Global Times: Ten rumours and truth about the processing of Xinjiang by anti Chinese forces

 Global Times: Ten rumours and truth about the processing of Xinjiang by anti Chinese forces

[Global Times - global network report] for a long time, overseas East Turkistan organizations have linked with anti Chinese media to slander Chinas Xinjiang affairs by concocting and spreading rumors. Like interference in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet and other issues in China, the ultimate purpose of Western interference in Xinjiang affairs is not to protect freedom and human rights as it preaches, but to try to contain China National development. When President trump of the United States finally signed the so-called Uyghur human rights policy law, the global times systematically combed the most common rumors concocted by the anti Chinese forces in the United States and the west, which basically covered all aspects of peoples daily life. In the eyes of some western media and organizations, these contents can be written separately to form the so-called investigation report or cross cutting It is used to publicize the oppression of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. In order to restore a real Xinjiang, this paper will elaborate the truth of the events or areas involved in these rumors one by one.

Rumor 1: Chinas re education camp in Xinjiang has detained nearly one million Uighurs

Truth: there is no so-called re education camp in Xinjiang at all. It is a deliberate practice of some politicians and media in the United States to call Xinjiang Vocational and technical education and training center by using such sensational terms as large-scale detention camp, re education camp and concentration camp. In fact, the vocational skill education and training center set up in Xinjiang according to law has no difference in essence from the community correction implemented in the United States, the DDP project set up in the United Kingdom and the de extremization center set up in France. They are all beneficial attempts and active explorations for the purpose of preventive anti-terrorism and de extremization.

The rumor that nearly a million Uighurs have been detained was initially based on two highly suspicious Studies. The first study, supported by the U.S. government, was based on an interview of just eight people with the Chinese human rights defenders (CHRD). Based on such a ridiculous small sample study, CHRD calculated that at least 10% of the villagers are currently detained in re education detention camps, 20% of them are forced to participate in re education camps located in villages or towns, and 30% of them are in two types of camps in total. In this way, CHRD applied these estimates to Xinjiang as a whole, and then came up with the figures mentioned in the report submitted to the United Nations: 1 million people were detained in re education detention camps, and 2 million people were forced to attend re education courses in the daytime or at night.

The second study relies on unreliable media coverage and speculation by a far right fundamentalist Christian named Adrian zentz (Chinese name Zheng Guoen). According to a survey by the gray zone news website in the United States, zentz believes that he is led by God and has a mission against China. He is also a senior researcher on China at the far right organization, the Communist victims Memorial Foundation, founded by the US government in 1983.

In September 2018, zentz published an article in the Journal of Central Asia survey, saying that it is estimated that the total number of detainees in Xinjiang exceeds 1 million. According to gray zone, Zheng Guoens figure is based on a report by Istiqlal TV, a Turkish based Uighur exile media organization. According to an unconfirmed number of detainees in the re education camp released by the Chinese authorities, the TV station said that as of spring 2018, the total number of detainees in 68 counties in Xinjiang had reached 892000. But according to the grey area, istiqlaltv is not a just news organization at all. It promotes separatism while receiving various extremists. Among them, the frequent visitors who often appear on this TV station are the leaders of East Turkistan named abdukadel yafuquan. Perhaps the basis quoted is so absurd that he cant even look down on it. Zentz admits that his estimate is uncertain. But by November 2019, zentz had revised up his estimate again, saying that China had detained as many as 1.8 million people.

In fact, Xinjiang Education and training center, aiming at the problems such as the low level of students general use of national languages, lack of awareness of the rule of law and employment skills, and infection of religious extremist ideas to varying degrees, carried out education and teaching with the main contents of national general languages, legal knowledge, professional skills and de extremism, with the purpose of eliminating terrorism and religious extremism from the source, Its not what the United States calls political indoctrination and intimidation.. Through systematic learning, the students comprehensive quality has been improved, their legal awareness has been significantly enhanced, they are able to initially use the national common language and characters, have mastered practical skills, have generally improved their employability, and get rid of the spiritual control of terrorism and religious extremism. At the press conference on the stable development of Xinjiang held on December 9, 2019, the president of the autonomous region, xuekeleti Zacher, announced that all the trainees who participated in the three studies and one visit have completed their studies, and have achieved stable employment, improved the quality of life and lived a normal life with the help of the government.

