Orca-52 will cooperate with UAV to guide attack through the latter

 Orca-52 will cooperate with UAV to guide attack through the latter

According to a report on the website of Russian news on June 16, the new equipment on the ka-52m helped pilots (with the help of drones) find targets behind the enemy and launch a surprise attack. At the same time, the enemy air defense system can hardly threaten the super alligator Wuzhi itself.

According to sources from Russias military industrial complex and the Ministry of defense, the improved ka-52m will be equipped with special equipment for direct contact with UAVs. The technical requirements for the development of this new system have been drawn up and included in the work plan.

According to Russian media, the crew of ka-52m helicopter can get real-time information from the nearby Russian military UAV and see the rebroadcast picture (taken by the UAV) on the local screen. The target information will be automatically transmitted to the aiming guidance system of the military direct system for launching new long-range missiles. In the future, the new equipment will enable the super alligator to directly control the UAV and cooperate with the new UAV with the characteristics of artificial intelligence.

Media reported last week that two mass-produced cards-52 will be transformed into the first prototype of the card-52m by the end of the year. They will then undergo preliminary and national tests. These tests are expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

Photo: Ka-52 alligator helicopter equipped by Russian army aviation force. (Russian satellite news agency website)

Photo: Russian army Ka-52 Wuzhi rocket. (official website of Russian Ministry of Defense)

Andrei bokinski, general manager of Russian helicopter company, has previously said that the long-term production contract of ka-52m may be signed this year, with the scale similar to the signed (96) m-28nm contract. It is reported that the Russian Ministry of National Defense wants to buy 114 improved cards-52m Chada integration Wuzhi.

Victor murahowski, editor in chief of homeland armory magazine, said: UAVs flying directly with the Ka-52 series on the battlefield will play an important role: reconnaissance and target indication.

The expert said the UAV will help the ka-52m to find the target and bypass the dangerous area where the enemys air defense system is concentrated. In addition, it enables Wuzhi to use advanced long-range missiles. With the help of UAV, the crew of ka-52m can complete the combat task most efficiently and safely.

Data picture: operation diagram of American ah-64e military direct remote control grey Hawk UAV. (US Army website)

According to the report, the U.S. military is the pioneer of modern fighter and UAV cooperation technology, which has been practiced in Afghanistan. Some ah-64e Apache defender Wuzhi installed equipment that can be directly connected with gray Hawk and shadow small and medium-sized UAVs after reconstruction.

Murahovski told the news that the Russian army is building a unified reconnaissance information space, integrating reconnaissance and automatic command tools. All services will be included: from Russian aerospace and air defense forces to army attack systems. He believes that the cooperation between the Ka-52 series of Wuzhi and the UAV should be considered as part of it.

All combat units can exchange information with each other. This can greatly improve the operational efficiency and give full play to the reconnaissance strike capability in near real time. In this case, the target indication system is unified, and strategic and tactical reconnaissance technology tools - satellites, air defense radar, early warning aircraft, helicopters, UAVs and other combat systems - will find the enemy.

After receiving the intelligence, the unified automatic command and fire control system will, with the help of the artificial intelligence components, select the troops and weapons suitable for the combat tasks, including the Ka-52 military direct. The automatic command system can also select ammunition to indicate the area of attack. If necessary, it will modify the mission, such as flying to the newly discovered more important enemy position or equipment.

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