Its more worthy to record 100 days of excellent contributions because its going to disappear

 Its more worthy to record 100 days of excellent contributions because its going to disappear

Writing 10 camp hey, meow

I am a practitioner who plans 300 days ahead of time.

1u3001 My 200 day sports experience

1. Motivation

Younger next year points out that if you want to stay young or even become younger, you need to keep exercising every day. Its about high intensity interval training. Before that, I had a period of exercise, about 30 days or so, I lost a proper lap. I didnt keep on eating and drinking because of work pressure. But its enough to bury a chance in my heart to join, persist and complete the 100 day plan of body building.

In 200 days, of course, there were many times of giving up ideas and frustrations. The main reason why I was able to finish and stick to it was that I was confident enough that I could finish it. Firm confidence was my internal driving force and the key to completing my plan.

In detail, before joining the program, I am sure that this method is effective. I have a good understanding of my body, high-intensity interval training, and the effect. I am confident that I can complete it. Because I have confidence, so when I encounter self denial and want to give up, I will try to find a solution, not come up and forget it.

3. What methods have I used to help me complete the plan

First, incentive money. When you want to give up, you can return the reward if you finish the punch. Of course, sometimes the reward cant support me to get up and finish the days punch. I have a tough move. My friend and I made an appointment that she would send me a red envelope of encouragement with the amount of money between 2.33-8.88 for each punch. After all, it will take 100 days to return the reward, but you can receive a red envelope when you punch the card on that day. The red envelope brings me strength. If you like this encouragement as much as I do, you can try to help yourself finish the plan.

Second, self adjustment. When you are not in good condition or lazy, choose the training with lower difficulty in the course, but try to follow the progress of the video, because you know your physical condition best, and you can persist only when you grasp the rhythm.

The third is to hold on for 30 days. I can get further encouragement after I see the effect initially, especially when I exercise and keep fit. I must take photos before and after exercise for comparison. After 30 days, I was greatly encouraged by my photos before and after exercise. I cant wait to see my photos in 30 days, 60 days and 100 days.

2u3001 My early writing experience

1. Motivation

I hesitated before joining because I didnt have anything to write or plan. But I also want to know what effect it will have if I insist on doing it. I also want to explore the way for writing papers next year. When I want to write papers, I want to join the punch plan and finish the papers in 100 days.

2. Problems encountered and my solutions

Now I have completed more than 30 days of clock in, which is totally different from the experience of sports plan, but I think the key to complete the plan is still to have the confidence that you can complete before you do things, dont rush to set limits, dont rush to deny yourself, and do it first.

When talking about the writing plan with a friend two days ago, the friend said that her pen name had not been figured out and she could not write. I am too familiar with this problem, perhaps because I am too eager for perfection and preparation. But in fact, there is no ready moment, first to write, then there will be. Second, habitual self limitation. If you want to do it, you need to give yourself a little more confidence and affirmation. You need to do it first and improve it slowly while doing it. Sometimes, Im like this. Dont be afraid when I meet a problem. Ill do it, and Ill find that the answer to the problem is already there. Try it if you cant write it. Its OK to write 100 words.

My writing plan is still in progress. I will share more experience with you when I finish the plan.

I have the confidence that I can finish it, so I said early that I am a practitioner who plans 300 days as early as possible, and there will be 400 days and 500 days in the future.


These hands are small

Writing 19 Ying Lei

This is the title of Yishus novel.

I like this topic best.

Yishu wrote about many urban women, of course, praising all the people who rely on their own hands.

When a life comes here, its supposed to radiate the spirit of life, which is worth the ticket price.

Therefore, we love the image of women who build their own castle by their own hands from scratch. We hope that we can get close to those wisdom, and of course, we can also read compassion.

In Yishus works, there are all these broad-minded, upright, courageous, resourceful, passionate and righteous women, such as Mai chenghuan, Che anzhen, Zhuoling, Jiang Nansun They are bright, free and easy, generous, intelligent, kind and progressive. At the same time, they have a rare open-minded and optimistic attitude

And Yishu himself is also a magic person who works all his life. She began her writing career in high school and published her first collection of novels in 1963. He has worked as a journalist, editor, hotel director, public relations director, government press officer and TV writer. In addition to her novels, she also wrote essays and interviews with characters, and wrote a column in Ming Pao Weekly under the pseudonym of Isabelle. Many of her works, such as crisscross the world, have been adapted into films.

Whats most amazing is that she has been writing for 50 years, never dragging her manuscript. Shes 70 years old, and shes about to publish her 300th book. Well, this is a woman who lives to the fullest and is a benchmark figure for her whole life. Relying on her own hands and pen, she has achieved the golden signboard of self.

