Fight new crown again, Beijing this hospital stops all outpatient service!

 Fight new crown again, Beijing this hospital stops all outpatient service!

Recently, a notice issued by Beijing Ditan Hospital attracted attention. This is the novel coronavirus pneumonia hospital in Beijing. Is there enough hospital beds for the outbreak to rebound? What about the rescue force?

Source: microblog of Beijing Ditan hospital.

Rebound of epidemic situation: medical and nursing staff face hard battle again

In June 8th, a novel coronavirus pneumonia in Beijing Ditan Hospital was discharged from hospital. This is the last confirmed case of local treatment in Beijing. At the time of 24, Beijing had no new confirmed cases in 54 consecutive days.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was a few days later, but Beijing had ushered in a tough battle against the new crown pneumonia virus.

In June 11th, 1 novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed cases were reported in Beijing. The novel coronavirus pneumonia in Xicheng District, 52 years old, has been reported for nearly 2 weeks without history of Beijing. No samples of foreign personnel have been contacted closely. The samples were positive for nucleic acid test and were diagnosed by new experts as new crown pneumonia cases. Subsequently, the patient was transferred to Ditan hospital.

After that, novel coronavirus pneumonia cases associated with the new market were successively registered. 6 cases were added on 12 days, 36 cases were added on 13 days, and 36 cases were added on 14 days. In 8 days, novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 183 patients.

Previously, Beijing Ditan hospital had only one confirmed imported patient in hospital. In addition to the patients ward, the hospital also reserved a ward for case screening. From June 13, the medical staff of Beijing Ditan Hospital moved the hospital bed, transferred the patients, carried the blood filter, ventilator and other medical devices, and in a short time expanded the number of wards to 7.

While preparing the ward, the medical strength also keeps up with it. Recently, the number of outpatient services has almost recovered by 2 / 3, and the staff is very tight. On the basis of the original 12 doctors and 20 nurses in the emergency ward, the medical department of Ditan hospital has deployed 12 doctors and 44 nurses from all departments to support the front line.

Ma Shanfang, director of the medical department of Beijing Ditan Hospital, said that when mobilizing medical staff, one of the requirements was to adapt to high temperature work: in these days, doctors came out of the isolation ward, and the clothes they wore inside were all wet.

Zhang Zhiyun, director of the nursing department of Ditan Hospital, said that at present, there are many patients of light and common types. The nurses observe the patients condition very carefully, we should find the change of the patients condition in the first time and treat it in time.

Wu Guoan, vice president of Ditan hospital in Beijing, said at a press conference on the afternoon of June 19 that as of 24:00 on June 18, there were 183 confirmed cases and 13 asymptomatic infections in Ditan Hospital, totaling 196 cases. There were 114 males and 82 females, with an average age of 43 years, a minimum age of 8 years, a maximum age of 70 years, and 3 children younger than 14 years. There were 2 severe cases and 11 severe cases.

In order to novel coronavirus pneumonia patients novel coronavirus pneumonia, the Ditan hospital has expanded the treatment beds and capabilities, and has reached 1070 medical beds to make sure that the new crown pneumonia patients are fully diagnosed and treated.

Data chart: on January 26, 2020, medical personnel wearing protective clothing walked out of the infectious emergency department of Beijing Ditan hospital. Photo by Cui Nan from China News Agency

Every time, they rush ahead!

In order to deal with the epidemic situation of new coronavirus pneumonia, 84 disinfectant has become a common preparation in many peoples homes. This well-known disinfection product was developed by Beijing first infectious disease hospital, the predecessor of Beijing Ditan hospital. It was named 84 disinfectant because it was developed in 1984.

Ditan hospital was one of the main battlefields of Beijing in 2003. Since then, the first case of influenza A (H1N1) in Beijing in 2009, the first case of avian influenza A (h7n9) in Beijing in 2013 and the first imported yellow fever in China in 2016 were all treated in Ditan hospital. This time when the novel coronavirus pneumonia struck, Ditan hospital became the first hospital in Beijing to undertake the treatment task.

On February 18, when the task of admission to Beijing Ditan hospital was becoming more and more heavy, Beijing hospital management center sent medical staff from 7 Beijing municipal hospitals to support, and 14 intensive nursing staff from ICU joined in the battle.

At the end of February, the local epidemic situation became stable, but the imported confirmed cases began to appear.

On March 17, Li Ang, President of Beijing Ditan Hospital, introduced at a press conference that since February 29, when confirmed cases were imported from abroad, Beijing Ditan hospital began to be responsible for centralized screening and treatment of symptomatic personnel delivered to the airport. He said that in order to further ease the pressure of overseas health screening, Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital was officially opened on March 16 and has played a role of diversion.

At the same time, Ditan hospital once again welcomed the assistance of a group of medical staff. From February to March, 85 medical staff rushed to Ditan successively to fight side by side to win the prevention and control of epidemic.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was completed in April 29th by 14 nurses and 23 doctors in Beijing Ditan Hospital. As of that day, 272 new crown pneumonia patients were diagnosed, accounting for 46% of the total number of patients in Beijing, and 3000 more people were screened at the airport and the isolation point, accounting for 60% of the citys total. On May 21, another 43 medical and nursing personnel returned to the team after completing the task, and 5 inspection personnel were still sticking to it.

Data chart: on January 26, 2020, medical staff wearing protective clothing were waiting outside the emergency department of infectious diseases in Beijing Ditan hospital to transfer the patients. Photo by Cui Nan from China News Agency

Ditan Hospital, not fighting alone!

Wu Guoan said that in view of the characteristics of the new outbreak, the medical security group, in accordance with the requirements of the leading group for epidemic prevention and control and the expert group of the National Health Commission, concentrated the citys high-quality expert resources to fully treat patients. Tong Zhaohui, Jiang Li, Liu Qingquan, Du bin and other experts who had been fighting for a long time in the front line of anti epidemic in Wuhan were included in the expert group for work.

He said that Ditan Hospital adheres to the mechanism of daily inspection and consultation by the municipal expert group of critical care, studies and develops the individualized treatment plan of one person, one policy, implements the daily screening mechanism, ensures the timely detection of patients from light to heavy and from heavy to dangerous, and timely carries out treatment intervention.

At the critical moment of epidemic prevention and control, a number of Beijing Municipal Hospitals urgently dispatched medical staff to support.

Among the 102 medical staff supported, there were 26 doctors, 62 nurses, 8 inspectors and 6 radiologists, including 16 nurses with rich experience in critical care.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a two member of the team.

Liu Xiangnan from Anzhen Hospital, Zhen Jie from Tongren Hospital and Shen Qi from Chaoyang Hospital supported Ditan hospital in February. They met again. Liu Xiangnan said that after the last round of war, he has more experience and confidence.

Han Tingchu, a laboratory technician in the Department of oncology, Peking University, just finished his task of supporting Ditan hospital on June 1. This time, he came to a familiar place: no problem. The environment and personnel are familiar. I can work right away.

He said that the Ditan hospital should focus on giving full play to the characteristics of Chinese medicine and the advantages of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine in the treatment of critically ill patients. At present, the screening indexes of severe and critical patients are basically stable.

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