39 5g industrial chain companies have been investigated and paid attention to the consumer electronics industry

 39 5g industrial chain companies have been investigated and paid attention to the consumer electronics industry

Organization intensive research

Among the 39 5g industrial chain companies, 25 have obtained more than 10 institutional surveys, and 12 have obtained more than 100 institutional surveys. Xinwei communication, Yaguang technology, Dahua Co., Ltd., Gaoxin, shunluo electronics, Dongshan precision and other companies have obtained more institutional research.

In June, Yang Minghui, director of investor relations of Xinwei communications, said during the institutional research that at present, the company has provided customers with LDS technology and various antennas based on LCP and MPI, among which 5g antenna of Android mobile phone is rapidly expanding. At present, the companys LCP related products have more than a dozen customers in cooperation, and some customers have been shipped in batches, more than 90% of which are applied to mobile phones.

CICC pointed out that Sinwei communication is the only wireless charging supplier to import the three giants of apple, Samsung and Huawei. It is expected to benefit from the popularity of wireless charging, the increase of the share of receiving end and the standard configuration of transmitting end.

This year, Dongshan precision obtained 173 institutions for research. On May 21, Dongshan precision said that the company will continue to work in the PCB field and seize the new opportunities brought by 5g industry. In 5g era, the functions of electronic products will be innovated continuously. FPC (soft plate) is expected to be fully applied in these products in the future due to its small size, bendable and other performance advantages.

Bohai Securities believes that in the early stage of accelerating 5g construction, 5g base stations have been set up more quickly, and operators centralized mining has been gradually launched. However, affected by the epidemic, the production of equipment enterprises shrank in the first quarter, resulting in the overall decline of industry revenue. But the second quarter has begun to recover, and the prosperity of the industrial chain has started to improve from the upstream to the downstream. Both the equipment demand growth brought by 5g network construction and the outbreak of 5g application in special circumstances will promote the whole industry to step out of the short downturn stage and develop towards the trend of double growth of revenue and profit.

The proportion of 5g mobile phone shipments increased

At present, 5g mobile phones are still popular in China. According to data released by Jingdong, in the early morning of June 18, 5g mobile phone sales exceeded 10000 in less than one minute. The 10 minute turnover of Huawei brand increased by more than 300% year on year. According to Chuancai securities, Apples 5g new machine is expected to be released heavily this year, and the smart wearable device market is still growing vigorously. It is suggested to pay attention to mobile terminals and smart device industry chain companies benefiting from 5g development.

Everbright Securities believes that with the promotion of 5g business, new 5g applications are expected to be generated continuously, and the performance of driving network layer, data center, Internet of things and other industries is expected to be realized.

Source: Yang Bin, editor in charge of China Securities News_ NF4368