After reading the focus of the epidemic, Xi Jinping gave new meaning to this road.

 After reading the focus of the epidemic, Xi Jinping gave new meaning to this road.

President Xi Jinping pointed out one belt, one road, we are willing to work together to build a road of unity and cooperation for the challenges, to maintain the health of people, and to promote the recovery of economic and social recovery and to release the growth potential.

One belt, one road to one belt, one road, the first to bring about a new interpretation of the road to cooperation and health. This is the first time that President Xi Jinping has proposed the path of recovery and growth, and enriched the meaning of the one belt and one road initiative, and pointed out the practical significance of the one belt and one road initiative.

In response to the epidemic, China has always called on all countries in the world to take the road of unity and cooperation in response to challenges. On the special summit novel coronavirus pneumonia of leaders of the group of twenty, President Xi Jinping suggested that the group of twenty anti epidemic aid initiative be launched, and information communication, policy coordination and action coordination supported by the WHO. At the seventy-third World Health Assembly, President Xi Jinping called for strengthening information sharing and exchanging useful experiences and practices. At the special summit of the epidemic, President Xi Jinping said that the fruits of vaccine research and development were the first to benefit African countries. None of this is a strong witness to Chinas sincerity and actions.

In addition, one belt, one road, and the other countries, are developing with high quality to promote cooperation in trade and investment, technological innovation, infrastructure construction, digital economy, medical and health, and at the same time, continue to firmly uphold multilateralism and promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation. All initiatives are aimed at promoting the recovery of economic and social recovery and releasing the growth potential. The road points the way.

In the common fight one of the epidemic one, the one belt, one road circle of friends helps to make the road of cooperation more warm.

Myanmar provides rice, Sri Lanka provides black tea, Mongolia donates 30000 sheep, Pakistan takes out the national hospital inventory mask to donate to China

China has also provided one aid to 122 one belt, one road partners, and sent medical teams to 25 countries. Without reservation, they have fully shared the experience of prevention and control and diagnosis and treatment with other countries.


Xi Jinping pointed out that pull together in times of trouble, mankind is a common destiny. Whether dealing with the epidemic or recovering the economy, we should follow the road of unity and cooperation and adhere to multilateralism.

u2014u2014Based on the people and life first, the road to health makes dreams come true.

March 22, 15:00 Beijing time, 10:00 Kenya time.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia screening system China novel coronavirus pneumonia artificial eye screening system, AI, image cloud system and CT equipment, was officially diagnosed in Nairobis Kenyatta National Hospital and the Moe teaching and referral hospital in Eldoret.

Efforts should be made to deepen medical and health cooperation, strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation in the fields of infectious disease notification, disease prevention and control, medical rescue and traditional medicine, and work together to build a healthy silk road. Xi Jinpings interpretation of the healthy Silk Road is gradually becoming a reality in the active cooperation of various countries.

u2014u2014The spread of the epidemic will not stop the firm steps of all countries on the road of recovery.

After the global epidemic of shipping and air transportation is blocked, the China EU train keeps a high frequency of departure. According to the data, in May this year, China EU trains opened 1033 trains, an increase of 43% year-on-year, and sent 93000 TEUs of goods, an increase of 48% year-on-year. The number of trains opened and the volume sent each month reached a record high. The iron and steel camel team has played a positive role in maintaining the smooth flow of international logistics, stabilizing the international supply chain and ensuring the transportation of anti epidemic materials.

At present, the old fellow railway, the Hungarian railway, the Kampuchea dual fuel power plant and the new Egyptian capital project have been steadily advancing. A large number of temporary stoppage projects have begun to resume work and resume production recently, all of which will provide powerful help for countries to overcome the epidemic situation and restore the economy.

u2014u2014The road of growth develops new opportunities in the crisis and opens new situations in the changing situation.

This epidemic is a crisis, but we should be brave to seize new opportunities in the crisis and start a new game in the changing situation. Looking at the general trend and seeking the overall situation, President Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed the importance of cultivating new machines and opening new bureaus.

On the occasion of cloud diplomacy, President Xi Jinping has been pushing forward the development of new formats such as digital economy, smart city, clean energy and 5G, creating more new growth points for economic development of all countries, and injecting more new sources of power into the global economic recovery.

On June 12, 2020, the opening ceremony of the 2020 China ASEAN digital economic cooperation year was held in the form of online video.

Chinas trade with China novel coronavirus pneumonia increased by 6.1% in the first quarter of this year, breaking through the $140 billion, and ASEAN became Chinas largest trading partner for the first time.

If we are interlinked, we will make progress together. China has one belt, one road initiative one belt, one road, tens of thousands of people have been signed, and China has signed 138 cooperation documents with 7 countries, and has launched more than 2000 cooperation projects, which have solved tens of thousands of employment and contributed greatly to the development of world economy.

The only way which must be passed by one belt, one road, is to promote interconnection and adhere to openness and tolerance, as president Xi Jinping said.

After the epidemic test one belt, one road and another building with high quality will have a stronger foundation, more power and wider prospects.