What is the view of love that benefits people immensely?

 What is the view of love that benefits people immensely?

When going out for dinner, my friend chatted to his mobile phone for a while, looked up and said with a smile. He was teasing a friend and said coquettish words. Looking at him trying his best to turn the topic back to the normal direction, he thought it was very fun.

Ha? Have fun what? Dont you feel disappointed? I asked.

Dont be disappointed, I think its fun. I like him, but I dont expect much. I dont care if he wants to be a friend. I also want to get together with him in the name of a friend when I have finished my work.

Will you be sad? He doesnt like you.

Not sad. Theres no feeling. My friend thought about it and replied.

I understand. I feel that my heart attack in recent years is just like this. I like a person, but I dont think he is very important.

Anyway, I have a career, a field that can be improved, and a purchasing power in front of things I like. Everything is very good, so it doesnt matter if Im not liked.

When my own life balance is stable, the other sides passivity will not let me feel frustrated.

What does it feel like? Its the feeling that a small subject didnt do well in the college entrance examination, but the total score was very high. Its a little pity, but the total score is high, so I dont mind that small subject.

When you think the failure of love is only a small subject in your life, you must have had a good life.

My 24-year-old view of love is very different.

Looking back at the old age of being proud of being in love, we can tell all kinds of anecdotes. We can tear our faces at who we are today and who we are tomorrow. The romance in the small circle is so dense that we can even make up a gossip weekly When you are young, you have nothing on your shoulders, only the evening wind and butterflies. When you dont need to face the word survival, all you have to do is to make it.

Now I just want to find hours in a crowded schedule to walk hand in hand.

A lot of things will tell you that in the process of peoples gradual maturity, there must be a link that understand that all things are just one part of life.

Love with 80% of the strength of things like this, people grow up really can not do it, not how expensive their time to the point, but this kind of shallow beginning will always make you doubt: why?

Why to follow people who dont love themselves very much, why to wait all night for news, or to figure out whether the news sent by the other party at three oclock in the morning is ambiguous, why to act on your own, give your heart freely but hope to be received ceremoniously by the other party.

At my age, people who really think they will be together can be together naturally. Whats left is very awkward. At most, as the material of emotional bloggers, or the conversation in front of friends, there is no more effect.

So its just two words. Why.

We need to live a good life, make the quality of life a priority, and by the way, wait for the feelings to grow naturally.

I now feel that feeling can be a part of my full life that occasionally shines.

Looking at the elite lawyer CP in who says I cant get married, I think their love is quite floating - they have their own houses and cars in Shanghai, and they have a successful career. The most worrying thing may be to make the already high professional title higher. This kind of love can be embedded in two peoples lives well. Because two people are very self consistent, love will not be too heavy, and will not always stumble, encounter embarrassing problems such as rent cut-off.

After all, its a very vulgar person. The one who is placed in front of being loved is to hope that he can lead a good life.

After a days work, its OK for someone to hug and chat, and make up for the loneliness of life with relaxed love. Its like watching fireworks in a high-rise building without getting close to being burned.