The silver haired people enter the live broadcast to bring the goods! Its made by Grandma Wang in high heels

 The silver haired people enter the live broadcast to bring the goods! Its made by Grandma Wang in high heels

In just over half a year, Grandma Wang has more than 15 million fans. The speed of powder rising is far faster than that of ordinary young net red Wang Ke (pseudonym), who runs a silver hair network red MCN organization, said, who dares to say that no one pays attention to the middle and old age market?

Since the second half of 2019, the Grandma Wang in high heels only and Im grandma Tian are gradually encroaching on the short video platform. They have captured the attention of a group of young players through elegant speech and behavior, or through the life content of grounding.

Brand implantation, video window, live broadcast with goods, the business realization modes that young online celebrities are good at, are also reflected incisively and vividly in the silver hair online celebrities.

In todays era when Weiya and Li Jiaqi become top class by live broadcasting, it has become the ambition of MCN to create silver hair Li Jiaqi.

Silver KOL at the right time

On June 18, Grandma Wang in high heels and a young male dancer danced with Jay Chous new song mojito in the latest short video. Her elegant temperament and neat movements won 78000 praise and more than 3000 messages. Countless young girls enviously said: I hope I can have such temperament when I am old, Grandmas figure, this Temperament, love.

In every video, the 79 year old Wang Hong, who wears high-heeled shoes and a slim long dress, likes to call her fans little girl, is the most famous silver hair online red on the Internet. She always gently taught young girls in front of the screen how to cherish themselves and self-discipline. Different from the traditional elders old attitude and relaxed words, she won more than 15 million fans attention in half a year.

Grandma Jiang, who is nearly 70 years old, is affectionately called the most matching grandma by fans. Her 40 years of experience as an art teacher has made her have a deep insight into the color matching of clothing, and also made grandma Jiang a favorite partner of many e-commerce companies that are currently focusing on middle-aged and elderly clothing.

Mrs. Jiang has tried to bring goods live for only a few months and now has hundreds of thousands of fans. When talking about the original intention of entering the circle, she said, I always feel that there is a generation gap with the current young people, and I want to try to get closer in more ways. And the interaction between short video and live broadcast makes them enter their world, and their mentality becomes younger.

Now the silver hair net red represented by Grandma Wang and other head players is gradually becoming popular. On June 15, He Jian, who runs a MCN agency, said.

When users are tired of the homogenization of the content presented by young online red, the affinity image, fashionable entertainment life, and life style different from traditional cognition of silver hair online Red attract more and more peoples attention.

The reporter noted that not all the fans of silver hair online are middle-aged and elderly people. According to 36 kryptons media reports, the core fans of Grandma Wang in high-heeled shoes and Im grandma Tian with silver hair and net red head are basically 18 to 35 years old, and the proportion of female fans of Grandma Wang is as high as 80%.

How to become the most famous Grandma Wang

When Grandma Wang was signed in October 2019, Anton Fei, founder of Hangzhou Octopus culture, took a fancy to each others characteristics of temperament and fashion, and decided to build her into an international grandma. At the initial stage, it was positioned as a fashion beauty blogger, and the video content was mainly about changing clothes, fashion and other plot types.

Because there was no head level grandma IP at that time, Grandma Wangs appearance soon won the attention of fans, and in just three months, the number of fans increased by 4 million. Many advertisers also came to seek cooperation. At the time of project establishment, it was estimated that 60000 yuan of operation cost would be needed each month, but in just two months, all the expenses of one year were earned back. Anton said.

After several reflections, Anton fat decided to raise the age of the user group to 25-35-year-old women, and adjust the content at the same time. She asked Grandma Wang to tell the girls some stories that they might have happened or touched the pain point as a past person, so as to convey the contents of cherish yourself and how to self-discipline.

The effect is immediate, and the new content attracts more fans attention. In May 2020, Granny Wangs fans exceeded ten million.

The outbreak of red market of silver hair net attracts more and more MCN.

After investigating the market for three months, He Jian (pseudonym) decided to disband his young online red and specialize in the silver hair online red market.

After several times of screening, he signed a contract with Grandpa Liu, who is over 60 years old, to pack him as an elegant man, focusing on quality life, and put on the label of a fashionable man who doesnt worry about his childrens life.

In order to get close to fans, He Jian chose the shooting place in the coffee shop, bar, outdoor and other places where young people often come and go.

When Grandpa Liu appeared in the video, saying the old should enjoy life, the young love marriage, do not want to have a good two person world, as long as each other is happy and other ideas closer to the young peoples thinking, fans left a message: Grandpa knows us so much! I feel like Ive found myself.

After all, the short video platform is still dominated by young people. In addition to reflecting images different from traditional cognition, silver hair online Red needs to be closer to young peoples life, so as to arouse resonance. Seeing Grandpa Lius fans soar, He Jian waves his fist and becomes!

