Trump asked China to help him re-election? Response of ambassador to France

 Trump asked China to help him re-election? Response of ambassador to France

Reporter: Hello, thank you very much, Ambassador lushano, for participating in the interview program of French 24 TV today.

Ambassador Lu: Hello, Mr. beheiman.

Chinas first novel coronavirus pneumonia, the situation in Beijing, China, has been described as very severe. The school closed a few days ago, and the airport flights were also reduced. Now the authorities seem to claim that they have controlled the epidemic. We dont quite know what the situation is like? Can you introduce it to us?

Ambassador Lu: according to the information I know, there are more than 20 newly confirmed cases every day. Epidemiologists say that the epidemic has been controlled. I believe this judgment. As you know, China has rich experience in dealing with the epidemic, the health control system has been greatly improved, and we are confident to control the epidemic well. Despite the closure of the school, the college entrance examination will still be held in early July as planned.

Reporter: is it an overreaction when there are only dozens of cases in China? Is it also to show that China is able to cope with the epidemic? Chinas response to the outbreak was criticized.

Reporter: do you think the European government is not serious enough?

Ambassador Lu: thats not what I mean. I mean that the Chinese government attaches great importance to and takes the epidemic seriously.

Reporter: Mr. ambassador, with regard to the international situation, Chinese foreign minister put forward the view of a new cold war between China and the United States. There are more and more conflicts between China and the United States. At present, they are still verbal disputes. U.S. President trump said the complete decoupling of the U.S. economy from China remains a policy option, which is a direct threat.

Ambassador Lu: the cold war is not what China wants. What the Chinese foreign minister wants to say is that we are not willing to have a new cold war. China has always pursued an independent foreign policy of peace and has always been committed to building a coordinated, cooperative and stable relationship with the United States. Even if the trump administration wants to decouple from China, this is not our policy, and it is impossible. If the United States adopts this policy, it will only lift a stone and hit itself in the foot.

Reporter: but we see that trump government has adopted many economic sanctions and other sanctions, and has increasingly criticized China on the epidemic and other issues, and Chinas response has become increasingly strong. Dont you worry about the day when Sino US relations get out of control? Will verbal conflict become more serious? In other words, are we in danger?

Ambassador Lu: there is such a danger. In fact, the United States launched a public opinion attack on China, hyping rumors and lies against China. China has to defend itself and defend its national dignity, reputation and interests. I believe that China is always ready to carry out normal exchanges and cooperation with the United States in various fields and maintain stable bilateral relations.

Ambassador Lu: I dont know if what he said is true. I will not comment on this.

Reporter: on another topic, concerning the tense relations between China and Canada, China indicted two Canadians detained for 18 months for espionage on Friday, which Canada believed was retaliation for Canadas extradition procedure against Meng Wanzhou, Huaweis chief financial officer, at the request of the United States. Is China putting pressure on Canada to do so?

Reporter: you were the Chinese ambassador to Canada.

Reporter: is China suing Canadian citizens for espionage out of revenge?

Ambassador Lu: it is not relevant for China to prosecute two Canadian citizens. China is a country ruled by law and respects the independence of the judicial system. We always act in accordance with the law, not for revenge.

Ambassador Lu: when dealing with bilateral relations, all countries should respect each other. When criticizing other countries, we should show real evidence rather than open mouth. China is the victim, not the initiator, of cyber crime and cyber theft. You also know the prism program and other cyber attack programs in the United States.

Reporter: do you deny the Australian accusation?

Ambassador Lu: of course, China has never carried out cyber theft against other countries.

Reporter: the G7 foreign ministers issued a joint statement this week accusing China of enacting Hong Kongs national security law in the near future. Chinas move is controversial, and the G7 members unanimously condemn China.

Reporter: does this mean the end of Hong Kongs one country, two systems system?

Ambassador Lu: on the contrary, this is the perfection of the principle of one country, two systems. Because national security belongs to the central authority, Hong Kong related national security legislation does not affect the high degree of autonomy of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Reporter: so you deny these accusations?

Ambassador Lu: of course. The national security legislation of Hong Kong does not affect the individual rights and freedoms of Hong Kong citizens. The legislation aims at four major criminal acts, namely, splitting the country, subverting the state power, terrorist activities, colluding with foreign or foreign forces to endanger national security, etc., which do not involve the personal freedom of citizens. As long as the national security law is not violated, there is no need to worry about being punished by it. Many Europeans worry that the implementation of Hong Kongs national security law will affect foreign investment, but in my opinion, the opposite is true. Recently, Netease and Jingdong, two Chinese Internet giants, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and raised a lot of funds, which shows that Guoan law can promote the improvement of Hong Kongs investment environment.

Reporter: Thank you, Mr. ambassador. Im sorry we dont have time to talk about other topics. Thank you again for your interview with France 24.

Ambassador Lu: Thank you.

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