Yuexiu, Guangzhou: the combination of military and local forces in disaster prevention and relief

 Yuexiu, Guangzhou: the combination of military and local forces in disaster prevention and relief

Recently, Guangzhou has entered the main flood season and typhoon season, with frequent local and regional heavy rainfall, and the situation of flood prevention and rescue is very serious.

In order to improve the ability to deal with emergencies, Yuexiu District of Guangzhou held a gathering point inspection and flag awarding ceremony for the militia rescue and relief unit in the militia reserve training base of Guangzhou on June 19, and checked the pre collection and storage equipment, flood control equipment, emergency communication equipment and the connection of the joint emergency command post. The members of the militia unit took the oath of joining the unit, and the leaders of the district inspected the militia unit.

According to reports, in the face of the main flood season and typhoon season, the military and local governments of Yuexiu District have played a combination of boxing in disaster prevention and relief. During this period, Yuexiu District improved the mechanism of information exchange, deepened the system of joint meetings between the military and the local government, incorporated the peoples and Military Forces Department of Yuexiu District into the special coordination agencies, disaster response command departments and joint meetings of emergency rescue of Yuexiu District, established the regular notification system and the mechanism of disaster risk consultation, study and judgment, and timely reported the emergency situations of relevant disasters and accidents in Yuexiu District, Discuss and judge regional risk situation and major disaster risk.

In addition, Yuexiu District has also implemented point-to-point duty telephone, fax and other means of communication, and strengthened military and local work in disaster monitoring and early warning, disaster dynamic notification, task demand docking, joint action coordination and other aspects. In combination with the construction of emergency command platform, a district level joint command post shall be established to further improve the force reporting mechanism and coordinate the garrison forces to achieve point-to-point support.

It is worth mentioning that Yuexiu District vigorously strengthens the integration of military and local forces, timely revises and improves all kinds of emergency rescue and disaster relief plans at all levels, completes the corresponding connection of military and local plans, and better displays the advantages of military and local coordination and linkage operation. Strengthen the role of the militia in the task of disaster relief, adjust the formation of the district militia emergency company, the street militia emergency platoon and the new quality force team, strengthen mutual support and sharing of materials and equipment, regularly carry out group training and joint exercises, improve the ability of the military and local collaborative rescue, and ensure that the key moment, the first time to pull out, go up.

It is understood that the militia rescue and relief detachment in Yuexiu District is mainly composed of the flood control and flood fighting teams of the militia emergency company in Yuexiu District and the flood control and flood fighting teams of each street, which are mainly responsible for the flood control and flood fighting and emergency rescue and relief tasks in Yuexiu District. It is an important part of the three defenses in the area under its jurisdiction to cooperate with militia units such as civil air defense professional forces, economic mobilization professional forces, transportation professional forces, political mobilization professional forces, scientific and technological equipment mobilization professional forces and information mobilization professional forces to jointly complete rescue and relief tasks.

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