Requirements of the anti crime office for parachuting in key cities: transfer leads to public officials

 Requirements of the anti crime office for parachuting in key cities: transfer leads to public officials

According to the website of the State Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the reporter learned from the supervision meeting held on June 19 in the key cities of the national anti crime campaign that in order to eliminate the interference resistance in the special campaign, the key cities will decisively take organizational measures to remove the key positions of the public officials with the umbrella clue; Those who say hello to public officials shall be recorded, notified and investigated for responsibility in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the central government.

The meeting made it clear that the Secretary of the Party committee of the key cities is the first person responsible for the special struggle. He should take the lead in commanding, supervising and handling cases, overcoming difficulties, and promoting the formation of the pattern of four level secretaries of the cities, counties and villages to grasp the special struggle. The leading group of the special struggle against crime in key cities, the principal comrades in charge of discipline inspection and supervision organs, political and legal organs and other units are the direct responsible persons. Under the unified leadership of the Party committee, we should pay close attention to the handling of cases and the governance of sources. Those who fail to take responsibility for the promotion of key cities shall be held accountable according to discipline and law.

The degree of parachuting has a direct impact on the effectiveness of special campaigns. The deeper the parachuting is, the faster the criminals will disarm. At the meeting, all key cities were required to comprehensively backtrack and check the cases of with or without black umbrella and big black and small umbrella, and take measures such as direct investigation and direct handling, and handling cases in other places to ensure thorough investigation; Based on the clues of whether the black and evil criminal organizations are linked with the interests of the industry departments, whether they embezzle special funds such as poverty alleviation funds, and whether they embezzle wages in the project construction, we will trace along the line, expand the line and dig deep, and strive to realize the full investigation of the property involved and the full excavation of the interest chain.

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