ZTEs 5nm chip commercial 6G key technology has entered research next year

 ZTEs 5nm chip commercial 6G key technology has entered research next year

5nm chip will be commercially available next year

ZTEs competitiveness in 5g market, the companys 5g equipment delivery in China, and the companys judgment on 5g market in the next 2-5 years have become the first issues to be concerned and mentioned at this general meeting of shareholders.

Xu Ziyang, President of ZTE, said that ZTE has always been committed to the innovation of 5g technology, continued to strengthen investment in research and development of chips, algorithms, core technologies and architectures, and built core competitive advantages at multiple levels such as standard patents, key technologies and product safety. According to the evaluation of authoritative third-party organizations, ZTE declared to ETSI more than 2500 necessary 5g standard patents, ranking in the top three in the world, Xu Ziyang said.

In addition, Xu Ziyang said that in terms of chips, the company will still focus on communication proprietary chips. Of course, on general chips, ZTE also welcomes partners to join the supply chain. In terms of chip production and manufacturing, we still rely on global partners for division of production.

As for ZTEs market situation in 5g field, Xu Ziyang said that in terms of 5g network construction, ZTE ranked first in 5g equipment camp.

By the end of the first quarter of 2020, ZTE has won the bid for 5gran, 5gsa core network, 5g bearer and other centralized procurement projects of domestic scale operators. Among them, in China Mobiles 2020 5gsa core network new equipment collection project, ZTE won the bid for the mass TOC network in 6 regions and 12 provinces; for the industry application tob network, ZTE won the bid for a total of 35% of the 31 provinces in China.

Up to now, ZTE has 46 5g commercial contracts, covering China, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and other major 5g markets, and has launched 5g cooperation with more than 70 operators around the world, including China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, orange, Telefonica, Italy windtre, odili Hutchison, MTN, etc. Overall, the companys market share in 5g will exceed 4G. Xu Ziyang said that the company is committed to building faster and faster networks, more and more accurate clouds, and more and more diverse terminals, and the company is full of confidence in 5g.

Terminal Climbing

On June 16, ZTE issued an internal document, appointing Ni Fei as general manager of ZTE terminal business department, taking full charge of ZTE terminal business, and serving as president of Nubia.

It is understood that in terms of strategy, ZTE has previously stressed that it always adheres to the terminal business as an important part of the companys end-to-end capability and one of the directions to support the companys future business growth, continuously strengthens its technical advantages, and continues to invest in 5g, the Internet of things and related chips. In terms of products, ZTE intends to build a series of 5g terminal product queues to meet the diversified needs of operators, enterprise users and consumers for 5g application scenarios.

In terms of talent plan, Xu Ziyang revealed that in 2019, ZTE still introduced more than 6000 high-quality college graduates under the more difficult market conditions, adding fresh blood. In the next two years, it will continue to introduce talents according to the research and development needs of key technologies.

The overseas market development strategy is also the focus of ZTE shareholders. In 2019, ZTEs domestic market achieved an operating revenue of 58.217 billion yuan, accounting for 64.16% of the companys overall operating revenue; its international market achieved an operating revenue of 32.520 billion yuan, accounting for 35.84% of the companys overall operating revenue. ZTEs overseas strategy has never wavered, and the company will unswervingly go abroad. Xu Ziyang, President of ZTE, said that in the context of globalization, ZTE is difficult to be separated from its global partners and needs to rely on global partners for win-win cooperation, but there are adjustments in the strategy for overseas customers. The company will transform its extensive overseas customer management into focusing on overseas value customers, believing that there will be better opportunities overseas.

Source: responsible editor of Securities Times: Zhang Zutao_ NT5054