Xiaobaitianxia apologizes: public relations use of fabricated content in Jiang Fan incident

 Xiaobaitianxia apologizes: public relations use of fabricated content in Jiang Fan incident

Original title: self media xiaobaitianxia apologizes publicly: more than 70 articles have been fabricated in Jiang Fan incident and read more than 100 million, which is said to have been used by Internet black pr

Recently, the frequent recruitment of black Alibaba seems to have finally ushered in an active apology. In June 19th, WeChat official account for small white world holder Chen, who published an apology explanation through his personal media channel, admitted to attract traffic and eyeballs. Under the interest driven, around 70 months of Ali Chiang fan incident, more than 70 black manuscripts were sent to the entire network, and the amount of reading was over 100 million. He said that there were other black hands behind the scenes, and he was exploited. I apologize officially, please forgive me!

Chen said that he has multiple accounts on many platforms, such as Xiaobai Shuo Shi, Xiaobai Shuo Shi and Xiaobai sees the general trend. After the Jiang Fan incident, he has continuously fabricated more than 70 articles through the above account, with a total reading volume of over 100 million. It is not only pushed by all platforms, but also spread violently by unknown network forces.

The promotion of the article is beyond my imagination. The original inconspicuous concocted content, driven by unknown forces, is almost everywhere on the Internet. The official account of WeChat, Xiao Bai world, claimed to have been boosted by the initial enjoyment. Recently, more and more network Navy and unknown marketing numbers were being transmitted.

Chen apologized several times in the apology note, and stressed: the relevant marketing number, network water armys forwarding and promotion of the above articles have nothing to do with me personally! I dont know who they are, and I dont have any personal connection with them.

This coincides with the analysis of previous reports from a number of public opinion agencies. In the Jiang Fan incident before this, Jiang Fan and Ali were attacked by the Internet black PR with professional organization, strict content and clear division of labor.

Since the media number Xiao Bai world publicly apologized on the official account of WeChat, he said he was behind the scenes.

Previously, Ai blueberry collection quoted data analysis agency Zhiwei and relevant media reports: within 10 days after the outbreak of Jiang Fan incident on April 14, the trend of public opinion changed significantly, from the beginning of simple netizens eating melons to the attack on Ali.

In addition, according to the public opinion observation of the public opinion data center of peoples network, the public opinion of Jiang Fans incident was extremely high, breaking the seven day communication rule. In addition to the public opinion heat of the senior executives scandal itself, the secondary public opinion caused by the intervention of some marketing numbers and water forces appeared frequently, which made the public opinion heat of the incident continue to ferment, bringing new challenges to the public opinion disposal.

In fact, this is not the first time Alibaba has been attacked by organized and large-scale Internet black pr. In 2017, the media exposed a code named 701 project: under the command and funding of Jingdong, Beijing worai public relations Co., Ltd. and its controller Chen Zhanfeng were instructed to purchase citizenship information, register a large number of network accounts for posting and spreading; at the same time, they contacted designated experts and scholars to customize topics and targeted attacks on Ali. In a short period of time, nearly 10000 black manuscripts were produced on Alibabas monopolizing the market and forcing businesses to choose one or two themes, forcing Alibaba to make multiple public statements for help.

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