Want to change your hair style in summer? These three are the most popular now

 Want to change your hair style in summer? These three are the most popular now

But I advise you not to learn from Tristan. Go to the barbers to find Miss Zhen Tony. Of course, in order to prevent Tony from playing too fast, it is necessary to do some homework before changing his hair style. I looked around and found that last years popular roll of wool has slowly become less popular. This year, instead, it is moving in another direction. Straight hair has become a new trend. Many stars have changed their hair into black and long straight. A kind of

Curly hair and short hair also have some new changes compared with the previous years. A kind of

Lets talk about the three most popular hairstyles today. What is it? Is it suitable for you? Dont worry. Lets look down

Black long straight should be the most popular hairstyle at present. Recently, I have painted a large picture of stars. Although the styles of clothes are different, the hair styles are basically black long straight. A kind of

#Lius poems are black, long and straight. Before they were searched, they were overheated. The picture shows her big may movie for Elle. A kind of

This cool feeling mainly comes from several aspects.

The most intuitive point is that the hair color is black, black hair will be more powerful and aggressive than brown hair, but not as white as those dark brown skin, nor dark brown. Zheng Shuang is a little black, Ouyang Nana is a little brown. A kind of

In addition, the hair should be pulled straight, otherwise it will be very likely that you havent taken care of it, and you dont have the spirit to look at it. But, the hair pulls too straight, easy to appear the top of the head collapses, very picks the face shape, Ouyang Nana right also is not the ordinary person can control. A kind of

So the top has to be fluffy. After the top of the hair is raised and fluffy, it not only looks more fashionable, but also creates the effect of covering the face with the head, which makes the face smaller. A kind of

The end of the hair cant be cut all the way. It needs to be trimmed in a very hierarchical way. The hair on the inner side starts from the position of the chest, and gradually extends downward and becomes longer. The more broken the hair, the better. A kind of

Most of them are waist length, a little Chinese style, with the classical beauty of oriental girls. A kind of

But thats not to say that only girls with long waist hair can catch up with this trend. Shorter straight hair is also very popular. Song Xi, as well as the newly married supermodel Vittoria ceretti, have straight hair just over the shoulder, which is also pretty good-looking. A kind of

I even think its just over the shoulder. Its more refreshing and neat. Its very suitable for summer. Zhou Yutong is very handsome. A kind of

Nazas hair volume is not even much. After straightening her hair, she immediately exposed her shortcomings. She can see the obvious hair line blank. She is not energetic enough. She is not as vigorous as curly hair. A kind of

If you want to keep other face shapes, you can cooperate with Liu Hai to increase the effect of decoration.

For students with low skull top, you can also add a popular hairband this year to increase the height of the head~

Air curl

At the beginning, the heat of wool curl has been declining for two years, and there is no other curl with distinctive style to replace it. I think its this kind of natural curly hair that seems to have no or natural curls. A kind of

Its name is air volume, which is similar to the air bangs. It does not have a thick and heavy feeling to decorate the face. It looks fresh and natural. A kind of

Compared with the formal and grand curls popular in the past years, air curls look more casual and more suitable for daily life. A kind of

Every time I write about curly hair, some people say that its easy to be old-fashioned when I have curly hair. If you have this problem, why dont you try air roll. A kind of

I tried it in advance at home and found that it was not difficult to roll out a beautiful air roll.

In the past, when I wrote the curly hair, I mentioned the internal roll and the external roll. Many people left a message in the comment area saying that they couldnt understand it. A kind of

There is no such trouble in the electric air volume!

The number of rolls is not particular. You can roll more bends. The style is feminine. A kind of

Hair and tail are also important.

At first, I saw this hairstyle, and thought it was a French natural roll. After careful comparison, I found that it was still different. Guess whats the difference? A kind of

The answer is: hair tail design!

The more curly the hair tail, the more mature the style, the straighter the hair tail, the more neat and neutral it looks. The reason why the air volume is feminine and not mature is that the hair tail will stay straight.