For many years, all kinds of icons in Yishus works have been wave like icons of urban life, representing a kind of grid. Whether its joy, midnight flight, white shirt, khaki pants, simple oyster watch, cashmere, only black and white clothing store, even shuflei, Biluochun in porcelain cup They are all small details that Yishu fans cant forget. The establishment of these tastes, of course, has a natural instinct and good taste, but it is also a solid practice of real knowledge.

Its impossible for human beings to imagine a thing they have never seen before. Therefore, taste is really the result of money. Of course, its also the result of hard work all night long. People who know the details of their work clearly are confident in material things.

People who read Yishu also like Shi Nansheng.

She is a good friend that Yishu appreciates very much.

In the bud vegetables collection, Yishu wrote: Nansheng doesnt necessarily wear high-quality products, sometimes white socks and colorful sandals. Its a good match. Its suitable for her. Its obvious that shes wearing clothes. Its impossible for her to wear clothes. The color is uncertain, the height of shoes is uncertain, and its changeable. But believe me, if shes there, you can see her. Advantages: the only Hong Kong girl I know who is free and relaxed without a bra. Its a good figure. Its five feet and seven inches tall. Its not bad to wear anything.

She is old enough to live up to everyones liking. Including her relationship with Tsui Hark, although they broke up, they are always the most close people in the world besides their parents. However, her relationship with him has surpassed the love between men and women, and is the best business partner Its better to be a clean partner.

A higher level person is a person who lives out the nobleness and quality of human nature. The so-called understanding and thoroughness are also based on the fear of cause and effect.

The significance of life, the brightest place, is to remember good intentions, face difficulties, melt tangles, hold the light and heat of the small fire, remember love, trust love.

Life is never easy, only clench your fist, run, hibernate, meditate and practice your own boxing.

Its like a Populus euphratica seed that can only live 30 days and nights, but like all wild plants in the desert, it can be deeply rooted in the soil 50 meters away from the surface, absorb nutrients, grow into a tree, take root for decades, and control the sand into a tower.

u2014u2014So, in the original book of Yishu, when the lock is ready to marry far away, he asks Nansun curiously, what are you going to do next?

Miss Jiang Nansun smiled. Im going to make a tree..

Last year and the year before last, every weekend back and forth to Beijing, the suitcase will always replace the clean clothes and put them away after work. There was even a time when I didnt have time to match clothes, I put simple T-shirts and leggings on the same model, the high-speed railway station at five oclock in the morning, the high-speed road with heavy fog in the middle of the night, and the trip with increased difficulty in snowy days... Experienced too much.

When you feel tired, you will think of those people that Yishu has written. Many of them are Yishus friends in life, just like the female friends around us. Everyone was lighting up and encouraging each other, but they also climbed a mountain that they did not dare to think of. Looking back at the bleak place, however, the light boat had passed the mountains.

This nun level figure is the bright light in our belief. Every time I think of the women who run alone and run in the wind, one person is one team, I feel that I am full of strength.

In this world, behind the light clouds and the sound of birds and flowers, there may always be two words - responsibility. Its the biggest job in the world. We people have been used to work is the daily homework, is the seed, is worthy of awe and treasure cause.

Its a long way to go. Looking back, the seeding of each seed and the climbing of each node are all the highlights that deserve to be thankful and appreciated.

Thinking of Yishus Miss CE, morning to you, Wang Tingfang, the candidate chief executive, said to Qizhi, who accompanied her to practice dancing at the victory fund-raising party while the team was anxiously waiting for the result of the election campaign, come on, lets practice again, practice Kung Fu and other good luck!

In fact, to practice Kung Fu well is already a kind of luck and freedom.

I remember that Yishu wrote although these hands are small, later Peng Ling sang the song of the same name:

Though these hands are small

I thank it

No matter small or great

Let the weak mind

Take control of your life

Although these hands are very small

Its Fair

Although these hands are very small

It makes me hold my heart carefully

It opened every chapter of my life



A letter to an old friend

Writing 17 battalion Tina


how are you?

God knows what Ive been through these two years.

Im looking forward to wearing a little light make-up before entering the office, but I still insist on leaving the last five minutes to CICIs little daughter who still wants to milk. I want to tidy up my hair and go out again, but Didis driver has arrived, and I have to trot all the way out to make sure Im not late. Id like to change my clothes like home clothes and wear a set of clothes to prove that Im still in the workplace, but even my stomach, my thighs, and they are laughing at me... And I cant pick out a satisfactory clothes in my wardrobe, even the black clothes I once loved deeply cant cover up the current situation.