In March 2020, Grandma Wang officially started her first live show with goods.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the live broadcast, Anton Feilis team started the intense preparations half a month ago. To ensure Grandma Wangs brand, we have a strict selection mechanism. Products must be well-known and market share brands, and word-of-mouth on various platforms cannot be negative, Anton said

At least 20 products are needed for a live show with goods. This requires the team to sift through nearly 100 products that meet the standards. At the same time, it requires each brand to send samples to members, including Grandma Wang, for trial determination before finalizing the cooperative products.

The effect of that live broadcast did not fail to live up to expectations. In just a few hours, it achieved more than 4.7 million sales, and the total number of people watching the live broadcast exceeded 8 million. Three live broadcast, sales reached 13 million 400 thousand.

According to industry media reports, as of June 2020, Grandma Wangs sound wave revenue in the past 30 days has exceeded 84.47% of the anchors, and the sales volume of commodities has exceeded 99.53% of the anchors.

Another silver hair online Red Im grandma Tian achieved 1.5 million sales in the first live show with goods in May 2020, and earned 23000 yuan of sound wave revenue, more than 97.55% of the anchor.

I seem to see Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi 30 years later. Xiao Luo, who watched Grandma Wang live, told reporters.

Several insiders revealed that the single short video commercial price of Grandma Wang, who only wears high heels, was 350000, and that of Uncle Wang was 200000 and 250000 according to within 30 seconds and within 30 seconds to 60 seconds. The commercial price of Im grandma Tian also reached 200000. Although it cant be compared with the first years light online red, its far more than most of the anchor with goods.

The launch of the red market of silver hair has attracted the entry of MCN institutions. But its not easy to copy Grandma Wang.

When Grandpa Lius number of fans reached 400000, He Jian found that he faced a serious problem: Although the number of fans was on the rise, He Jian did not find a breakthrough in commercial realization: although more and more netizens are concerned, few advertisers are interested in it.

He Jian has contacted several brands, but it has always been difficult to do so. After inquiring in the industry, now the top players in the silver hair anchor market are gradually showing up, and the other side is more willing to choose the one with high popularity.

This makes He Jian determined to improve the development speed. He plans to form a matrix with multi silver hair and online red, and then break through.

Many MCN organizations in the industry are used to build KOL, and then use KOL to undertake the brand, without thinking about the deeper value. Its a brokerage company, not a business model. Anton said.

When building Grandma Wangs IP, Anton fat decided not only to use it as the carrier of realization, but also a commercial attempt in the blank market field. Grandma Wang is not a simple IP, more importantly, she can derive different added values, which can bring a better and more complete business model. Only in this way can we give more empowerment to the brand side. When the brand side sees your specialty, the trust and cooperation will naturally increase.

Grandma tired?

Although silver hair has become popular in the market, the heads of MCN institutions say that not all the elderly are suitable for live broadcasting.

The outbreak of the red market on silver has made many middle-aged and elderly people think of live broadcasting. However, due to the lack of team packaging and continuous content output, the middle-aged and elderly people who fight alone often have to leave.

Not everyone can be the next Granny Wang, even if they sign up. A head of MCN has made no secret that the energy of the elderly makes it impossible for them to shoot and broadcast continuously as young people do.

After three hours of live broadcast, Grandma Wang can only leave early because of her long-term and high-density work.

When he Jian was accompanying a red live broadcast of, the other side was nervous, and the lines that he had memorized were constantly jammed, so he could only introduce himself repeatedly on the spot, even in the later stage for a long time. The commodity content needed assistant to complete.

Now he plans to reduce the burden of Grandma Wang, find a more professional team to build Grandma Wangs help broadcasting group, take care of Grandma Wangs feelings during the live broadcast, and undertake more work of introducing products and stirring up the atmosphere, so as to improve the retention rate and conversion rate.

On the other hand, due to energy problems, the elderly cant shoot videos or broadcast live at the same high pace as the young Internet users. He Jian was impressed. In order to accommodate the elderly, the team had to constantly adjust the shooting time. However, in the industry where short video traffic is the king, the long video update cycle is likely to lead to the loss of some users.

But the red and blue sea market of silver hair net still attracts the yearning of MCN institutions and middle-aged and elderly people.

The consumption potential of this market has not been fully explored, and there is a huge market space. On June 17, Liu Hui (pseudonym), who has been paying close attention to the online red industry for a long time, told reporters, now live broadcast with goods is only a part of the silver hair groups purchase, but for the elderly, they trust offline shopping more, so in the future, there will be online fission and diversion to offline, and online and offline consumption and expansion, and finally open the silver hair groups consumer market.

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