618 mobile e-commerce promotion: head brands are busy broadcasting, and small and medium-sized brands have fallen behind

 618 mobile e-commerce promotion: head brands are busy broadcasting, and small and medium-sized brands have fallen behind

Three years ago, it was the peak of the development of Internet mobile phones. According to the data provided by Jingdong to first finance and economics, during 618, the sales of mobile phone categories increased by more than 60% year on year. Of the ten high-speed growth mobile phone brands, eight were Internet brands, such as hammer, whose sales increased by 3006%.

According to IDC statistics, in the first quarter of 2020, there are more than 5 major mobile phone manufacturers, more than 12 products participated in the live e-commerce sales, driving the sales of more than 100000 sets. The data of the second quarter is still in statistics, but at present, the proportion of online channels is indeed rising, and the proportion of the overall online channel has reached 35%. Wang Xi, research manager of IDC China, told the first financial reporter that the online and offline proportion of some of the top manufacturers has reached five points.

With the change of mobile competition pattern, online channel is becoming a new central battlefield.

According to a new report released by IDC, more than 23% of consumers are affected by KOL live delivery, and their purchase motivation is not their own demand for products, but unplanned consumption, which is higher among young people under the age of 30.

From the perspective of the purchase subject, young groups have always been the most intense field of collision among the top manufacturers. In a special environment, the main battlefield for cake naturally shifts to online. How to quickly allocate channel resources to launch e-commerce live broadcasting business has become the focus of the top manufacturers in the first half of the year.

Whether its Xiaomis hand in hand live broadcast of new Luo Yonghao, or oppos cooperation with Weiya and lijiaqi, it shows that the private domain traffic of the anchor is increasingly valued by the head mobile phone brand.

We are also trying different new ways to communicate with users. The rise of live e-commerce has brought some new opportunities, including changes in user consumption habits, changes in marketing methods and expansion of application scenarios. Zhao Ming, President of glory, told reporters in a previous interview that at present, the company has begun to try this field internally, and has a special team in charge, and he has also started to participate in the live broadcast of the product.

Small and medium-sized brands are disappearing

360 mobile phones, hammers, LETV, qiku, Zuk and Nubia gradually withdrew from the 5g mobile phone competition. In the past, the promotion Festival, which was ridiculed as boasting can create a world record by people in the mobile phone industry, has lost its former bustle.

But that doesnt mean competition between brands can be relaxed.

According to the performance of each brand 618, apple and huami ovs top five manufacturers ate the top five mobile phone sales of each platform. According to the Jingdong Speedpost, on the day of 618, four mobile phones with a price of 1000 yuan, such as gloriously enjoy 9a and play4t, were among the top four in terms of sales. Sunings list shows that the top three mobile phone brands on the platform are apple, glory and Huawei. In terms of sales, Huawei (and glory) and apple are still at the top of the list. Xiaomi and iqoo are also ranked in the top three of the accumulated data of 618 and June respectively.

In the battle report disclosed later, glory said that it won the first title of 5g era in the day of 6.18 platform wide and cumulative mobile phone sales. Xiaomi, on the other hand, said that the sales volume of the whole platform exceeded 10 billion yuan, winning 256 first places on three platforms, namely jd.com, tmall.com and suning.com.

Consumers nerves are no longer driven by a single parameter and price, and brand and segment demand become competitive points. Li Rui told reporters that in fact, the change of online share reflects the cruel survival image of smart phone manufacturers to some extent.

Source: First Financial Editor: Zhang Zutao_ NT5054