I thought for a long time before I had the courage to write this letter to you. Because, I want to tell you: I began to write again. You know, I come from an ordinary family. I have few friends and few intimate friends. For a long time, I didnt know how to face you, how to talk with you about the past, the present and the future... But now that Im here, Im back. I want to tell you that Im writing again. I want to find my former self. I can laugh, cry, express myself in words. I can prove that I am alive, still thinking, or alive with such enthusiasm.

Dear Scarlett, this is a time when you are not with me. I have my own marriage and children, but I miss those days when I fought with you as a girl. Im even a little disappointed with myself now. I often strive for survival in one place. I never thought that I would exist so humbly in my own life. I hope I dont scare you. I use the word humble.

I just want to tell you that I started my favorite writing again. Because I want to find myself and you. As before, I dont care how many readers understand me, but my tacit understanding with you in the process. You can guess, I will continue to write, with the present me, write my life, write my mood, write all kinds of hopes for the past and even the future. I hope that writing will become an essential part of my life, just like we eat, drink and think every day.

I think it should be an unfinished work forever. I believe you are as curious and looking forward to it as I am.

Miss your Scarlett


Writing 13 Ying Xu Douya

Unexpectedly, at the moment when I finally put it on her hand, it was in such a way.

Many things before becoming a ring, I cant remember clearly, the whole world is chaotic and fuzzy in the impression. My soul really began to wander from the moment it was forged into a ring.

I was displayed on the beautiful shopping stand. From the expressions that people used to stand in front of me, I knew that I was probably a unique and beautiful ring. However, from the past, the crowd never asked me to take out my watch from the counter, but just walked away. I knew that I was probably a very expensive ring. Just lie on the stand like this, spend one day without theme, another day.

Wang Jian saved me from the suffocating counter and brought me home. I know this face, a gentle young and temperament, like to wear a shirt of men, with lovely elegance and intelligence, eyes light. He had been in front of me for many weekends, looking at me seriously and attentively as if I was more than a ring. Im not surprised that he can finally choose me. Boys of this age, bring me back, want to give me to whom, I am very clear in my heart. I began to look forward to what the real master would look like, and I also began to yearn, eager to be put on a persons hand, and the eternal sense of intimacy and belonging excited me.

In my later memory, I call that day bigday, which decides all the stories. Wang Jian took me to propose to a woman named Bai Shao. Although her name was very strange, the ring box opened, and the bright and Bai Shaos face lit up the moment in front of me at the same time. At the first sight when I saw Bai Shao, I fell in love with her.

It looks like a deer, a common Princess and a white daisy. Small face, almond like round eyes, white and tender skin, beautiful and obvious. Whats more, she exudes a natural purity, a rare sincerity and calm, as if she is defenseless and fearless to the world. I fell in love with my new master at first sight and was impeccable. I was a little excited to think that I could wear it on her hand for the rest of my life, which was worthy of my noble lineage.

Since then, I have been lying lonely and lonely in Wang Jians drawer for many years. Life is more boring than living in a shopping mall showcase. I often think of the white drawing, the glittering face, the eyes like a deer. I dont know how she is living in a larger place. Wang Jian is trying to hide from me. Occasionally, she inevitably sees me in the corner, and her eyes dare not stay. I watched him change, become more grumpy, or lost in the crowd, once the light in the eyes a little bit dark down. Many times, I want to ask him, are you happy now.

Suddenly, one day, I was put on Lin Jiaos hand, a master from the sky. Although I didnt see the white drawing as before, I shouldnt be picky about my owner. I put it on Lin Jiaos tiny hand happily. I am very happy that Wang Jian and I can start a new journey.

However, the combination of the two may not always produce benefits. Wang Jian and Lin Jiao had a more unhappy life. Dissatisfaction with each other, constant quarrels, feelings become worse and worse in complaints and complaints. Neither of them can really go to the others heart, neither of them really put the other into their own heart. Marriage didnt help them conceive love. And I a ring, all know, live to love and life is not good.

After I fell from Lin Jiaos hand, Wang Jians life was a total failure. Love and marriage have failed. And habitual retreat and dare not take risks, so that the cause is helpless. He was no longer the bright eyed young man who liked to wear shirts at the beginning. Now he has gained a lot of weight and wears more loose T-shirts. Like the whole man, he is loose. Like his life, he thought that he had chosen a more comfortable life, but this ease did not bring him any comfort and benefits. Ease is the shackle that holds his throat. He is constantly struggling and trying to adjust his mind. Take a self driving tour to the United States and visit a Buddhist temple in Thailand. Restart again and again, but return to the original place again and again. Without him, its like a fire without fuel.

