Trump is besieged by social media for spreading Nazi symbols and false information

 Trump is besieged by social media for spreading Nazi symbols and false information

u25b3 social media deleted trump campaign ads, AP reported

Use of Nazi symbols, campaign advertising removed

Facebook announced Monday that it would remove advertisements for trump and vice president burns, AP reported. The advert used the inverted red triangle symbol used by Nazis to mark political prisoners in concentration camps. Facebook said the ad violated company policy.

Nathaniel glescher, the head of Facebooks security policy, testified to the House Intelligence Committee on 18 that the company would not tolerate symbols that preach hatred, unless they are used to explain functions or have explicit condemnation, we will not allow such symbols to be used on the platform and will delete them. We will do the same for any violations. .

The trump campaign has invested more than $17000 in the ad, which started on the 17th and has attracted hundreds of thousands of attention. Tim murtau, trump campaigns director of public relations, argued that the symbols in the ads were not in the anti defamation coalitions hate symbol database. Jonathan Greenblatt, chief executive of the anti defamation coalition, said: whether or not we know its history or significance, the trump campaign uses such a symbol - a symbol used by the Nazis to classify political prisoners in the concentration camps, which is very offensive and frightening.

Even if the ad has been removed, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faces public criticism for failing to remove or mark controversial content previously released by trump. Some of them spread false information about postal ballots, and others involved incitement to violence. Democrats therefore put pressure on Facebook at the hearing to rethink corporate social responsibility and assume the moral obligation to regulate false information and hate speech.

Release misleading video, trump is marked again

Twitter also took action on the night of 18th, marking a video released by trump as media manipulation. This is a video with the CNN logo. At the beginning, it shows an African American child fleeing from a white child, explaining that all racist children may be Trumps voters. Then the subtitle reads: what really happened - the picture shows two children embracing and running together. Then subtitles pointed out the theme of the video: there is no problem in the United States, fake news is the problem. After investigating the source of the video, the Washington Post said that it was a processed short film, which formed a structure for CNN.

According to our media manipulation policy, this tweet has been tagged to give people more background information, tweet spokesman Katie rossborough said Today, social media has become Trumps main platform for disseminating information, with more than 82 million fans on twitter. Until the time of twitter tagging, the video had been viewed 3.8 million times and forwarded more than 75000 times.

Twitter began its first fact finding since last month, marking Trumps two false tweets. Since then, trump has stepped up his attack on twitter. This time, the mark may face another wave of attacks from the trump team, which makes the battle between twitter and trump heated.

u25b3 Vanity Fair reported that Facebook has become the right wing base camp of the United States

To rectify social media, we cant just rely on Enterprises

Zuckerberg had said Facebook was not the same when the battle between twitter and trump broke out, hoping to stay out of the business and attract widespread criticism. One of the backgrounds that has to be mentioned is Facebooks consistent right wing connivance. Vanity Fair even claims that Facebook has become the base of the American right wing.

In fact, Zuckerbergs repeated forbearance to conservatives has not only divided Facebook, but also made social media public opinion full of opposition. Facebook is now full of a lot of untrue content from conservatives, including some extreme remarks. Within the company, hundreds of employees went on virtual strikes, some even quit their jobs, denouncing Zuckerbergs cowardice.

This time Facebook and twitter took a common position on trump, finally sending a clear signal to the public: false information and hate speech must be regulated. But the problem is that at present, false information and hate speech are rampant in the United States, and enterprises only rely on self-examination, Im afraid that the effect is limited. If the government continues to allow the spread of false information and hate speech, or even plays the role of disseminator, it will cause great harm to society.

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