The legendary female bag grass planting machine is actually a male love bean?

 The legendary female bag grass planting machine is actually a male love bean?

Left: Louis Vuitton right: Fendi

All kinds of mini bags and small satchels can make up a T-stage show, which is worthy of being the representative of planting grass textbook in 1996.


Dont say that nowadays, boys can wear more clothes than girls. In addition to the realization of womens freedom of dress and manicure, womens bags also carry various patterns.

Unisex was at the time when the trend of gender free clothing prevailed, not to mention bags.

A lot of boys will pack for their girlfriends in daily travel, but its really fashionable for boys to control their own bags!



Wu Yifan cant fall behind. Whether he is going to an activity or going out for dinner, the womens bag is OK.

Left: Louis Vuitton right: Goyard

Today, lets follow sister Ba to have a look at the mens bag cabinet. Maybe there is the bag you want to buy!

Zhu Zhengting

Classic grass planting machine


Its Dior saddle bag. When we take the route of youth and learning, we will choose the one with little bees to highlight our youth.


For the British style, the classic blue dioroblique jacquard canvas saddle bag is the best choice. The striped shirt inside is also dark symmetrical with the design and color. These small details of the dark poke have to be said that this womens bag grass planting machine has made great efforts


As long as you look at the street photos, you will always find the trace of diorsaddlebag. It deserves its name!

Left: Zhang Xinyu right: stylist Alexandra guerain

The most representative of the soul of the handbag is its saddle shape. In addition to the oblique print, the letter D hanging ornament, CD logo shoulder strap and other details, versatile and very recognizable.


Just a while ago, Dior finally filed an application with the U.S. patent and Trademark Office to patent the design elements of saddlebag to maintain its uniqueness, so this package must be included in the shoppinglist.


In addition to Dior, Saint Laurent appeared more than once in Zhu Zhengtings collocation. As a classic, the postmans bag must have a name


This medium-sized Niki is soft crocodile leather with YSL logo, chain and replaceable leather shoulder strap. There are many compartments, so its not a problem to classify things


The elegant and retro appearance of half a month, plus YSLs metal logo, the overall design is very eye-catching!

In addition to the smooth calf leather, there are Python skin patterns, which are very textured, and there are many colors. There is definitely one that suits your heart! No matter going to work or going out for a date, its a necessary handbag for daily wear!

Sliding solution

In addition to Dior and Saint Laurents classic bag, Chanels classic Gabrielle tramp bag and sister Ba also found it in Zhu Zhengtings street photo.

Designed by Karl and named after the founder of the brand Gabrielle Chanel, it has a strong base, a lightweight body and a classic

Left: Liu Wen right: Lily Collins

If you want to choose a smaller package and match it well, its Chanel clutch with chain.


Although the size is smaller than the regular handbag, the internal capacity of a mobile phone or something is OK. The exquisite clutch is equipped with a chain belt, and the same style of printing is also available. It is light and stylish to carry.


Classic Monogram canvas with cow leather trim, hat box turned into a cute pocket, small and practical.

In addition to the monogram old flower pattern, there are splash color printing, rendering black and white printing, romantic floral pieces, etc., which can definitely make you choose a flower!

Sliding solution

Guccis ophidiaminibag is also small and practical, with magnetic flap and detachable snap strap, which is also very convenient to use.


The use of canvas reduces the impact on the environment. Stripes are the most classic combination of green and red, plus guccilogo. Simple style with details can easily capture peoples hearts.

After reading so many of Zhu Zhengtings womens bags, sister Ba did get paid by Amway

Fresh and lovely grass growing machine

When it comes to womens bags, its natural to have Jing bairan. Xiaojing, who has been selected as the best male star wearer, has planted several womens bags for us.

In the latest blockbuster of Hutong, the black and white simple wearing of Chanel 19maxi cover bag is also very confident and advanced.


Chanel 19 is jointly designed by the old Buddha and the new creative director of Chanel, vrginie Viard. It is also a package that witnesses Chanels two times. The number 19 also represents that the year when Chanel 19 handbag was born is 2019.

Chanel aw2019

Sure enough, Xiaojing is really comfortable with everything. It also fits the natural and casual Bottega Veneta.


Arco designed by Daniel Lee is shown by high-grade calfskin with natural texture. Its very attractive just to depict details on simple solid colors

Super large, large, medium, small and even Mini sizes are all covered by this series. Its very convenient to choose according to your own needs. The key is that no matter which one you choose, you wont step on thunder.

In addition, the cap messenger bag of jwanderson also shows a sense of comfort and literary youth on Jing bairan.


Its made of smooth calfskin with delicate suede lining. The zipper design is added to the brim of the hat, and the adjustable shoulder belt meets the requirements of single shoulder back and Crossbody, so the color selection is more

And the small nano capbag will be launched in June, which is smaller and more lovely. Its OK whether its a single back or as a bag decoration.


The first generation is just a handbag. Now it has a shoulder belt. It looks very small, but its capacity is very touching, and its design is very considerate. This mink hair has a fluffy feel, and its lovely

Theres nothing to say about Xiaojings taste. He never deliberately creates a sense of high-level or hard, always clean and fresh. Its absolutely right to follow him

Cool and cute grass planting machine

As we all know, Zhou Zhennan is also an amazing expert in fashion smell, bold and avant-garde. Womens clothing is the favorite in private service! Of course, bags must not be sloppy.

Loewes Otter bag immediately hit miss BAs girls heart. Its really invincible to be soft and cute with the V-Neck Sweater and white high neck!


Its made of hand crocheted wool and calf leather. The top zipper is convenient to use and has enough capacity. The key is not too cute

If you want to be more practical, you have to choose another loewexpaulasibiza cushion Decal leather edge stripe canvas medium handbag.


This cushion handbag comes from the third co capsule series of two brands, made of striped canvas, with leather trim and logo decals of two brands.

With an open package opening and extensible side, easy storage is not a problem, very summer style, especially suitable for holiday back.

So what kind of bag can I carry when I exercise? South South can also give you the answer immediately


YSLs rocknroll, sexy, even strong style is vividly reflected in Nikis bag, which is light, versatile and durable.

PS: its also very suitable for formal clothes such as windbreaker

What attracts her more is this small katetiger printbag. How do you think its sexy? How do you think its fierce?


At the same time, the wallet of Chanel 2003 holiday series is also shining in front of her eyes. Now its fashionable to take it out!



This bag also has a very high rate of appearance

Finally, the celinelogo canvas bag contributed by Zhou Zhennan should also have a name that is simple, generous, practical and fashionable in a second


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