The sisters who ride the wind and break the waves teach you the skills of not afraid of old maintenance

 The sisters who ride the wind and break the waves teach you the skills of not afraid of old maintenance

The more in-depth understanding, the more we will find that elder sisters are either real or lovely or live in pure self, and each of them has a personality charm that people have to love

See them, Im not afraid of being old is also the highest point of discussion. Years never defeat beauty, and beauty is not afraid of years at all.

In these 30 + sisters, you can see the calm and confident posture of each of them, as well as the skin state of being able to draw with a girl in her twenties.

Dont mention the wrinkles, even the sagging marks are almost invisible, all tight and full, you cant guess their real age just by looking at their faces.

Its said that female stars are very talented. Recently, in order to save the faces that stay up late every day, serenity and Huang Shengyi share their skin care process. Unexpectedly, they are surprisingly consistent!

Before going to bed, the skin care will rub the night cream with massage. The steps can be simplified but not omitted.

Use the middle and ring fingers of your hands to stretch your forehead to relieve the wrinkles of Sichuan characters, and then massage gently with your eyes.

Then dredge the neck lymph, use a single index finger or four fingers together to slowly push from the cheek down to both sides of the temple and then press back to the neck.

Remember to do more groups of Oh, effective against law lines, nasolabial groove and eye aging.

Then push the jaw line of the face side with two hands in turn. Remember not to let go when you alternate at the ear. After several repetitions, scrape along the neck lymph to the clavicle to drain the excess water.

Its the same operation at the neck; finally, turn the index finger and slowly drive it out at the lower eyelid

Put out the scissor hand, corresponding to the position of the lower jaw, and lift it from the middle to both sides to make the lower jaw line more tight;

Another gesture, put it on the apple muscle, pull it up to the temple, and repeat each step 3-5 times

In the entertainment circle, there are many examples of female stars paying attention to skin care techniques. Song Xi also demonstrated the techniques on the spot in the live broadcast some time ago, which are very similar to top cabinet sister.

But dont hurry to get the same item first, because the function of facial massage has certain limitations, and some techniques are harmful to the skin, not everyone can do it!

Massage is not equal to medical beauty

Dont over expect

The most obvious function of home massage is to help you spread skin care products. During the application process, some volatile substances will quickly evaporate.

This is why we can feel the effect of promoting absorption through massage.

If the absorption is fast, its mainly due to the formula of the product used. Its hard for human hands to rub molecules into the skin!

In addition, in the process of massage, the skin will be slightly heated by force, which will promote the blood circulation to be slightly accelerated, the metabolism will be accelerated, and the swelling will be eliminated naturally

But it cant reduce fat accumulation. Its impossible to crush fat cells with bare hands and transfer fat.

If you have seen the face become smaller, it is just the instant effect of massage to press the excess body fluid off, and soon the body fluid will slowly and automatically come back.

As for the effect of lifting and tightening, there are indeed some. Massage can change the direction and shape of muscles, but it is not lasting and short-term.

If you want to have a compact and three-dimensional face, you have to insist on it like a quiet one. Remember that laziness is the biggest stumbling block on the way to beauty!

Although massage is good for skin care, it is not easy to do it. Generally, there are two ways of skin care massage at home, one hand operation or with the help of massage tools.

In the case of only one hand, the most common thing many people do is to vigorously pat the toner and feel satisfied with the sound.

Therefore, no matter how hard you pat the skin, it cant absorb more nutrients. Its better to sleep more for beauty sleep

Do not want to have pull action to change a press thinking, use the temperature of the palm to promote skin blood circulation, rely on the strength of the head to control the pressure.

Step3: then gently press the finger on the clavicle for 10-15 seconds

Lifting, tightening and edema elimination can be done in minutes, and the friction force is a little smaller, so you dont need to worry about obvious pulling on the skin.

Massage needs to measure skin

Finally, lets talk about whether the fairies are suitable for facial massage. A honey B arsenic is not a joke!

Affected by the external environment and improper skin care, the team of sensitive muscle people is growing larger and larger, and their own unhealthy skin will be pressed again, which will definitely add to the problem.

There are also pockmarks, if you have skin lesions before massage, then forced will be more irritating to the skin, aggravating inflammation, the result may be from a few pockmarks into a face of pockmarks

There are also girls who have recently done medical beauty, who are not suitable for massage, who are also warmly reminded in the video of tranquility. In this case, its better to spread skin care products well.

In addition, eye massage can save energy, first, the eye skin is too delicate, second, there is no bone support at the bottom, always exert external force, easy to make the eye socket concave, forming wrinkles.

Facial skin needs to be cared, even massage should be mainly gentle, do not let the skin enter the aging period in advance.

There is no aging face in the world. Good skin condition must be maintained by heart. No matter how busy or tired you are, you must take your skin seriously

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