The former Prime Minister of India: the inaccuracy of Indian media information should be reduced for Nationalism

 The former Prime Minister of India: the inaccuracy of Indian media information should be reduced for Nationalism

Deve Gowda was the 11th Prime Minister of India (1996-1997)

Dwight Godard has been involved in Indian politics for more than 60 years. He has successively joined the National Congress party, the peoples party and served as the chief minister of Karnataka state. In 1996, he was elected Prime Minister of India by the left front coalition of 13 political parties and served as a member of the peoples Congress from 2004 to 2019. Because he is good at reconciling contradictions and transcending ideological differences, he gets along well with the leaders of all political parties.

According to the Indian Express, up to 17 days after the outbreak of the border conflict between China and India, Prime Minister modi and Defense Minister Singh appealed on social media that they should clarify the details of the border conflict in the national interest, and hold a party wide meeting to listen to suggestions.

1. A current senior military and diplomatic official shall be appointed to give a detailed introduction to the leader of the opposition party on the current situation of the conflict and the progress of negotiations. Only in this way can there be meaningful communication between the government and the opposition. At present, most of the incident related information is reported by the Indian media, and its accuracy is often untrustworthy.

2. To ensure that we do not take the initiative to escalate the situation, I sincerely recommend lowering the current nationalist mood. This is not a time for provocation and revenge. The spread of false news and cheap speculation by media organizations is endangering the lives of Chinese soldiers and diplomats. The revenge speech on social media deserves special attention, and the government should take measures to deal with it.

3. I appeal to colleagues of the opposition party not to use irrational language. It is a time for cooperation. Domestic politics and national security cannot be equated.

4. At present, there is a worry among our citizens that India has been surrounded by hostile countries. Political leaders need to reassure such anxieties by providing appropriate information.

5. The recent politicization of Indian armed forces is very dangerous. The army should be professionalized so that they can give advice to the government every day without fear and correctly.

6. The government should not encourage reactionary speech of economic boycott, which will have a profound impact. We should be based on pragmatic principles.

On June 19, foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said at a regular press conference on Indias domestic boycott of Chinese goods that the merits and demerits of the serious situation in the valley of garwan are clear, and the responsibility lies entirely with the Indian side, which is maintaining diplomatic and military channels to ease the situation. China attaches great importance to China India relations, and hopes that India and China will go in the opposite direction and jointly safeguard the long-term development of bilateral relations.

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