The International Olympic Committee will launch the largest online training activity in the world

 The International Olympic Committee will launch the largest online training activity in the world

During the outbreak, the IOC issued a call to keep strong, active and healthy, attracting 5000 Olympic athletes and 243 million people from more than 50 countries and regions to participate in relevant online activities. With the coming of this years Olympic Day, the International Olympic Committee will further expand the scale of its activities, launch online training activities around the world, and broadcast them on social media 24 hours a day, spanning 20 time zones.

It may be very different to celebrate the Olympic Day now, but at the same time, in this years Olympic Day, the sports power we deliver will bring hope and optimism to everyone, and will arouse a stronger resonance, said Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee. Lets join in and use the power of sports to welcome the postponed Tokyo Olympic Games. This will be a time to show human solidarity and perseverance.

It is reported that on June 23, the Olympic Day, all relevant parties of the Olympic Games will participate in it, including Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, Paris 2024 Olympic Games, Milan and Cortina danpezo 2026 Winter Olympic Games, Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games Organizing Committee, national (regional) Olympic Committee, international sports federations, Olympic global cooperation Partners and authorized broadcasters will organize online exercises.

The keep strong online refueling meeting for Chinese Olympic athletes jointly sponsored by the Chinese Olympic Committee and the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee will also be broadcasted on June 23 through all major platforms, calling on the audience to support sports with sports.

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