China Easterns flying at will on weekends has made shareholders angry: flying to Guizhou to buy Moutai and make a fortune

 China Easterns flying at will on weekends has made shareholders angry: flying to Guizhou to buy Moutai and make a fortune

China Eastern Airlines released a new product launch announcement: it launched the first weekend free flight product in the civil aviation field. After the product is purchased and activated, passengers can take China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Airlines Flights unlimited times on any Saturday and Sunday in 2020 to fly to major cities in China except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

China Eastern Airlines launched fly at your heart on weekends

But according to the rules of the product, unlimited flights at weekends also need to follow certain rules:

The product is not limited to the number of exchanges, but only three unused tickets can exist at the same time, and only one unused ticket can exist at the same place of origin on the same date (that is, it is not allowed to fly back in one day);

If the flight cannot be completed 5 days before the departure date, the ticket must be refunded at least 4 days in advance;

If the product is not booked, it can be refunded in full. Once it is booked, it can not be refunded.

After the product is purchased and activated, passengers can take China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Airlines Flights unlimited times on any Saturday and Sunday in 2020 to fly to major cities in China except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

After the flight is exchanged, it is not allowed to sign for transfer or reschedule. The refund shall be made at least 4 days in advance, and only the unused segment tax shall be refunded. If you fail to take the ticket after 3 times of reservation and exchange, and you fail to return the ticket within the specified time, the free flight on weekends you purchased will automatically become invalid.

In addition, there is no limit to the number of exchanges during the validity period of the product. However, only 3 unused tickets can exist for the same weekend free flight. Only one unused ticket can exist at the same date and place of departure. Redeemed tickets can enjoy regular member courtesy, but no mileage points, no upgrade times; platinum card members do not enjoy free upgrade.

When the flight is cancelled due to delay, ordinary passenger service shall be enjoyed, but the flight protection arrangement shall be accepted, and the flight on a different date shall not be specified, and there is no cash compensation.

Hot products

The product is suspected to have triggered a wave of rush buying. Many users commented on the social media of China Eastern Airlines that the official app of China Eastern Airlines was seriously jammed and the refreshed interface could not be purchased. Some users said, after three hours of struggling, the purchase was successful.

At 6:00 p.m. on the 18th, the purchase interface of the product seemed to collapse. The interface shows that there are too many visitors at present. Please try again later.

In addition, the announcement of China Eastern Airlines also said that after the online sales and operation of free flight at weekends, the market recognition exceeded expectations, and the concurrent volume exceeded the design capacity, resulting in online congestion. The company apologized for the poor experience brought to some customers, and the technical personnel have been trying their best to optimize the system network.

It is clear in the description that in view of the sufficient capacity of China Eastern Airlines, it is expected that the limited sales will continue for a certain period of time, and it is recommended that customers purchase calmly. The system has reserved a quota for users who have successfully made an appointment, and will continue to complete the purchase procedures through SMS notification.

This product has a perfect reservation mechanism guarantee. On the premise that the flight to be booked has marketable seats and the reservation time meets the requirements, it can be exchanged conveniently. Consumers should update the version of China Eastern app as soon as possible according to the product description, China Eastern stressed, the first phase of the product is only available to the users with ID card in mainland China for the time being.

Another attempt of self rescue of aviation enterprises

It is reported that the launch of weekend flying at will is an innovative measure taken by China Eastern Airlines to do a good job in six stability work, implement the six guarantees task, fight the initiative to find and turn the crisis into a plane, effectively play the strategic leading role of the aviation industry, and fully combine the characteristics of the air transport products that can not be stored. This measure aims to invigorate the current transport capacity resources and the market changes such as the gradual recovery and rise of current passenger travel willingness, to provide the general public with inclusive and convenient aviation service products, to help speed up the recovery of production and life order, to boost the consumption level of the whole industrial chain of aviation tourism, and to effectively serve the new development of domestic and international double cycles with the domestic big cycle as the main body and mutual promotion Pattern.

According to the relevant person in charge of China Eastern Airlines, the free flight on weekends product launched by China Eastern Airlines is quite suitable for the travel needs of people living in two places, working in different places and studying in different places. It is also quite friendly to groups with high travel frequency, such as travel enthusiasts, photographers, middle-aged and elderly travel groups. Generally, it only takes 1-2 round trips to value the ticket price, so that they can often go home and have a look every weekend u201dThe desire to go out often. After the product is launched, it will boost the aviation economy, fill in the market gap, and simultaneously generate a new round of travel demand for passengers, so that the majority of consumers, airlines, tourism services and other related industries can benefit from it, and effectively promote the steady economic development and recovery.

Is it really fragrant or chicken ribs?

Some netizens commented that the half year package tickets of China Eastern Airlines were only suitable for those freelancers and people with economic strength working in Hangzhou and middle-aged Ali employees with children in Beijing. Strictly limit weekend flights. Ordinary people either go to a place to feed pigeons or spend an extra week on annual leave and hotel money. There is only one public holiday in the second half of the year. The airline is betting that although you can afford a set of tickets, you have no money or time to enjoy life at all

Judging from the discussion of social media, the wave of China Eastern Airlines is also a steady one.

There are also netizens with big brain holes, who fly to Guizhou every week to buy Moutai, the real flying Moutai.

But then someone analyzed that it was impossible to do so.