Compare it. A kind of

It cleverly combines the charm of curly hair with pure straight hair, which is the essence of air sense.

Song Xi loves this hairstyle recently. Its quite suitable for young and mature girls

The hair tail should not be too wide.

Keep the length of one thumb in the middle long hair, and the length of the middle finger in the extra long hair is almost the same

As I said before, air roll is not very selective.

On the one hand, the combination of curly hair and straight hair does not require high temperament. On the other hand, it is due to its bangs.

Many people ignore bangs when they curl their hair, but in fact, they have a great influence on the overall style and temperament. Compare them

Compared with air bangs, it is more recommended to keep long beard bangs. The former students are too angry, the style is sweet, a little girl. In addition, the bangs on both sides are cut to have a sense of hierarchy, and the effect of modifying the face shape is better. A kind of

Bangs dont need to be too deliberate. Its not natural for two groups of bangs like this to stay on both sides. A kind of

Take about 1cm of hair and cut it short. Its not too neat. Its good to cut it in layers. The shortest length should not be shorter than cheekbones, and the longest should not be longer than Chin ~ u25bc

Occasionally want to change the style, directly to the dragon beard bangs can also electric volume, not like air bangs as a single style. A kind of

Swallow tail short hair

Chunchun left this hairstyle at the 618 Party of Hunan Satellite TV yesterday, and tied an apple head. Good a! A kind of

Swallow tail short hair should be popular from the show at the beginning. Kaia has this hair style for Loewe 2020 autumn winter collection and Givenchy 2020 spring high set show. A kind of

Wanxi also combed the same style for her participation in sister in the wind and waves. Her temperament is very good

After all that, what kind of hairstyle is the swallow tail short hair?

As the name implies, the main feature of the short tail is that the tail at the bottom is slightly cocked out, which looks like the tail of a swallow. A kind of

From the side, the hair is cut in two layers. The back of the brain is type C, and the long hair and tail are slightly everted. Reese blutstein, a small fashion blogger, is also wearing this hairstyle. A kind of

Lob head is more feminine, while swallow tail short hair looks more fresh and handsome. A kind of

There are more male stars with this hairstyle. Wu Yifan and Xiao Zhan have both cut it. However, theyd better look at other hairstyles

If you want to cut a good-looking dovetail head, the hair root must be fluffy, and the hair on both sides will expand.

The effect of modifying zygoma and face shape is obvious, so it is particularly friendly to zygoma height, square face and wide face. A kind of

In addition, the hair above the ears must have a sense of hierarchy, showing a lot of hair, and can also decorate the effect of head covering face. It doesnt look like a tomboy. Otherwise, it will be more strange in the shape of head and face. A kind of

Its better not to exceed the clavicle. It destroys the lightness of the hair style and shows a short neck. A kind of

Short hair pays more attention to lightness, black hair will not see the level of hair style, a bit dull. Too light hair color and easy to appear frivolous. The safer hair color is dark brown. A kind of

In addition, remember not to cut too short, very short will not only test the face shape but also expose the head shape.

Students who want to try, remember to tell your Tony teacher. Zhang Xinyus next two are both short, which is not friendly to the square with wide jaw. A kind of

Zhang Xueyings shoulder length will be even less selective. A little more fluffy hair on both sides will make the face smaller, and the turned out hair tail can also have the effect of modifying the face shape. A kind of

Finally, this hair style is not suitable for lazy people. It must be trimmed regularly to keep this shape~

From Rebecca:

OK, todays hair style recommendation is here. Have you found any hair styles you want to change?

See here, it is estimated that there will be many students to ask, I am XX face type, what details should I pay attention to when curling my hair / which kind of bangs is more suitable?

Ha ha, these are actually written by us. We can send a message to the official account for hairstyle analysis, so we can review the previous articles. Im looking forward to your beautiful photos of new hairstyles to share with me~

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Reader sweetdoll: Kaka, I also have a little Daisy skirt. A kind of

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