Many years later, she accidentally heard that Baitu had become her original dream, lived the life that everyone probably wanted, became a best-selling writer, had a man who loved her and could match her, and had three lovely children. I can just imagine what it looks like now. I know that it was the pure and fearless deer that brought her to the place she wanted to go.

Surprisingly, Wang Jian seems to have reached some kind of reconciliation and become a lot happier after he heard that he had a happy and happy life. He even began to write, delete, change and write for many years. After the completion of the manuscript, Wang Jian contacted several publishing houses, the process was rough, but finally found the editor in chief who appreciated him and agreed to publish.

The story was printed into a book and appeared in the most prominent position in every bookstore. Its not far from the white drawing book. And my favorite is the title page of each book, a thick recycled cardboard, which is carved into concave spaces in the middle, inlaid with a replica of me. Yes, there is one me in every book.

And the real me, finally, was put into a book and sent to the white drawing. After years of seeing her again, I feel like crying. Shes still like a deer, but from a fawn to a gentle doe. She picked me up, looked at me for a long time, and put it on the middle finger of her left hand. Inlaid with broken diamonds and crown shape, I wear it on the white drawing hand, which is so unique and elegant. I have fantasized about this moment countless times, and I really wear it on the white drawing hand. Happy, satisfied, and fulfilled, but flat and no waves.

By the way, the title of that book is called the ring that hasnt been sent out. The title page says, there are many kinds of love. Its a kind of marriage, a kind of children and grandchildren, and its also a kind of waving goodbye in time. The ring didnt go out, but it stayed in the book forever. Although we didnt get together, we still got the most rewarding time and the best ending.


Why should I write?

Listen to xiaoshais voice, about the prelude to writing: she said, you must have been moved by a book. This is the charm of words.

Can we create such charm ourselves?

When we have a good story, when we suddenly have some emotion without name, when we have an idea that we cant wait to say, when our imagination constructs a new world, can we record it? Record my life and my life story. We want to leave traces of existence and the continuation of thoughts. Write down the story and make it clear.

I cant help but ask myself: does everyone have a good story? Is it that everyone has more or less a life story worthy of recording, leaving behind the imprint of existence, the agitation of thoughts, and the richness of emotions?

If we all have, and I have so many good stories, why havent I recorded them?

Is it a busy work life? Is it the world rhythm of fast rotation? Fragmented information media? Compared with when we are students, we seem to think less and less. We think less and less deeply about an idea or event. We tend to agree with the appearance blindly or quickly. We think that before expressing my idea, being trapped by the surrounding world and life, we care about the world too far away, but forget to influence the life or life we can grasp nearby the moment.

I hope I start to write. I hope everyone has a good story. So do I. from now on, I will carefully observe my good story and record it.

If the water passes without trace, the essence of life is that the mandala painting is destroyed after it is built. Then we are walking in the fold of this little time outside the eternal time silence axis, trying to create the story and experience of our life. Its because its going to disappear. Its the only thing that can happen in everyones life, so its worth recording.

I hope I can start to write and draw my distant world to my present life. Observe the world around me, and care whether the weather is clear, whether there is a bright moon rising tonight, and whether the evening wind is gentle. Care about food and vegetables, care about every meal into the mouth of food. People who care about love pay little. Its like not coming tomorrow One moment after another, feel the present life and record it.

I hope that I can start to write, and I can quickly and blindly tend to agree with appearances, and pull myself back to a deeper and broader thinking habit.

Writing is the output of thinking practice. I often absorb the knowledge in the book, the information from my face, and a fast-paced online and offline course. Always use the rapid frequency of anxiety, cant wait to embrace these. It seems that after reading, knowing and going up, it becomes the elf ball of pet elf in my pocket. I have these elves full of dream talents and can call them on when I need them. The opposite is often true.

What Ive collected may be just colored glass balls, only the numbers on my resume. Ive read 200 books, read 1000 microblogs, and listened to 80 courses. I went to a Japanese Writing Masters off-line writing course. I only remember this sentence: writing is an output. Most of us are inputting, and there is little output. Although this is the only sentence, it inspires me to think. After learning, I need to sort out and reflect. Finally, only after I output it, it will become your own elf. Otherwise, it will be an endless piece of information. I remember that Li Xinpin told a vivid metaphor. He said that if you read so many books and dont think about creating your own, you spend a lot of time picking up leaves in other peoples heads, but you cant spell your own trees. I want to think, a word of writing, grow out of my tree.

Is this my defining moment? This day I will not know, in the extraordinary 2020 in the genial sunshine, if I tap my fingers on the keyboard and type out words one by one, will I rewrite the version of my life story? Maybe its today, its now.

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