In April 2019, a reporter from Lianhe Zaobao of Singapore visited the training center of vocational education skills in Xinjiang, and found that there was no violation of human rights in the training center. [ValThompson.(2019,May10).AJourneytotheAutonomousRegionofXinjiang, China.InternationalFocus.RetrievedJune2 ,2020, from

Myth 2: forced labor against ethnic minorities exists in Xinjiang

Truth: the so-called large-scale forced labor of Xinjiang ethnic minority migrant workers is totally against the facts. Employment is the basic right of Chinese citizens. All the labor rights and interests of Xinjiang ethnic minority migrant workers are protected by law, just like the workers in other regions. They have the freedom to choose their own occupation. They have their own will to go to any place and do any work, and their personal freedom has never been restricted. The religious belief, ethnic culture, and The rights and interests of language and other aspects are fully guaranteed; relevant enterprises provide good working and living conditions for Xinjiang ethnic minority migrant workers to ensure their work is comfortable, their life is secure and their families are at ease.

On March 1, the Australian Institute of strategic policy (ASPI) issued a Research Report claiming that at least 80000 Uighurs have been transferred to factories in the mainland for forced labor, and some U.S. lawmakers later called for cessation of imports of products produced in Xinjiang and proposed the Weiwuer forced labor prevention act. ASPI has long held an anti China position. On February 15th, the Australian financial review published an article to disclose the background of ASPI. The think tank was established in 2001, and the Australian government provided budget for it through the Ministry of defense. However, in recent years, the think tank has gradually received a large amount of funds from defense contractors, technology companies and other national and regional authorities, including NATO, the State Department of the United States, the British Foreign Ministry, and many of them regard China as a competitor.

Rumor 3: some overseas media and social platforms have search posts, and overseas Uighurs call their relatives, friends, lost contact and missing in Xinjiang.

Truth: these so-called lost contact peoples information and pictures are fabricated. In fact, some of the lost contact personnel mentioned by the overseas East Turkistan elements live a normal and stable life in Xinjiang. Xinjiang has never restricted the freedom of travel of people of all ethnic groups, including Uighurs, nor the communication between them and their relatives abroad. Some of the so-called lost links have been verified by the relevant departments, some of them are engaged in normal social activities, some of them are pure fabrication. Facts show that these lost people, and their real existence of relatives and friends are not lost.

On February 24, 2020, at the beginning of the session of the UN Human Rights Council, the World Uygur society set up a tent in the broken chair square in front of the Palais des Nations in Geneva, pulled up a banner, and displayed a series of photos of the so-called Uyghur people persecuted by the Chinese government. However, after investigation and verification, the reporter of the Global Times found that there were a lot of false information in these photos. Some photos and personal information of Uyghur cadres and masses who lived in normal society were stolen by separatist organizations and used to concoct rumors.

In recent years, the ethnic separatist Rebiya Kadeer has traveled all over the world, claiming publicly that dozens of relatives have been detained by the local government in Xinjiang. A recent article on Amnesty Internationals website echoed the statement that 30 relatives of Kadeer have been held without trial.. In October 2019, reporters from Global Times interviewed several immediate relatives of Rebiya. No one in Rebiyas family was implicated in Rebiya, living a free and happy life. These relatives called on Kadeer to stop gossiping and stop disturbing their peaceful life. bid=5471315468

Rumor 4: large scale monitoring of local ethnic minorities in Xinjiang

Truth: using modern technology products and big data methods to improve social governance is a common practice in the international community. According to law, cameras are installed in urban and rural public areas, main roads, transportation hubs and other public places in Xinjiang, in order to improve the level of social governance, effectively prevent and combat crime. These measures enhance the sense of social security, and get the general support of all ethnic groups. It needs to be emphasized that this measure is not aimed at any specific ethnic group, let alone the monitoring facilities themselves will not automatically identify and target a specific ethnic group. It frightens the bad and protects the good.

