British media sent Arsenal teammates to suck up to Obama.

 British media sent Arsenal teammates to suck up to Obama.

After Arsenal lost to Manchester City, British mediau300a football.London u300bWrite a long article, analyze the formation and the state of Arsenal team. In the article, British media said: obamayan once again led Arsenal in the interception list. On the defensive side, he did everything he was assigned, but he didnt get the support of his teammates behind him. For Arsenal, obamayan has been running all the time, but its bad news for Arsenal

Obamayan tweeted about the article, which made gun fans nervous. It looks like hes really leaving. A striker who scores 30 + goals in a single season. His midfield teammates are zaca and player 10. His backfield teammates are David Louis and mustafi. Imagine his mentality. He deserves a better environment Gun fans left messages like this.

Arsenals poor record over the years and likely to remain out of the Champions League next season has left them unable to attract top players. Without obamayan, Arsenal will be more difficult next season. Obamayan has scored 17 goals in the Premier League this season, almost half of Arsenals 40 goals.

Source: Netease sports Author: Feng Guoxiang editor in charge: Xu Zexin_ BJS4919