Li Jiaqi: there is no straggle. My live studio has two-way company function

 Li Jiaqi: there is no straggle. My live studio has two-way company function

At 19:29 on June 18, 2020, Li Jiaqi, the first brother of lipstick, started the live broadcast on the night of 618. As usual, she spoke with a little expectation and excitement, but her voice was a little hoarse.

Its about to break, my God, the last night. There are some reluctant, how to the last night? Another 618, no, no, no, I dont want to die. Its really terrible. Li Jiaqi said to his all girls.

More than four hours later, at 23:38, Li Jiaqi finished the live broadcast that night, stretching his waist and sitting up from his seat.

Li Jiaqi and her pet never say goodbye to fans in the studio

At 12 a.m., the office building of meiwring (Shanghai) Network Technology Co., Ltd. (meiwring) is still bright, as if it were every 12 oclock in the day.

Its a little different that this is the last live broadcast of Li Jiaqi during the 618 promotion this year. 22 live broadcasts, two months of preparation, finally ended.

The great promotion of 618 is a long-lasting war. I need to do the best of such promotion activities, maybe like someone elses wedding, or a brands new product launch. For me, I want to make sure that this promotion is the lowest price for all girls, that they have all the rights and interests, and that they can buy things they like. Thank you for your support for more than ten days. Many girls may have no money in their pockets, but they will still come to Jiaqi live studio to accompany us. Of course, we also hope that we can consume rationally and buy what we need. In the early morning of June 19, Li Jiaqi said in an interview with surging news.

After May 1 this year, Li Jiaqi moved the studio to the company completely and no longer broadcast it at home. When asked whats different at home and in the company, Li Jiaqi said: of course, its different, because before live broadcasting at home, our living room may have up to six to seven people, but when we came to the company, all our colleagues, including the investment team, selection team, quality inspection team and customer service team, would be around me, helping us present the live interface together More professional.

Its terrible. This is Li Jiaqis exclamation on the high-intensity work during 618. Behind such a high-intensity live broadcast, there are also terrible data. According to the data disclosed by meiwrist, on June 18 this year, the sales volume of Li Jiaqis live studio reached the sales volume of the whole month of May last year and half of the sales volume of June last year.

In the early morning of June 19, Li Jiaqi was having a resumption meeting with her colleagues

On the evening of May 24, Li Jiaqi started the first live broadcast of this years 618 promotion. According to the third-party data platform you adult, until June 18, Li Jiaqi had a total of 22 live broadcasts, each of which lasted about 4 hours, carrying 732 goods.

At 19:20 on June 18, 10 minutes before Li Jiaqi started broadcasting, Li Jiaqi sat on the seat in the live room and made the final preparations before the broadcast. The staff make up for him and tidy up the equipment. The workbench is full of the products to be broadcast today: drinks, makeup remover, lipstick, shampoo, etc. Behind Li Jiaqi is the red wall that appears in the live room every night. There are five photography lights in the studio, which can be seen from the setting position. Three of them illuminate people and two of them play background light.

According to the on-site staff said: in the previous few days, Jiaqi almost sat on the station a minute or two before the start of the broadcast. Perhaps because this is the last ending battle of 618, the staff in the whole studio pay special attention to this big day of killing the youth.

In 618 this year, Li Jiaqi is busier than the double 11 of 2019. But Li and his team took longer to prepare for the heavy workload.

My team and I started preparing for 618 a month or two ago this year, Li said in an interview with surging news on June 18

Li Jiaqi revealed, I think we are well prepared for 618 this time. About two months ago, we started to help all girls and brands to put all the 618 goods on the plate, and talked about the intensity of the activity to get more gifts. This time, there are many first-line brand new product launches also choose Jiaqi live studio. According to reports, in the first half of this year, more than 40 brands launched new products in the live broadcast room of Li Jiaqi. Last years double 11 was faced with a sudden burst of sales. At that time, I used my working condition to catch up with the volume, said Li. But this year, 618, we are ready in advance. I also spent a lot of time for this. For example, I will take the time in the afternoon to see the brand, have a meeting with the brand, and discuss the playing methods of 618 and some stock situations of 618.

Im very satisfied with the sales data of 618 this year. According to our statistics, this years 618 sales are 125% of last years double 11, and 7 times of last years 618 data in the same period. These data prove that we are growing steadily. Li Jiaqi told surging news.

I dont think theres any left behind: Gmv is growing and selection is more rigorous

Li Jiaqi doesnt seem to care about the idea that he has been left behind.

