Can I still have good skin with high temperature + mask?

 Can I still have good skin with high temperature + mask?

But not to mention acid brush, the recent high temperature weather plus wearing masks is also easy to cause skin sensitivity.

In the hot summer, how to repair the damaged skin mildly in the face of the skin sensitivity caused by climate impact or improper skin care?

Come to this sister BAs class to find the standard answer~

So, before we solve the problem of sensitive and damaged skin, lets first understand why we can make skin allergic if we do skin care?

In short:

u00b7Cleaning in the morning and in the evening

Its necessary to separate the morning cleaning from the evening cleaning. Sister Ba has stressed it many times~

Especially many people will habitually do the second cleaning after cleaning.

But in fact, at the beginning, the second cleaning was popularized only to balance the pH value of the skin surface damaged by the soap based components with too high alkalinity through the pH value of the make-up water.

If you usually use amino acid cleanser with mild pH value, do not continue to do it for your skin!

In sensitive period, you can choose some products which are relatively mild and natural and will not be greasy and prone to pimples after cleansing.

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New amber essence Cleansing Oil

In the morning, we dont need to remove makeup. You can choose a mild cleanser or even wash your face directly with water~

In a word, no matter in the daytime or at night, we should not excessively clean our skin!

But its still the sentence although a bad face is terrible, you need to be more careful when brushing acid!

As for how to brush acid correctly, sister Ba has just been popular with you. Babies who havent got the method can poke the figure below to review their lessons~

And in sensitive period skin barrier already damaged skin can not brush acid operation!

Mask can not be applied all the time!

I believe that many babies are misled by the words one mask each day by celebrities, but in fact, there is no need to do so.

We need to know that principle of mask is effective because it soaks up the stratum corneum of our skin, then softens it through osmosis, and then injections of the essence of skin care into the skin.

If the mask is applied every day, it will only cause the stratum corneum to be over saturated for a long time, resulting in excessive hydration.

You can imagine that even if you apply the wall skin like this every day, you cant stand it

If the cuticle is damaged due to excessive hydration, it will not be able to regulate its original healthy state. When the skin loses the protection of this barrier, it will be affected by various bacteria and become sensitive

Therefore, even ordinary moisturizing mask, do not apply the mask skin for a while, especially when it looks very moisturizing.

Like this foundation moisturizing mask, it can be applied 2-3 times a week, and mask with whitening effect can be used regularly according to instructions.

In the sensitive period, you can also choose some regular additives such as beauty mask and other less targeted products according to the next classification of Ba Jie.

The mask that can clean up, even oily skin, is 1-2 times a week.

Is the skin sensitive? don t panic

Right medicine is fast

But whether its the temperature or the skin sensitivity caused by skin care, its just the following basic problems. If you want to solve them, you need to carry out targeted care.

u00b7Redness, redness?

In the recent hot weather, I believe that many babies also have the problem of skin reddening.

Because, dry, high temperature, sunshine these summer accessories, are easy to make the face red culprit

First of all, we should do the most basic anti sun steps for the skin.


In addition, the biggest reason for skin reddening is that the skin barrier is damaged and the skin is easy to be red and hot due to external stimulation.

Ba Jie recommends: in addition to pay attention to skin care should not be excessive, called the red blood silk star of the dvan effect essence muscle bath liquid will be used in the skin red period, its texture is clear and sticky, can effectively reduce the skin redness, and help subsequent skin care products to absorb.

Multi effect Soothing Essence


u00b7Dry, desquamate, itchy?

Star recommendation: the cream of Amway, which comes from the German high-end skin care brand AugustinusBader, is also one of the love products of Bei Sao.

AB cream is divided into cream and cream two kinds of texture, specially for day and night different periods to achieve double repair effect.

Vital cream


It can repair skin barrier damage in a targeted way, in addition to alleviating the sensitivity of drying, redness and aging, and the relatively moist texture is also very suitable for dried skin.



If you and Ziwen have the same sensitive problem of skin peeling and itching, in addition to excessive acid brushing, it may also be caused by water shortage!

Recommended by Revive, the essence of youth essence is oil, which can replenishing water with new biological technology, effectively relieve skin dryness, and reduce the fine lines of skin. When used, it can be used with cream or collocation alone.


Concentrated youth essential oil

wo thousand five hundred and twenty-nine

u00b7Stuffy acne and shut up?

Of course, the most troublesome and the most difficult to treat in the sensitive period is blain and shut up.

Hair follicles are blocked or covered by cuticle; skin barrier is damaged and infected by bacteria; excessive sebum secretion will aggravate acne and closure, but the specific reasons vary from person to person

Recommended by Bajie: it can beautify human collagen dressing, and can inhibit inflammation such as dermatitis and acne and relieve skin sensitivity with medical grade repair ingredients. (this type of targeted restorative mask should be used at the specified frequency).

Recoverable beauty

Human like collagen medical dressing mask

So thats the whole content of this issue of sister BAs class. Do you know if you can rescue the sensitive period?

In conclusion, Ms. BA would like to remind you that even the best skin care process should not be excessive~

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