The 20 major airports in the United States conduct face scanning and recognition for travelers. The city monitoring system built by the New York police has monitoring devices for pedestrians and vehicles all over the corner, and tracks and checks personal mobile phone information. The United States refers to Xinjiangs measures to improve social governance by using modern science and technology as monitoring specifically for Uighurs or Muslims, which is a completely naked double standard.

Rumor 5: Xinjiang controls the inheritance of minority languages, cultures, customs and costumes, and the Uighurs will never be trusted or accepted equally.

Truth: some western media claim that the implementation of the national language in Xinjiang is erasing minority culture, Chinese replacing Uyghur and teaching students to hate their parents and culture, which is totally wrong. China protects and inherits excellent traditional culture of all ethnic groups according to law. Xinjiang has conscientiously implemented the constitution of the peoples Republic of China and the law of the peoples Republic of China on regional national autonomy, adhered to and improved the system of regional national autonomy, guaranteed the equality of all ethnic groups according to law, and effectively safeguarded the fundamental interests of the people of all ethnic groups. All ethnic groups in Xinjiang, including Uighurs, are connected family members of the Chinese nation. People of all ethnic groups embrace each other like pomegranate seeds.

The constitution of the peoples Republic of China and the law of the peoples Republic of China on the national common language and writing stipulate that citizens have the right to learn and use the national common language and writing, and the state provides conditions for citizens to learn and use the national common language and writing. Learning to use the national common language and characters can better integrate and adapt to the modern society. No matter learning, looking for a job, or communicating and talking, business workers will have more convenience.

Xinjiang school, in strict accordance with the provisions of the education law of the peoples Republic of China, has carried out the national general language teaching in an all-round way, and achieved remarkable results. The vast majority of students national general language ability has been improved, and they have become small translators and small assistants for parents to communicate with the outside world. In the past, tourists from other places could not communicate because of their lack of language. Now when they go to the village or home, children can be translators. Language is no longer an obstacle. According to the quality monitoring of compulsory education in Xinjiang Autonomous Region, the teaching quality in Xinjiang has been improved significantly, especially in the first and second grade of primary school, which has laid a solid foundation for the growth and progress of young people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

At the same time, according to the requirements of the national primary and secondary school curriculum, Xinjiang has also set up minority language courses in primary and secondary schools, teaching courses such as Uygur, Kazak, Kirgiz, Mongolian, Xibo, etc., which fully guaranteed the rights of minority students to learn their own language and effectively promoted the inheritance and development of minority language and culture.

Xinjiang has conscientiously implemented the constitution of the peoples Republic of China and the law of the peoples Republic of China on regional national autonomy, adhered to and improved the system of regional national autonomy, guaranteed the equality of all ethnic groups according to law, and effectively safeguarded the fundamental interests of the people of all ethnic groups. First, we should fully guarantee that ethnic minorities enjoy equal civil and political rights. Citizens of all nationalities have the right to vote and stand for election. At present, 42997 deputies to the National Peoples Congress are elected in accordance with the law, accounting for 69.8% of the total number of deputies to the National Peoples Congress at all levels in Xinjiang, and 60.7% of Xinjiangs deputies to the 13th National Peoples Congress. Second, we should vigorously train and use ethnic minority cadres. Through various forms such as training and learning, grass-roots training, communication in different places, job rotation, etc., we have strengthened the construction of the contingent of ethnic minority cadres and cultivated a large number of outstanding ethnic minority cadres. By the end of 2018, there are 427000 ethnic minority cadres in Xinjiang, who are all contributing their own strength to the economic and social development of Xinjiang.

China protects and inherits excellent traditional culture of all ethnic groups according to law. Respect and protect ethnic minority culture, actively collect, protect and rescue ancient books of all ethnic groups, such as translating and publishing the lost happiness wisdom, sorting out and publishing Mongolian epic jianger and other folk oral literature works. It has established three national production protection demonstration bases for intangible cultural heritage projects of Uygur musical instruments, carpets and adelais silk weaving. China fully respects the customs of all ethnic groups. Formulate a series of policies and regulations, and respect the customs of various nationalities in dress, marriage, festival, etiquette, funeral, etc. The production and operation activities of halal food have been standardized actively, which has guaranteed the dietary customs of ethnic groups with halal dietary habits in Xinjiang.

