Famous note: Zhang Haos hot search for falling female companion is the most ignorant desecration to sports

 Famous note: Zhang Haos hot search for falling female companion is the most ignorant desecration to sports

Zhang Dan and Zhang Hao recall the mistakes of the game

There is a malicious tendency in the selection of the video. Three successful actions of foreign players are selected. The video specially uses slow actions to show how gentle the foreign male players are when throwing up their partners. Nonsense, Zhang Haos movements are also played back in slow movements, and the strength is very soft.

2. The mistake with partner Zhang Dan happened in the Winter Olympics in Turin in 2006. The action was to throw the four sides. So far, no one group of players has been able to throw the four sides completely. Zhang Dan and Zhang Hao didnt have much confidence that they chose this action to take the risk of hitting the gold medal. Zhang Dan did fall heavily at that time, but they rallied to complete the following actions, and finally won the silver medal of the Winter Olympic Games, which became a legend of that Olympic Games.

How ridiculous is the moving sports story that was defamed as Zhang Haos malicious female partner. Zhang Haos violent wrestling partner can win the second place in the Olympic Games. How powerful he must be. You can only see the video of Zhang Dan falling to the ground after the action error. You cant see the celebratory picture of Zhang Hao holding up Zhang Dan after the referee scored.

3. In fact, Zhang Dan and Zhang Hao are the top players in the world. At the beginning of this century, under the leadership of coach Yao bin, Chinese double skaters created three pairs of world-class players. They were born with Yu He Shengliang, Shen Xue Zhao Hongbo won the Olympic champion in 2010 and retired, another pair of Chinese players pangqing Tong Jian became the world championship champion, and Zhang Dan and Zhang Hao won the second place twice.

Zhang Haos stature is very big, very rare in the hands of double skaters. His strength is undoubted, but compared with Pang Qingtong Jians team, his artistry is slightly inferior. Pang Qing and Tong Jian won the world championship. You have a chance to have a look. Its perfect.

4. As we all know, Shen Xue, Zhao Hongbo and Pang Qing, Tong Jian are partners as well as lovers. After retirement, they become husband and wife. However, it is not a secret that Zhang Dan and Zhang Hao are not in the same circle. Similar to the double skating, the coach estimated that the partner would develop towards the couple from the beginning, so as to achieve a deeper emotional resonance and tacit understanding in the performance.

But we cant say that Zhang Dan and Zhang Hao didnt win the world championship because they didnt develop into lovers. After all, at that time, there were three pairs of world-class players in China at the same time, and there was only one world champion. Zhang Dan and Zhang Hao were the king. Maybe Pang Qing and Tong Jian would be sorry.

5. Cant fall in love and make friends, which is almost impossible in the sports of double partner, cant be a couple, probably the rate will be very discord. This is quite common in badminton doubles. The world champions of Chinese Badminton Doubles seldom have brotherhood, and most of them have more friction. Between Zhang Jun and Gao Ling, when they play, their communication is obviously stronger than that between men, and Zhang Jun seems to be a doormat.

It is said that for a while, the two womens doubles group Ge feigu Jun, who played all over the world, didnt even talk after they left the court. What does it matter? Still invincible in the world.

They couldnt be lovers

After Zhang Hao was accused of being in hot search, the first person to speak to him was his first partner, Zhang Dan, who made it clear in his microblog that this view was absurd.

7. At the same time of accusing Zhang Hao of falling female partner addiction, there is also a voice on the Internet that Zhang Hao is 36 years old and still depends on the national team, and seizes female partner with seniority. I dont know and judge the details of changing partners, but its a great disrespect for the old player to accuse Zhang Hao of not retiring at the age of 36.

Yao bin deserves a special writing. In 1980, Yao bin ranked the bottom first in Chinas first Winter Olympic Games. In an interview, Yao Bin said that he always ranked the bottom first in world competitions, and once became the bottom second, so happy. So, I always think that Yao bin is the most amazing coach in Chinese sports. Liu Guoliang and Zhou Jihong are all successful coaches standing on the shoulders of giants, because that is the strength of China. Yao bin is different. He just developed a weak point that was not competitive into a strong one. After he handed the baton to his apprentice Zhao Hongbo, the project will continue to flourish.

Yao bin is the godfather of figure skating in China

This is the sadness of Chinese sports. Yang Yi once said to me, China lacks sports culture. On the surface, many people like sports. In fact, quite a few people dont understand sports at all, so they cant understand the athletes in a position, so there will be a lot of unreasonable accusations and abuses.