The pilot team of Shanghai armed police force should also be able to fight

 The pilot team of Shanghai armed police force should also be able to fight

The Shanghai corps of the armed police organizes special combat training. Liyan photograph

PLA news special correspondent Chen Chao and correspondent Xie Lewei reported: bang, bang, Bang... With a fierce exchange of fire, the blue army who came to attack was hit head-on. In early summer, a mobile detachment of the Shanghai armed police headquarters launched a red blue confrontation drill. In the confrontation, it was the drivers of the drivers team of the special battle brigade who successfully countered the blue armys sneak attack.

One wave is not flat, another is rising. The convoy was ambushed by the enemy again on its way to the destination according to the plan. Jiang Ji, the leader of the drivers team, quickly organized his subordinates to rely on the vehicle body for defense, and further explored and reported the number and location of the enemy with the help of reconnaissance and communication equipment. At the cost of sacrificing 2 people, the drivers team and the reinforcements wiped out 6 enemies.

Tang Junyi, the leader of the special war brigade, was deeply impressed by the excellent performance of the drivers team in two consecutive responses to the blue army action: in the past, the drivers support task was heavy and the training time was short, and the drivers main focus was on improving the driving and maintenance ability. Nowadays, the complex and changeable operational environment puts forward higher requirements for drivers, good driving technology is not the only standard. In a confrontation drill organized by the headquarters last year, the blue army launched a surprise attack on the rear parking lot. The drivers rushed to fight in a hurry. The vehicles carrying important materials were destroyed, which directly led to the failure of the drill. For this reason, Jiang Ji, the monitor of the drivers class, also made a review at the review meeting.

In order to make up the short board of the drivers battle as soon as possible, the detachment adopts the way of concentrated training of professional skills, group training of common subjects, traction training of practical background, flexibly uses the way of scenario operation and random guidance to set up the dangerous situation, intersperses the tactical subjects, and enables the driver to exercise the ability of emergency handling and cooperative operation in the complex environment.

Obstacle removal, search shooting At the scene of the drill, the dangerous and difficult subjects were carried out one after another, and the drivers team calmly responded. Shi Lu, the gold driver who has carried out many important support tasks, said with emotion: the driver is also a fighter. He should not only hold a drivers license , but also obtain a pass in the battlefield.

Special combat assault, improper supporting role of rescue workers

PLA news special correspondent Chen Chao and correspondent Li Bing reported that the special war team rushed into the house to rescue the hostages, treated the injured hostages on the spot and evacuated them urgently Not long ago, a medical rescue drill was carried out in a special battle brigade of a mobile detachment of the Shanghai Armed Police Corps. During the drill, the special combat teams fought with the enemy while protecting the rescuers to complete the battlefield rescue task.

The level of health care can also affect the outcome of the battlefield. Walking down the battlefield, Wei Fuxiang, the rescuer of the first special battle Squadron, felt deeply. In a confrontation drill organized by the headquarters last year, a large number of wounded appeared. However, due to the unskilled first aid skills such as fracture fixation and rapid handling, many wounded missed the first aid time and the drill was judged to have failed.

After all, there is a blind spot in training. At the training situation analysis meeting, Yang Qi, a military doctor, analyzed the reasons for the failure of the drill. In the past, the rescuers of the special combat teams were often important to speak, secondary to training, and less targeted rescue professional training. Although most of them have excellent combat skills, many of them fail in the assessment of health professional skills.

Only by overcoming the weakness of short board can we improve the actual combat ability. After the root cause of the problem is found out, the special combat brigade and the health team will carry out retraining and supplementary training for the rescue workers of each special combat brigade. At the same time, the brigade integrated the subjects of first aid for war injuries into the training of confrontation, so as to improve the first aid ability of rescuers.

Battlefield rescue, time is life. After Qiu Lis special combat team successfully broke through the obstacles and broke into the house, it was found that the injured hostage was already in danger of life. If the traditional transportation method is used, it is likely to lead to the deterioration of the injury. Qiu Li changed according to the situation. After simple hemostasis and bandaging, the wounded were fixed with stretchers and transported to the rear safely and quickly, so as to gain valuable treatment time, which was fully recognized by the assessment group.

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