The so-called Xinjiang controls the inheritance of minority languages, cultures, customs and costumes is full of extreme prejudice. There are a large number of Xinjiang ethnic minority netizens on social media in China who record their lives in their own languages, and display their own culture, distinctive costumes and traditional customs. In the current literary and art circles of China, gurimina, the champion of Chinas good dance of Uighur, parharti, the runner up of Chinas good voice, and Tong Liya, the well-known actor of Xibo, are outstanding representatives of Xinjiangs ethnic minorities.

Rumor 6: Xinjiang restricts religious freedom, monitors religious activities of believers, and demolishes mosques on a large scale.

Truth: Xinjiangs anti-terrorism and de radicalization struggle carried out in accordance with the law of the peoples Republic of China is not linked to specific regions, nationalities and religions, and strictly complies with the anti-terrorism law of the peoples Republic of China. It respects citizens freedom of religious belief and national customs, prohibits any discriminatory practices based on regional, ethnic and religious reasons, and resolutely prevents the occurrence of anti-terrorism and de radicalization Violation of the basic rights of the people of all ethnic groups.

Xinjiang implements the policy of freedom of religious belief in an all-round way. Religious citizens enjoy the same political, economic, social and cultural rights as non religious citizens. No citizens are discriminated or treated unfairly because they believe in or do not believe in religion. All normal religious activities carried out by citizens in religious places and in their own homes according to religious habits, such as worship and fasting, are taken care of by religious groups and citizens themselves and protected by law. No organization or individual can interfere with them. There is no such situation as monitoring Muslims to mosque, times of worship, fasting during Ramadan by Adrian zentz, There is no such thing as controlling religion.

On the contrary, Islam has been passed on and developed healthily in Xinjiang. The number of mosques in Xinjiang has increased from more than 2000 in the early stage of reform and opening up to 24000 now. Every 530 Muslims have one mosque, and the number of teaching staff has increased from more than 3000 to more than 29000. There are 103 Islamic Associations at all levels in autonomous regions, prefectures, cities and counties. It has set up eight branches of Islamic Economic College, Kashgar, Hetian, Ili and 10 religious colleges and universities in Xinjiang Islamic Scripture and literature school. Each year, it recruits a certain number of undergraduate, college and secondary school students, with a school scale of more than 3000. At present, it has more than 1000 students. At the same time, in order to ensure the normal religious needs of Muslims, Xinjiang has continued to improve the public service conditions of mosques, and implemented the seven in and two in (water, electricity, road, gas, information, radio and television, cultural library into mosques, and the main mosque has clean facilities, water flushing toilets), nine in (with medical services, electronic display screens, computers, electric fans or air conditioning, fire-fighting facilities , natural gas, drinking water equipment, shoe covers or shoe cover machines, lockers), which facilitate religious people to worship, and are popular with religious people.

Rumor 7: the New York Times claimed that the Xinjiang government sent children to boarding schools, forced them to separate from their parents, replaced the national language with Chinese, and carried out patriotic education to brainwash them.

Truth: boarding system is an effective way to improve the education level in remote areas and reduce the burden on students and parents. Students of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang should follow the principle of going to school locally and nearby. Students who live closer to the school can go on a day-to-day basis. Students who live farther away from the school can be accommodated free of charge by the school and provided with free food and drink for rural students. Whether they are boarded or not is up to the students themselves and their parents. It is impossible for the New York Times to say that young children are forced to separate from their parents. Even its report has to admit that there are many families in remote areas who are willing to send their children to boarding schools, which contradicts the saying that they are forced.

All countries around the world will educate young people to love their country. Schools in Xinjiang carry out patriotism education, which is distorted as brainwashing by the New York Times, which is a typical double standard.

