One day net purchase of resource stocks with a large margin of increase in northbound capital

 One day net purchase of resource stocks with a large margin of increase in northbound capital

Affected by this, the net purchase of Beishang capital on Friday increased sharply to 18.233 billion yuan, a new high in the year, which is also the second largest single day net purchase in history. For the first time in the history of accumulated net purchase, it exceeded 1100bn yuan, reaching 1108.3bn yuan. Net purchases of Guizhou Maotai 695 million yuan, Ningde era 493 million yuan, mindui medical 488 million yuan, Wuliangye 485 million yuan, CITIC Securities, Yili shares and other 10 shares also exceeded 100 million yuan on Friday. The net sales of Ping An Bank were 221 million yuan, Wuxi apptec 185 million yuan and Gree Electric 88.27 million yuan.

According to the previous announcement, FTSE Russell will be added to two A shares of Zheshang Bank and Chongqing Agricultural commercial bank in this adjustment. In fact, northbound capital has started to lay out these two stocks since the end of May. At the end of May, Beishang capitals holding of Zheshang Bank increased from about 10 million shares to 28.1 million shares at present, with an increase of 181%. The holding of Yunong commercial bank has also increased from about 4.3 million shares to 21.47 million shares at present, and the increase in the position has reached nearly 400%.

Zheshang Securities said that A-share market is becoming a free and flexible market. In the future, various risk hedging tools will be gradually launched, and A-share market will attract investors all over the world. With the increase of FTSE Russells inclusion factor of a shares and the opening of QFII investment quota, the support of national policies will guide more foreign capital to enter. In the next few years, the pace of Chinas capital market opening to the outside world will be greatly accelerated, and the long-term inflow trend of foreign capital will not be changed. This year, the scale of active inflow of foreign capital is expected to reach 300-400 billion yuan.

Resource stocks favored

This week, northbound funds significantly increased their positions in resources and materials stocks. Puliter is mainly engaged in electronic materials, polymer materials and rubber and plastic materials. The companys performance is not affected by the epidemic, but is growing at a high speed. In the first quarter, the net profit increased by 112% year-on-year. It is predicted that in the first half of the year, the net profit will be RMB 149 million to RMB 179 million, an increase of 150% - 200% year-on-year. The high growth of performance has driven the share price of Pulit to keep rising, which has risen 74.79% in total since this year, far stronger than the market in the same period.

But for nearly half a year, northbound capital has held about 440000 shares of puliter, almost in the forgotten corner. Since this week, the company has suddenly invested 81.26 million yuan to continuously increase its positions to 6.04 million shares, with a margin of nearly 13 times. Puliters share price also hit a record high this week.

Morgan Stanley recently raised the target price of Ganfeng lithium from HK $22.9 by 83.4% to HK $42. As a result, Ganfeng lithium rose continuously and set a new record on Friday. Ganfeng lithium A shares also reached a new high in more than three months. This week, northbound capital bought 768 million yuan net, and its shareholding increased to 49.57 million shares from 35.61 million at the end of last week, a record high.

Gree Electric set a sales record of 10.27 billion yuan on June 18, surpassing Dong Mingzhus record of 6.54 billion yuan on June 1 half a month ago. So far, the cumulative sales of Dong Mingzhus five live broadcasts have exceeded 17.8 billion yuan. However, Beishang capital sold RMB 1.315 billion of Gree Electric this week, which is the only one that sold more than RMB 1 billion of shares this week, of which 5.54 million shares were reduced on the same day of 618. Since February this year, northbound capital has reduced its holding of about 65 million shares of Gree Electric. Wuliangye, China Merchants Bank, CITS, Ping An Bank and other 56 equity weeks were also sold by Beishang capital net of more than 100 million yuan.