From the donation of 3 million and 1 billion to the 12000 word anti epidemic program, we have to wait 132 days! CBA finally returns against the wind

 From the donation of 3 million and 1 billion to the 12000 word anti epidemic program, we have to wait 132 days! CBA finally returns against the wind

CBA is almost the first top professional sports league in the world to prepare for the resumption under the new crown epidemic situation - yes, this comparative field needs to be put into the world - it is said that CBA League finally reported to the General Administration of sport of the peoples Republic of China and the State Council for approval the prevention and control of the resumption epidemic situation work plan, the full text of which is more than 12000 words, totally divided into 10 chapters, after three months of polishing, it is difficult to unify Improvement and change of specific times.

On January 22, when all 10 games in the 30th round of the 2019-2020 CBA League season are over, most people think about how to spend the coming Spring Festival holiday. After all, with one-third of the regular season, these pros also need a break to make the final sprint for the playoffs.

However, all previous plans came to an abrupt end with the announcement of Wuhans closure the next day (January 23).

On March 10, Su Qun, a well-known basketball commentator and media person known to fans as the editor in chief of basketball pioneer, revealed through Weibo that CBA plans to resume the season on April 2 or 6. Before that, CBA League issued the notice of CBA League on League extension and related work adjustment (1) on February 2, which mentioned that the resumption time is not earlier than April 1, that is to say, April 2 is also the earliest resumption time in theory at that time.

However, on the other hand, CBA has been preparing for the semi-finals since then - including, most importantly, finalizing with local authorities the two semi-finals cities of Qingdao and Dongguan - which has laid the foundation for them to finally complete all the work required for the semi-finals within 15 days after the scheme is approved.

For Wang Dawei, the new CEO of this season, the rematch is indeed an urgent matter.

On May 24, 2019, CBA announced that, upon the nomination of chairman Yao Ming and the approval of the board of directors, Wang Dawei was hired as the first Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CBA to take full charge of all work of CBA League. Prior to that, Wang Dawei served as senior vice president and chief marketing officer of NBA China, and worked in NBA China for more than 10 years, responsible for market development, etc.

In the past 10 years, NBAs market development in China has gone smoothly, and its commercial value has increased accordingly. However, just a few months after Wang Dawei left, a Morey incident brought the NBAs relationship with China to a freezing point. Not only CCTV stopped broadcasting, but also partners announced to draw a clear line. So far, there is no sign of any loosening in many aspects.

On the CBA side, with Wang Dawei coming, the 2019-2020 season ushered in the first year of the cba2.0 era. In addition to the commercial adjustment, there have been many wonderful scenes of killing and anti killing in the match field. The reputation and attention of the whole league have been greatly improved.

However, with the arrival of the epidemic, everything suddenly stopped, and even the original good opportunity suddenly became a life and death problem.

Due to the suspension of the league, according to the commercial contract signed before, if the League cannot be resumed for the rest of this season, the performance with the existing sponsors is a problem, and it is more difficult to talk about renewal with others. If we cant complete this series of contract performance and renewal work before the start of the new season, the CBA of the next season will face the risk of streaking, which is a huge disaster for both the Chinese professional basketball which has developed for more than 20 years and Wang Dawei who just took office for one year.

Therefore, CBA must play again. From the perspective of money, it even affects the life and death of the whole league.

However, at the end of March and the beginning of April, after the rapid deterioration of the global epidemic, the notice issued by the General Administration of sport and the State Council Concerning the suspension of large-scale activities such as marathon and crowd gathering activities such as sports events in the coming period of time made the road to the second round of the competition far away.

They are not idle yet.

During this period, CBA did several things:

1. Continue to communicate with the clubs to confirm the availability of foreign aid for each team and the personnel who can participate in the competition, and formulate the rules and schedule of the second round according to the existing conditions;

2. Refine the second round epidemic prevention plan to ensure that when the conditions for the second round are met, a complete second round epidemic prevention plan can be submitted to the superior competent unit for approval as soon as possible;

Among these, the most difficult one is the formulation of the second round epidemic prevention and control work plan, because other work is relatively the internal work of CBA alliance, which is not only relatively familiar with the content, but also easier to communicate and negotiate with each other to solve problems. However, the work plan for epidemic prevention and control should be reported to the General Administration of sport of the peoples Republic of China and leaders at a higher level. No matter it is used for reporting or it is carried out in the second round, there should be no negligence in safety and professionalism.

So, there are 10 chapters full of more than 12000 words.

In the whole anti epidemic plan of CBA rematch, the demand and safety of players are set as the core, and other personnel set specific permissions and functions around players and games, and finally formed a specific plan of green (team players), yellow (league staff and media), blue (venue, game area staff) tricolor personnel and area. All participants are required to undergo multiple rounds of nucleic acid testing before the formal start of the heats, and strictly follow their own regional activities during the heats.

For example, in terms of schedule arrangement, although it is a long established consensus that the meeting system plus the open field match, because the remaining time is not enough to play a complete season, how to coordinate and choose between the regular season and the playoffs, and how to protect the interests of all parties on the premise of as fair as possible, are not simple questions that can be answered. In fact, many sacrifices have been made in this final plan. Take the team as an example, those teams whose foreign aid fails to return to the team can only use the 81 clause (when the teams without foreign aid face the teams with foreign aid, the teams with foreign aid can only use foreign aid in 4 quarters and 4 person times) as the compensation in the competition rules, but obviously, those teams with foreign aid will have a greater advantage in the stadium.

When all these preparations continue to take shape, the rest is to wait for the time to control the domestic epidemic situation to be ripe, and the superior leaders approve the plan and the replay. Fortunately, after 132 days of waiting, CBAs efforts were affirmed by the superior competent department, and on June 4, the news of passing the replay plan was received.

If it wasnt for the epidemic, Qingdao would always end a season of CBA competition at the end of winter and the beginning of spring, while Dongguan, which can often reach the finals, would end relatively later in most seasons. Winter is the off-season of Qingdaos tourism industry, and CBA League will bring more vitality and vitality to this cold season.

Its the first time for Qingdao and Dongguan to welcome CBA in such a hot season. Its also the first time for CBA League and fans.

No matter how hard the process is, the epidemic and winter will pass. CBAs hard won rematch may also mean that those games and lives full of hope and enthusiasm are about to return.