Tsai ing Wen and pompeio are taunted by friends on the island

 Tsai ing Wen and pompeio are taunted by friends on the island

According to the report, Tsai ing Wen said in the video conference that the epidemic triggered a re layout of global supply chain and economic strategy, all countries with similar ideas in the world should work closely together. She declared that signing an EU investment agreement with Taiwan is the best starting point for cooperation. Tsai also said it was regrettable that Taiwan had not been invited by the World Health Organization to share the experience of anti epidemic in this years World Health Assembly.

As for Tsai ing Wens participation in the conference, the media in the island reported one after another, and the Pro Green media Sanli news network was more democratic against China! Tsai ing Wens video speech of Copenhagen summit was broadcast live.

In the comment area of the Taiwan media report, netizens on the island commented sarcastically, I think fraud is part of her DNA.. Some netizens said, good club, what about the good wha? Always only one mouth, and very brave to lie.

As for the report of Sanli news network, some netizens said that democracy is just a political form. If democracy is true, it will not be able to resist China. If we want to resist China, have we gone through the democracy process? Either you declare a hostile country, destroy the sea foundation, withdraw from ECFA, and then fight against China in accordance with the state of war, or what you want to fight against, every year, whether you understand who is the real partner, whether it is true or not, and what democracy you talk about.

It is worth mentioning that U.S. Secretary of state Peng Peio also attended the meeting by video. In addition to saying that Taiwans epidemic situation is well handled, he also claimed that Taiwans participation in the World Health Assembly would be of great help to the outside world.

Some island netizens said straightly, your U.S. government has said that it has withdrawn from who, and what else do you suggest we take part in??? (Europe.. Its just saying. proposal!! Do not propose 1450 (green camp net Army) to go out to the joint agency to let you step down!

Before the meeting, Taiwans China time electronic news reported on June 11 that Tsai ing Wen would be separated from Peng Peio on the same platform. A netizen left a message in the comment area saying, we lie, we cheat, we steal, we are together!

Zhao Lijian, spokesman of the Ministry of foreign affairs, once said that since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the DPP authorities in Taiwan have used the epidemic to engage in political manipulation and continue to hype the so-called issue of Taiwans participation in the World Health Assembly on international occasions. The real purpose is to seek independence through epidemic with self-respect. We are firmly against it. Their plot will never succeed.

Zhao also said that the World Health Assembly has rejected Taiwan related proposals submitted by a small number of countries for many years in a row, fully reflecting that the one China principle is the common aspiration of the international community and the general trend of the times, which cannot be challenged. Individual countries are determined to discuss Taiwan related proposals, the only purpose of which is to politicize health issues, not hesitate to kidnap the World Health Assembly and damage global anti epidemic cooperation to achieve their own political self-interest. The consequence of this practice can only be to seriously interfere with the process of the general assembly and undermine international cooperation in anti epidemic, and it will also be firmly opposed by the vast majority of members of the international community.

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