me feel the pure love of the world