Can the new coronavirus survive for 20 years? Academician Li Lanjuans response

 Can the new coronavirus survive for 20 years? Academician Li Lanjuans response

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On June 20, Academician Li Lanjuans team responded to the report:

The reported information is not completely accurate. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was held in Hangzhou on June 19th (afternoon). Li Lanjuan and his colleagues gave advice on how to strengthen the investigation of new crown pneumonia in the import and export quarantine inspection. Among them, when it comes to the prevention and control of cold chain transportation, Academician Li said: in general, the virus can survive on the cold chain for a long time. Among the viruses we have known and mastered, they can survive for more than 3-6 months at about 4 degrees, and they can survive for 20 years under - 20 degrees. Different viruses have different survival times. New coronavirus is a new virus. It is only 8 months since its emergence. Its recognition and cold tolerance need further study.

Results some media did not further verify with Academician Li Lanjuans team, and did not fully understand the relevant information, publishing the report, which caused great misunderstanding to the public. The content of the report is inconsistent with Academician Li Lanjuans own opinion.

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