Real thigh! When borgba comes back, he will be the best midfielder in the Premier League?

 Real thigh! When borgba comes back, he will be the best midfielder in the Premier League?

Manchester United have done well in the dialogue between the strong and the strong this season. The civil war of Big6 in the Premier League is second only to Liverpool, but now it is only in the fifth place. The main reason is that there are too many points lost in the face of the middle and even lower reaches of the team, which has a lot to do with the poor position fighting ability of Manchester United. Uniteds poor positional ability has a lot to do with bogbas long-term absence this season. Bogbas recovery from injury did not help United win, but in the positional battle against Tottenham, bogbas passing or personal breakthrough surprised United fans.

What makes Manchester United fans more happy is that bogba and Fernandez have two cores in the front court. The conduction of the two people has torn the midfield interception of Tottenham for many times and sent the ball into the forbidden area. The best chance created is the 64th minute. Bogba passes the ball to Fernandez. Fernandez quickly stops the ball. The defenceless Marshall stops the ball and shoots 10 yards from the right rib. After Dell blocks the ball, Lori pours down u3002 Machal got the chance to face the goalkeeper directly this time, but he adjusted too much time to block the defenders.

Borgba and Fernandez didnt work together before the game, but two technical midfielders sparked when they first played together. After borgba played, Fernandezs marking strength was obviously weakened, which could have a greater play space. Meanwhile, Fernandez could share the pressure for borgba. The dual core combination of the two makes it difficult for the opponents midfield to prevent death at the same time.

Uniteds ability to play a strong team this season is excellent, the lack of stability is to play a weak team position, bogba and Fernandez combination, let United up and down to see a solution to the problem.

Originally, borgba had a strong desire to transfer to Real Madrid this summer, but the sudden outbreak of the epidemic this year interrupted the transfer. Not long ago, borgba also showed loyalty to Manchester United. If Manchester United and borgba complete the renewal in the future, Manchester United can recover.