Multiple bus routes will be adjusted in Beijing from June 20

 Multiple bus routes will be adjusted in Beijing from June 20

1. Special 76 Road

Adjusted initial and terminal station: wujianlou Jiaomen South Station

Stations in the middle: wujianlou, North Station of durxiang Road, East District of pomegranate garden, Metro pomegranate village station, Nanding community, Nanding village north station, Metro dahongmen station, Xinfuli community, Metro Jiaomen east station, Jiaomen station and Jiaomen south station.

Business hours: 6:00-9:15, 16:00-19:15, 9:00-16:20, holidays; 6:25-9:40, 16:25-19:40, 9:25-16:45, holidays.

With the East-West connection of the west entrance of Shicun street, the route of Shicun street Linhong road will be increased to facilitate the travel of passengers along the line after the adjustment of special 76 road.

2.71 Road

Adjusted initial and terminal station: West of Xiaocun bridge east of Friendship Hospital

West of Xiaocun bridge u2192 east of Friendship Hospital: north entrance of Nanding village, overpass shopping mall, Fuchang street, east of Friendship Hospital;

Friendship Hospital East to west of Xiaocun bridge: Friendship Hospital East, friendship hospital, Nanwei Road, north entrance of Nanding village.

Business hours: 5:20-22:20, west of Xiaocun bridge; 6:00-23:00, east of friendship hospital.

After the adjustment of route 71, it will be convenient for passengers from Yongwai and dahongmen to travel to friendship hospital for medical treatment.

3. Extra 12 inner and outer ring roads

After adjustment, the initial and terminal stations remain unchanged (Yongdingmen long distance bus station circle).

The direction of inner and outer ring back to the station is changed to South Station Xingfu Road, which is convenient for passengers along the second ring road to connect with Beijing south station. At the same time, the main road of the second ring road will be changed from Jingtai bridge to Taoran bridge in the direction of inner ring road, so as to speed up the vehicle turnover of the planned main line of the second ring road and reduce the detour of the line in Yongdingmen and xiannongtan areas.

In Inner Ring Road, Kaiyang Qiaoxi and Beijing South Station were added, and Yongdingmen East and Taoran Qiaodong stations were cancelled, and Tiantan South Gate station was moved to the main road of the second ring road. Passengers on the Jingtai bridge Taoran bridge auxiliary road can take No.122 instead.

In the outer ring road, taoranqiaodong, kaiyangqiaoxi and Beijing South Station will be added, and south gate of Taoranting Park will be cancelled.

Business hours remain the same, 5:30-22:00 for both inner and outer ring roads.