Haier & kangjiachaos choice of daily price performance

 Haier & kangjiachaos choice of daily price performance

Haier le39b330w39 HD intelligent eye protection LED flat TV (black)

39 inch TV, less than 1000 yuan, is cheaper than most smartphones. This Haier le39b330w39 inch intelligent eye protection HD LED TV can be described as a work of conscience. It has a resolution of 1366 u00d7 768 and uses a wide color gamut a + screen to make the realistic color of the picture more natural. The TV is equipped with DSM Ritz three core engine, which can independently process digital video, audio and other signals, so that the picture quality and definition are 30% higher than ordinary TV.

The TV has the professional sound field effect of maxxbass subwoofer, which gives you a good sound experience of surround shock. SCM health eye care system can calculate the suitable brightness according to the situation to prevent myopia. Gome 618 Shopping Festival to buy this beautiful TV, put in the bedroom is more appropriate.

Haier 55t5155 inch built-in far field voice 8K decoding 4K Ultra HD LCD TV

It is also equipped with nano wide color gamut display technology, which greatly improves the picture imaging effect. Compared with the same type of technology in the industry, it has the advantages of longer service life, more stability, and more eye protection. The far-field voice function allows users to watch what they want to listen to without using the remote control. In a word, the TV can automatically play for users, bringing real convenience to users.

Konka led65g9q65 inch remote free AI voice 4K full screen TV

This Kangjia remote-free AI voice 4K TV is designed with a 3.0 full screen, ultra narrow black area and more immersive, and the seamless and integrated appearance of the one-piece fitting technology is more eye-catching. Equipped with AAA class screen, good visual field is at the touch of a hair, and the expressive force of colorful details can be described as incisively and vividly. Full time panoramic AI system function, covering the entertainment, food, housing and transportation of life, and opening the era of intelligent home through voice. No remote control panoramic voice, indoor 10 meters far field intelligent control. Just shout out well-off, well-off password on TV can achieve accurate identification control, covering multiple life scenes.

The TV is also equipped with the AI audio function. When the TV is turned off, it will enter the AI speaker mode. It can still be used as an independent speaker under the screen state, and can listen to books, music and other content on demand. The 4khdr2 technology combined with HDR core and HDR screen is adopted. On the premise of super clear picture quality, the TV precisely adjusts the LCD flip frequency and angle according to the picture demand to present high dynamic picture. The 12bit color wheel technology independently developed by Konka has stronger expressive force in the color processing of the picture and presents more dazzling color picture. Dolby decodes sound to shock the live sound effect. Huawei Hisilicon chip improves the overall performance. Super full content resources to meet the diversified taste of watching movies.

Konka led55k1 ultra thin AI far field voice AI Ultra HD 4K TV

Konka led55k1 has a fashionable appearance, 55 inch screen mainstream size and 7.2mm screen frame size, creating a nearly comprehensive display effect. In terms of details, the power display lamp in the lower right corner of the TV not only uses the flashing effect of the breathing lamp, but also carves it with the shape of diamond cutting. Both sides are surrounded by silver wire, which increases the overall delicacy of the TV. At the same time, the blue breathing lamp will not be too conspicuous when flashing, avoiding the interference of the users attention. Lightness is undoubtedly a core selling point of TV products at present. Its thinnest part is only 8.5mm.

As an intelligent voice TV, its voice function supports a lot of operation options. Through the display of the screen, it also achieves a lot of representational display of traditional voice functions, from simple image search to online shopping. In the future, it can also control the IOT equipment in the home through voice. It can almost meet all kinds of needs. In addition, when the screen is off, it can incarnate as an AI speaker. Through voice query control, it can realize the music playing function of screen off, realize energy saving and play music in the invisible state. Konka also gives it the function of image recognition, which can search the Encyclopedia of image recognition and purchase corresponding products, which greatly improves the use scenarios of TV products.

The living room is also the entertainment center of the whole family. We watch variety shows with our parents, brush dramas with our lovers into the night, and watch happy cartoons with our children. All these happy links are accompanied by TV. Haier and Konka TV, no matter the wonderful large screen in the living room or the exquisite small screen in the bedroom, create infinite joy every day and meet the entertainment needs of the whole family in an all-round way. 618 choose Haier and Konka TV to watch the wonderful world in the future.