There is a set on the beam, but its life. There is a set in the heart. Thats fate

 There is a set on the beam, but its life. There is a set in the heart. Thats fate

The house type and location are all good, and its quiet around. Its just suitable for studying, so I plan to buy it. People around him dissuade him one after another. The ghost house is dangerous for fear of life. However, Cai Shusheng was stubborn in nature and didnt move at all. He immediately bought the villa with the whole painting.

After the formalities are completed and the house is delivered and transferred, the family dare not move in. Cai Shusheng simply lives in the house alone.

On the first night, Cai Shusheng lights the candles and holds the Scriptures in his hands until midnight. Sure enough, a woman in white came with three feet of red cloth hanging around her neck.

After the ceremony, the woman took off the Zhang Xu Hongling, hung it on the beam, tied a knot, put her neck into the knot, spit out her long tongue, and demonstrated to Cai Shusheng how to hang herself.

Cai Shusheng carefully watched the performance art of womens performance and remained silent.

The woman took out another rope and tied another knot beside it. She turned to Cai Shusheng and hooked her fingers and said, come here, young man.. Then the scholar stood up and went to the rope.

The woman looked at the scholar affectionately with a look of approval. Lets hang together, young man. At this time, the scholar slowly raised his right foot, reached into the rope circle, one foot on the ground, one foot on the rope.

The female ghost is stunned. Why doesnt the man play according to the routine? He cant help shouting, young man, its the head, not the feet. You are wrong!

The scholar laughed, am I wrong? Im right! No, its your fault. If you cant, how can you become a ghost?

When the female ghost hears the thunder, her mind turns to the past and the present, and countless pictures fly by. The painful memories kill her. She immediately worships the ground and cries.

Before long, Cai Shusheng went to Beijing for the exam. He was named on the top of the list. Later, he became a political emissary. He was a local chief of the second grade. His official luck was excellent.

Apart from the old mans imperial examination and official luck, he must not have become a bookworm in terms of reading. Its emotional intelligence.

The beautiful ghost girl tied a rope to him between the beams of the room, and then called him over. After that, others may design countless versions of the story, but you will never come up with this version of brother CAI.

Yes, he gave the other side, is a foot of no concern, do not play according to the routine, let people clap the case!

In life, there are some well-designed gambles and traps, waiting for us to drill. Sometimes, it seems that the world is dangerous and there is no escape.

But on the other hand, its not all other peoples damage, but we are too stupid and naive. In this society, if you dont pay attention to it, you will be trapped. So life needs a kind of wisdom to solve the problem.

Sometimes, I know its moths that put out the fire, but I still have to run away from the fire. Then, I blame fate for everything I have suffered.

This ability is essential for everyone.

He hanged himself and neglected his parents.

The reason why she died of suicide and lingered after death is that its hard to relieve the sorrow and hatred of the female ghost, and a long time of resentment is in her heart. Hearing the scholars words, such as the spring thunder and the sting, the female ghosts sorrows and sorrows suddenly disappeared. Suddenly, she was enlightened and realized.

Cai Shusheng is another situation.

Every characteristic is independent. Knowing that there are ghosts in the house and preferring to walk in the ghost house, he not only remains harmless, but also wins over a ghost.

It can be seen that many things in the world are not black or white.

No matter what the attitude of the onlookers is, its just like this. If you look at it from different sides, you will find that it reflects different colors in the sun.

There is a set on the beam, but its life. There is a set in the heart. Thats fate.

All kinds of routines and countless rules in life, the world is often caught in them without self-knowledge. Its said that its easy to break a thief in the mountain, but difficult to break a thief in the heart.

Sometimes you might as well change your mind, do not play according to the routine, do not follow the usual route, maybe it will have better effect.

Lets give another example of not playing by routine.

Lets imagine that you are betting with another person at this time.

The content of the gamble is that at both ends of the road, you two drive a car respectively to start, and drive in a straight line opposite each other. Before the collision, the winner will be rewarded with 100000 yuan if he / she changes direction because of fear and loses.

On the face of it, there are only three outcomes: you win, he wins, or they go to heaven together. No one can get the 100000 yuan.

But theres a trick to making sure you win - you can take the wheel off and throw it out of the window soon after you start, just make sure its visible to someone else.

When the other side sees you throw out the steering wheel, for him, the result of this gamble has changed from three to two: lose or die.

Since life is more important than money, it is self-evident how to choose. Win or lose.

In the above game, all conditions have not changed. The only new variable introduced is emotion.

As long as you let the other party realize that you have a determination that you will not shrink even if you are dead, you naturally have an advantage in this game.

It is said that people have a strong ability to recognize the same kind of emotions. If a persons emotions are not from his heart, there will always be many things wrong in his facial expressions.

If you let the other side see that your emotions are disguised, you will no longer be trusted and suffer greater losses.

Or that sentence: there is a set on the beam, but its life, there is a set in the heart, thats really fate.

Wash and sleep. Good night.