I started from the beautiful jewelry of the womens Troupe

 I started from the beautiful jewelry of the womens Troupe

In yes, OK, Yu Shuxin pours a mouthful of honey into coco as soon as he opens his mouth. Anqi, Zhao Xiaotang and Xie keyin are hot. Xu Jiaqi and Kong Xueer give you sniper shots in minutes. Liu Yuxin, Yu Yan and Lu kehuo are still very stable.

Another 172girls dancing with the eyebrows is a cool combination of black and red, echoing the friends in the next room.

Rocket girl 101, who is about to graduate, is also wearing a red dress and sniping your heart online.

Stage costume from: charmingstudio

Coco found that the accessories of her sisters are very eye-catching. Liu Yuxin embellished her body chain on her red dress, creating a sense of conflict.

Liu Yuxin

Jacket: Vintage Jean Paul Gautier

Ring: OOAK designer brand concept store

Necklace & Body chain & collar clip: material_ Lab

Source from: @ soinlove u00b7 Liu Yuxin

Necklace & Belt & gloves: Gucci

Earrings: OOAK designer brand concept store

Source: @ twinkle_ Yu Shuxin

Lu kehuo, Zhao Xiaotang, ANQI and Kong Xueer are decorated with diamond ornaments. Isnt this the right way to open the glittering and charming things!

In front is the sister of the group. The sisters who are forming the group here are also jewelry players. Moreover, the sisters wear many brands that we can get in the festival.

Serenity embellishes the upper body with unilateral earrings. Coco feels that the price of about 1000 yuan can start with accessories with strong sense of modeling, so its worth taking a stake.

Quiet wear: studiocopula safety lock ear stud

Liu Yuxin wears: studiocopula

Photo source: Official Weibo of studiocopula jewelry brand

Taking advantage of this 6.18 weeding competition, Ben Co has prepared a selection list for you, which is not only good-looking and fashionable, but also the discount range is really beautiful.

Jewelry articles loved by sister and sister

First of all, OOAK, a jewelry brand with a very high rate of appearance on sisters and sisters.

Yu Shuxin wears: OOAK

OOAK designer brand concept store is a buyers shop located in the hinterland of the French concession in Shanghai. It has successively settled in hundreds of excellent designer brands at home and abroad. Although the concept store has only been established for about 7 years, its accessories are loved by the fashion circle.

The OOAK Wang Feifei wears in sister is inspired by the two sides of the coin. The design engraved on the coin is to pay homage to the female writer Woolf. The pattern of the figure statue embellished on the earrings of the golden coin can increase the interest and bring the wonderful fantasy of a girl.

Wang Feifei wears: ooakcoin series

Ooakxyvonneching Woolf detachable Earrings

Kong Xueer wears: ooakmoi series Star pendants


Wu Xin wears: memory series of readyforduty heart

Current price after 10% discount: RMB 678

The naming of brand series is also quite interesting. For muscle series, first love hand and time star, you can find corresponding elements in jewelry directly for each name, which is not exaggerated and easy to match, but also can show high-level texture.

RMB 253 after 10% discount for the same item of Yu Kewei

Li Jiaqi wears: readyforduty first love hand series

Coco also likes the series of muscles and bones. The chain is also a very popular element in this season. The temperament of man, the stepmother of the upper body, is hair trigger.

Xu Mengjies same readyforduty series Earrings

Current price after 10% discount: 270 RMB

RMB 244 after 10% discount of readyforduty

RMB 414 after 10% discount of readyforduty

I u2013 ingenuity originality / ingenuity

A u2013 accompany

M u2013 memory

Atelier u2013 artstudio French for art workspace

Blue Yingying picked up the i.a.m.atelierluminate series. Inspired by the lighting artist Jamess light source device, the designer reflected the luminous colors of gemstones and enamel by jewelry.

Blue Yingying wear: i.a.m.atelierluminate series

Worn by Zeng koni: i.a.m.atelier

Current price: 598 RMB

Where do womens troupes buy their clothes?

Kendalls heart is the moon bag from staud. The price of this activity can be included in the bag as long as it is more than 1K.

Original price: RMB 2162

The shrimp beaded bag full of fun is 4K straight down. Its a concave bag for travel and holiday. Its not too attractive.

Original price: 4085 yuan, 60% discount, current price: 2449 yuan

Various star bloggers bring byfar products, many styles are also directly down 1000 yuan, at this time do not start, the next time may have to wait more than half a year.

Original price: 2623 yuan, 70% discount, current price: 1836 yuan


As a good product, the Old French brand pacorabanne is a very special brand. Designers like to use non-traditional materials in design, such as metal, paper and plastic, combined with knitwear... Ready to wear, handbag with a strong brand personality.

Pacorabanes beaded bag is different from Sharps childlike and lovely style, which is more handsome and modern. Its bag is basically made of brass and other metals. Under the reflection of sunlight, it has its own blingbling effect, which is very cool to watch.

Want to experience the unique style concept of pacorabane brand, take advantage of this discount activity, you can also consider it!

Pacorabane sparkle 1969 Bucket Bag

Pacorabane sparkle 1969 Mini Shoulder Bag

Original price: 3669 yuan, 70% discount, current price: 2562 yuan

Manuatelier is a brand created by a pair of Turkish sisters merve and bestemanastir. The designers father is a leather craftsman. All the bags are made by hand. The overall design has a retro elegance.

The logo of the brands iconic little arrow has a strong degree of identification, which is unforgettable. This years heaviest one is this bucket bag, with almost one fashionable icon.

Zhou jieqiongbei: manualier

Wu Xuanyi back: manualier

Coco really likes the package of manualier. First, the self weight is relatively light. At the same time, the capacity space in the package is very considerable. It is very practical whether it is commuting or out of the street.

The unique leather of the body is scratch resistant. The leather is kept strong and durable by special coating method. The daily price of 3-4k, many styles of this activity are directly cut in half, which is more affordable than the original purchase order!

Manuatelier mini cylinder bag

Original price: 1539 yuan; current price after 60% discount: 923 yuan

Manuateliermicropristine bag

Original price: 2528 yuan, 50% discount, current price: 1264 yuan

Since coco mentioned minibag, we have to say that lesac Chiquito of jacquemus and lesac Chiquito, a new color of spring and summer pink and white plaid, can be taken away within a thousand yuan after half fold on 6.18.

Current price: RMB 1588





Self-Portrait is the absolute brand of fairy dress. Every year, a new product is produced, and COCO will be admired by it. The brand has some characteristics of high street and luxury fashion, neither too grand nor too casual.

Jenny is also a loyal fan. During the concert, MV always wears this self portrait red lace dress, a charming and flirtatious goblin. No one can say a word.

Self portraits unique skill is to use a large number of embroidery, lace elements, combined with fine technology, to maximize the female charm. Like the meaning of the brand name self portrait, I hope that every girl in self portrait can show her beautiful and confident appearance.

RMB 1154 after 50% discount of self portrait

RMB 1436 after 50% discount of self portrait


Bella wears: Dion Lee vest

Karlie kloss wearing: Dion Lee

The three-dimensional and high-level silhouette has a very high degree of practical wear, which makes it effortless and fashionable.

RMB 1319 after 60% discount of dionlee

Original price: 8721 yuan; current price after 40% discount: 3488 yuan

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