Rumor 8: the Irish Times published a report entitled do as the Romans do: Chinese officials are sent to live with Xinjiang ethnic minorities . Some foreign media said that the purpose of marriage is to monitor Uygur people , require ethnic minorities to eat pork , Han men and local women sleep in the same room bed .

Truth: national unity is the lifeline of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. In order to strengthen national unity and promote exchanges and exchanges among all ethnic groups, since 2016, Xinjiang has carried out a wide range of national unity and family ties and national unity and friendship activities among cadres and masses of all ethnic groups. More than 1.1 million cadres and workers of all ethnic groups have made pairs, made friends and recognized relatives with more than 1.6 million people of all ethnic groups, including both Han cadres and ethnic minorities including Uighurs, There are also ethnic minority cadres, including Uighur cadres, who have been paired with the Han people.

In August 2019, Peter Goff, a reporter from the Irish Times, was invited to participate in the theme interview activity of entering the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt. In December 2019, he came to Xinjiang again. In spite of the objective facts of visiting and interviewing activities in Xinjiang, Peter Goff made up the interviewees and the interview contents arbitrarily and invented a lying report, which seriously violated the professional ethics of journalists and had no professional ethics. During the interview in Kashgar, Peter Goff was accompanied by the staff of the regional foreign affairs office. He did not interview the Imam and Uyghur residents mentioned in his report at all. The graduating students he interviewed did not talk about the contents of his report. His report was made up entirely of fiction. The accompanying staff once said that they could confront him at any time.

Truth: the relevant departments of Xinjiang stipulate that among the ethnic minorities with burial customs, the government does not carry out cremation, and takes specific measures such as allocating special land and establishing special cemeteries to guarantee; there is no restriction on the ethnic customs and habits such as wedding and funeral ceremony, circumcision and name raising.

Rumor 10: according to the report released on the website of Uighur human rights project, China forces overseas Uighurs to return home for detention or imprisonment outside the law by refusing to renew their passports..

Truth: in recent years, under the guise of academic, the Uighur human rights project, supported by some non-governmental organizations in the United States, has carried out the so-called human rights investigation and research, made up human rights reports and attacked and defaced the policy of our rule of Xinjiang. Its real purpose is to promote the so-called Uighur human rights movement and carry out Anti China separatist activities. By interviewing individual so-called claimants, they slandered the passport management measures of Xinjiang, and provoked the overseas Chinese of Xinjiang Nationality to misunderstand and and question my policies concerning Xinjiang. Their absurd argument that China forces overseas Uighurs to return home to accept detention or imprisonment outside the law by refusing to change their passports is a complete rumor, slander and gimmick.

China is a country under the rule of law. Citizens personal freedom and the right of entry and exit are protected according to law. In accordance with the law of the peoples Republic of China on the administration of exit and entry, the passport law of the peoples Republic of China and other laws and regulations, Chinese embassies and consulates abroad shall guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of overseas Chinese including Xinjiang ethnic minorities. As long as they are Chinese citizens, and they admit to be Chinese citizens, and have not violated the laws and regulations of our country, they can apply to the Chinese Embassy and Consulate where they live to renew or reissue their passports.

Xinjiang has always adhered to the fact as the basis and the law as the criterion, managed entry-exit affairs according to law, and severely cracked down on violent terrorist crimes and religious extreme activities. According to the provisions of the Anti Terrorism Law of the peoples Republic of China, the issuing authority of entry-exit documents and the entry-exit frontier inspection authority shall have the right to decide not to allow the persons who are suspected of terrorist activities to enter or exit the country, not to issue the entry-exit documents or declare the entry-exit documents invalid. It is understood that the vast majority of Xinjiang Chinese nationals who apply to our embassies and consulates abroad for the replacement or reissue of passports have been accepted and approved, and only a very small number of them have not reissued or reissued passports because they are not in conformity with Chinese laws and regulations and are suspected of terrorist activities. It is hoped that overseas Chinese will not believe or spread rumors, believe in the government of the motherland, and handle passport replacement or reissue according to law.

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