Everyone loves stiletto sandals

 Everyone loves stiletto sandals

Next, lets enjoy the scene of a large-scale drunken trampoline

Last night, minko and the new pants bands stage do you want to dance broke through ten million live broadcasts today! Dont look at dancing and singing on the stage. In fact, the height of her high-heeled shoes is like this

Coco is just kneeling for sister riding the wind and breaking the waves. Lets take Limin to the hall. We ordinary people are tired of walking in some shoes with heels. Minminmin can dance with high heels. The ace sister who can sing and dance all-round has not run!

But we are not female stars after all, and we dont have minminminzis technical level in high-heeled trampoline. How about wearing some shoes with heels everyday? (its better to be the one with super stability)

Everyone loves stiletto sandals

Yang Caiyus skirt: Music

Song Yanfei, the fashion elite, also came to hold the market for the thick heels. The classic one word belt design and the collision of acrylic heel sing the sweet girl Waltz in summer together with the colorful polka dot skirt.

Zhou Yutong, a good girl, wants to play something different this time. The I-shaped tie with the pearl decoration and the sandals actually appear together with the cowboy guards. It matches with the street style of sex and femininity. Who would not like to praise her sister for saying sweet and rusty!

Zhou Yutong: Chanel

The charm of sandals with thick heels, South Koreas Miss sisters also have certification!

Han Yise

The charm of chunky sandals

Because of the small force-bearing area of the heel, the thin heel sandals are not good for the girls whose leg lines are not beautiful. Although high heels can lengthen the leg lines, the strong contrast between tight calf muscles and thin heels will make the legs stronger!

The key is that thick heels are not easy to sprain, with full marks for comfort. Its OK to choose a low heel style even for commuting.

Feminine bandage is still the best choice for sandals this summer. The combination of thin strap and thick heel has a retro style, and the dress has a pure sense of charm.

The style and atmosphere of bandages vary with the way they are interwoven. For example, Roman style tie shoes interweaved with meter characters have a more strong taste of retro culture and youth, and regular and parallel tie shoes are more clever and playful.

In addition, the fixation of multiple ties can increase the heel quality of shoes. Even if you encounter exaggerated super thick heels, sandals are also very practical. You can get a pair of fashionable elite with the demand of street bombing, and have an unexpected retro style.


In the heel design, no matter in the spring and autumn, it prefers to use a thick heel with higher comfort, and at the same time, it takes into account the foot shape and daily needs of Asian women. The height of the heel is mainly middle and low heel.

This summer, the brand launched a lot of lace up design of sandals. And the designer integrates the summers ideas into the heel design, and upgrades the design of ordinary thick heels. By adding resin, acrylic and other materials, we can create a heteromorphic thick heel style that is compatible with comfort and fashion. Its fashionable and novel, and theres no need to worry about someone in the office will bump with you!

Lilyshoe square head thick heel sandals price: 1267.75 yuan

One word with money

The style of multi straps is not good for many girls with meat on their feet. The classic and generous one word straps are very compatible with all foot types.

Zhou Yutongs bag and shoes: byfar

Such a style, because of the strengthening of the heel, cool drag style is also very popular. Compared with the solid color, it seems that the wild feel with animal pattern is more in harmony with this summer, not only adding 100% to the vintage style, but also making up for the lack of too simple color matching of ootd.

If you think the pattern is too wild, you can also try the style with metal decoration. It is not only retro and elegant, but also can realize the one-step quality and taste.

Speaking of Karen white, the fashionable sister must be no stranger. This handmade Muller shoe from a small Korean brand used to be the heart of many fashionable elite.

Compared with the brands Evergreen coco, it is more recommended that the coarse heel sandals launched by the brand this summer are all simple, generous and comfortable styles.

In particular, the thick heel sandals with the style of one word belt, no matter the design of the strap or the design of the heel, are in pursuit of new changes, which are very striking.

Carenwhite one word sandal with thick heel

Price: 1016.82 yuan (44% off)

Price: 1089.91 yuan (40% off)

Karenwohite square head transparent thick heel sandal

Muller shoes

Of course, the most foot friendly shoes are the most wrapped Muller shoes. It can help us cover up all the shortcomings of the foot type. We only need to put a good nail polish on the exposed toes, and we can harvest the beauty of the one hundred points from the top to the feet.


Rachel Cox, a local Korean designer brand, has always been focusing on retro elegant niche design, and many Korean Ido are fans of the brand.

Xuanmei boots: Rachel Cox

The brands pointy shoes have always been popular throughout the year. They are easy to walk and show their temperament. At present, many younger sisters in China have started to grow grass.

This year, the brand also launched many styles of thick Heels Sandals, including bandages, one word belts and Muller shoes. The bold candy color has a summer feeling. To remind us, South Korean shoes are relatively small in size. When you buy them, you must look at the following size chart in detail~

Rachelcox square cross thick and cool drag

Price: 869.53 yuan (40% off)

Price: 1016.82 yuan (42% off)

Rachelcox square head thick heel sandal


At present, the retro style prevails, and the woven sandals with thick heels with strong flavor of the times are also strongly revived.

In particular, a few days ago, Zhong Chuxi wore a color printed long dress with wide hair band and a pair of woven thick heel sandals at his feet, which seemed to be the beauty of time in old age movies

Zhong Chuxi

Souliersmartinez Sevilla pumps

Price: 1496.52 yuan (60% off)

Moodlight pointy cut out thick heel shoes price: 1009.18 yuan

Price: 3492.86 yuan (30% off)

Friends, 618, its time to add something to the shopping cart! For example, a pair of good-looking and safe sandals with thick heels!

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