Apple s strongest steel Cannon: 4599 yuan, more compact than iPSE

 Apple s strongest steel Cannon: 4599 yuan, more compact than iPSE

The famous digital oil pipe blogger @ everyapplepro recently made a comparison video of a 5.4-inch machine model (based on CAD drawing) and iPhone se.

Due to the cancellation of the physical home key, the screen share is larger. In terms of the size of the body, the entry-level iPhone 12 is actually one circle smaller than the iPhone ESE.

It is reported that the iPhone 12 will be equipped with an OLED screen, a new 5nma14 chip, and 5g as standard. The starting price is expected to be $649 (about 4599 yuan) - $749 (about 5308 yuan).

Given the 4.7-inch iPhone eses popularity and the lack of a robust compact phone in the market, the 5.4-inch iPhone is expected to be popular after launch.

Earlier, Daniel ives, an analyst at wedbush, an investment banking firm, said the first 5giphones released later this year could trigger a new super cycle.. At present, Apples supply chain has returned to normal, and the iPhone 12 series will be released normally in September this year.

Daniel Ives expects apple to launch four 5giphones this year, which, as previously predicted, could include both U.S. and non-U.S. versions of 5giphones, with only some models supporting mmwave millimeter waves.

From the perspective of the exposed models, the obvious change of the iPhone 12 is that the frame returns to the straight edge (similar to the iPhone 4), the position of the power key is moved down, and the power key becomes longer.