Gem has reached a high level for more than four years! Technical bull market is coming

 Gem has reached a high level for more than four years! Technical bull market is coming

On Friday (June 19), the Shanghai stock index rose 0.96% to 2967.63, the Shenzhen stock index rose 1.51% to 11668.13, the growth enterprise market index rose 2.36% to 2319.45, and wandezhuan a rose 1.07%. The turnover of the two markets is close to 780 billion yuan, and the net purchase of funds from the north is over 18 billion yuan.

The technical bull market is coming

Under the big rise, the market index has entered the technical bull market.

On Friday, the Shenzhen Composite Index rose 1.51% to 11668.13, up more than 20% from its march low, entering a technical bull market. The growth enterprise market index rose more than 2%, returning to 2300 after more than four years.

As early as last Tuesday (June 9), gem rose 1.30% in the day, more than 20% higher than Marchs low of 1817.55, and has been the first to enter the technical bull market.

With the recovery of market risk preference, the whole industry sector rose this week. In terms of growth ranking, this weeks health care sector rose by 5.57%, ranking first; daily consumption and information technology sectors both rose by more than 3.5%; financial sector rose by only 1.07%.

Yang Zhenyu, an analyst at Zhongyuan securities, said that a shares continued to maintain structural market under the market psychology of performance driven differentiation, valuation differentiation and holding group heating. In the second half of the year, the market continued to develop around the main line of policy hedging + Post epidemic recovery + performance certainty, with growth stocks and blue chip stocks alternately emerging. The prosperity of new infrastructure, new energy vehicles, consumption blue chip, medicine and other sectors will run through the second half of the year, and the sectors of securities companies, national defense and military industry, media, textile and clothing, precious metals and other sectors are mainly staged trading opportunities.

Steady increase in trading volume

At the same time, the overall transaction of the market is gradually active.

In the five trading days of this week, the turnover of Wande all a was more than 700 billion yuan. Except for the slight drop on Monday, the volume and price rose from Tuesday to Friday, and the market climbed to the high near the beginning of the year again.

Beishang capitals net purchase in the year exceeds 100 billion yuan

Thanks to the massive net inflow on Friday, the net inflow of northbound capital has reached 114.807 billion yuan this year. This month, the net inflow reached 49.335 billion yuan.

According to wind data, the unilateral net inflow of funds from the North all day on Friday was 18.233 billion yuan as of the closing, which was the highest in history, second only to the 21.4 billion yuan created on November 26, 2019. Among them, the net purchase of Shanghai Stock connect was 9.887 billion yuan, and the net purchase of Shenzhen Stock connect was 8.346 billion yuan.

In addition, the total trading volume of northbound capital in the whole day is 113.5 billion yuan, which is also the highest in history. Today, the adjustment of the first phase A-share inclusion factor of FTSE Russell has been completed.

It is worth mentioning that the actual net purchase amount during the call auction period of the northbound funds is only more than 1.5 billion yuan.

According to the official announcement of FTSE Russell, the final expansion of the first phase of A-shares inclusion in its global index series (GEIs) will take effect at the opening on June 22, and it is expected that overseas passive funds tracking relevant indexes will flow into the A-share market through the north channel at the end of June 19.

According to the official data released by FTSE Russell, the inclusion factor of A-share in the first stage will be increased from 0% to 25%, and the scale of passive incremental capital that can be brought about as a whole will be about 10 billion US dollars. The first stage of the actual inclusion of A-share is divided into four times. According to the progress of 20% - > 60% - > 70% - > 100%, this expansion will increase the inclusion factor of A-share from 17.5% in March this year to the final 25%.

Guojin securities estimates that the inclusion is expected to attract about 21 billion yuan of passive incremental capital into the A-share market. According to the law of foreign capital scramble, most funds will be scrambled at the last moment before the closing.

The balance of two financing increases by 50 billion yuan every month

In the near future, the balance of financing and financing has continued to grow. As of Thursday (June 18), the balance of A-share margin trading was 1130.492 billion yuan, an increase of 5.764 billion yuan compared with 1124.728 billion yuan on the previous trading day, and the net inflow since this month was more than 50 billion yuan, almost the same as the peak of the year in March.

At the same time, the financing balance of some companies rose sharply. According to wind statistics, in the first four days of this week, the financing balance of 35 individual shares increased by more than 15%, and the latest financing balance exceeded 200 million yuan, accounting for more than 1% of the current market value. Specifically, Mikes balance of biological financing increased by more than 90%, ranking first; in addition, Fuchun, Xinbao, Nangang, Huabei pharmaceutical, vicino, Vision China, Sinopharm, Keda and other companies balance of financing increased by more than 30%.

List of sectors favored by foreign investment

From June 1 to 18, the accumulated net purchase of Beishang capital exceeded 30 billion yuan. According to wind statistics, from the perspective of the industry distribution of capital holding changes in Beishang, the net purchase amount of information technology sector is over 13 billion yuan, ranking first; in addition, the purchase amount of materials, industry and other sectors is also large; only the daily consumption reduction is large, over 2 billion yuan.

In addition, wind statistics shows that in this month, according to the statistics of the market value of the changes in the shareholding of Beishang capital, 33 companies bought more than 400 million yuan of capital in this month, of which, BOE As net purchases were more than 2.5 billion yuan, ranking first; in addition, Ping An, Midea Group, TCL technology, Shunfeng holding, Lixun precision and Huayou cobalts net purchases were more than 1 billion yuan.

The following are companies with a net purchase amount of more than 400 million yuan:

Northbound capital in the addition of technology stocks, but also part of the consumption and health care sector stocks were transferred. According to wind statistics, 21 companies have reduced their positions by more than 300 million yuan, of which Wuliangye has the largest net sales amount, exceeding 2.8 billion yuan; in addition, Gree Electric appliances and CITS have both sold more than 1 billion yuan. From the perspective of companies with higher net sales, short-term stocks with larger growth and stocks with higher valuations are the selling targets.

The following are the companies with a net sales amount of more than 300 million yuan:

In addition, from the perspective of industry capital flow this week, the net outflow of main capital is more than 70 billion yuan, and all industries except the financial sector show a net outflow. Among them, the net capital flow of information technology, health care and optional consumption sectors exceeded 15 billion yuan.

Source: Wind Information Editor: Yang Bin_ NF4368