Li Jiaqi believes that compared with the number of views in the live room, businesses are more concerned about conversion rate and sales. Businesses are concerned about the number of people entering the store when recommending products, and the sales conversion rate, that is, how many things can be sold. As for the number of views, our data is not low. When we do special activities such as poverty alleviation and intangible cultural heritage, we may only have one or two hours of live broadcast time, so the corresponding cumulative amount of viewing cannot be compared with four or five hours. What we care about is the conversion rate and the empowerment of the brand. So theres no left behind.

My pressure is whether I can help all my girls choose good and new products. My pressure will not be on others, but on myself.

Affected by the epidemic, many brands offline sales channels have been replaced online this year. More and more e-commerce and live broadcasting platforms are opening live broadcasting with cargo functions. Many new players, including CEOs and stars, have joined the live broadcasting with cargo army.

Li Jiaqis feeling is quite obvious: last years double 11, you may not have that deep understanding of the e-commerce live industry. This year, 618, because of the impact of the epidemic, most people have changed from offline shopping to online shopping. For the whole society, the e-commerce industry is on the rise, and more and more people are beginning to pay attention to our industry. For us, first, we should be very professional. Second, we should be responsible for every product we sell, which is also responsible for fans. Today, we have more forms of live broadcasting, and the choice of products is becoming more strict.

This is not empty talk.

We initiated the QC (quality inspection) team, which is composed of personnel with professional backgrounds in food direction, biochemistry, materials science, etc. They have very strict standards for the production, packaging, selling points and transportation of goods. Li Jiaqi introduced to the reporter.

Li Jiaqi uses the word professional to define his own live studio. Li Jiaqis live studio is more supported by strict selection and rich content, and we are responsible for every consumer. In my opinion, the live studio of the anchor should pursue professionalism, so that the live industry can develop more healthily.

This years 618 is the most impressive

Li Jiaqi has been working as a delivery anchor for 4 years since he was transferred from offline BA (Shopping Guide) in 2016. Looking back at 618 every year, Li Jiaqi felt that this year was the most impressive.

Not only recommend commodities to all girls, but also Li Jiaqi is a contributor to the turnover promoted by 618. As the first brother of Taobao, Li Jiaqi revealed that during the 618 promotion, he would also rob goods through live broadcast.

I know consumers better than CEO, Im like a product manager

Li Jiaqi said that he was very welcome to the CEOs who have been pouring into the live broadcast industry this year, but he also said that his advantage is to know more about consumers.

First of all, I would like to welcome them to join the live broadcasting industry, which is also a milestone gradually recognized by the industry. They know their products very well. But my advantage is that I know more about consumers, and I am more clear about how to explain the product highlights more acceptable to consumers. My way of presentation in the live broadcast can also let everyone know a new brand or new product in a shorter time and more directly.

Li Jiaqi said frankly that three years ago, he also experienced a period of price war with live delivery. But now, the most important thing in the industry is product quality, not price.

Li Jiaqi believes that he has formed a stable triangle structure with consumers and brands.

For all girls, I help them to seek benefits, more like a bridge; for businesses, I bring them brand empowerment. I think this is a win-win situation for all three parties.

For brand empowerment, it is also the difference between Li Jiaqi and other anchors. In addition to recommending products to you in the live room every day, I will spend a lot of time communicating with brands. Three or four years of live broadcast let me accumulate a lot of data in my head, I know what kind of products all girls like. I will also spend a lot of time communicating with Chinese brands, because I think the domestic products need to be recognized by everyone, and the domestic products need to be better and better.

Li Jiaqi believes that for some domestic brands, he is watching them grow up.

I think that for some domestic products, I used to only help them mine good products and then recommend them to consumers, which is my previous role. Now Im a little like their marketing director or product manager, making suggestions for their product packaging, price, marketing methods, etc.

My studio has the function of two-way company

I used to post a micro blog, which means what is Li Jiaqis live studio for you? One of the comments that touched me most and praised me most was that Li Jiaqis live room was full of fireworks. I think my studio is a kind of two-way company with all the girls. I will accompany them and they will accompany me. Li Jiaqi said with a smile.

However, from offline BA (Shopping Guide) to lipstick brother, Li Jiaqis ambition is more than that. My ultimate dream is to be a world-renowned brand of new Chinese products, he once said publicly

Talking about the progress of the ultimate dream, on June 18, Li Jiaqi shared with surging journalists: Im getting closer to it step by step. In the past, I spent a lot of time communicating with first-line international brands, domestic brands and good niche brands. I think Li Jiaqi is not responsible for everyone if she makes a brand in a year or a few months. I also need to accumulate, learn from CEO and excellent product manager of big brand, and I will take this brand out only when I am ready. Because I want to be able to stand up to all the girls who believe in me.